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Autumn how effective dispel blain? What does the method of autumn dispel blain have?

Autumn is the season of implore gas feel well, amuse oneself goes out outside suiting most, this moment also is the inning that take a picture, if there is blain of sweat much blain on the face,can be, such going out the mood of amuse oneself is special unpleasantness, in a such season that suits amuse oneself, have blain blain take out only, ability sets his mind at amuse oneself, so autumn how effective dispel blain? What does the method of autumn dispel blain have?

Autumn how effective dispel blain? What does the method of autumn dispel blain have? (1)

1, autumn how effective dispel blain

Blain of dispel of 1. red jujube

A lot of people know red jujube has enrich the blood the function that beneficial enrages, often edible is OK still be good at lienal embellish skin, but to its the function of dispel blain knows rarely. In fact, red jujube is helpful for eliminating the pernicious vestige inside body really, go shading, go " blain blain " have certain effect!

2. is citric dispel blain

Lemon is used to all the time do the United States' white beautiful to taste, also have the first-rate effect that discharge poison at the same time with lemon juice. Often drinkable, can realize purify splash, prevent skin ageing, alleviate beauty of blain blain, skin is white wait for effect!

3. contains zincic food dispel blain

Serve as to holding to battle " blain " for the person, can arrange the food of a few rich zinc more in food at ordinary times, because zincic element can control grease to secrete, have fish of ostracean, sea, holothurian, lean lean, egg kind the delegate that is rich zinc!

4. vitamin A, B2, B6

The element such as vitamin A, B2, B6 also has very big effect to dispel blain, these elements can let the hormone inside body achieve a balance, have protect skin to raise skin effect, eat more a few if suckle kind, egg kind, vitamin B2 is contained a lot ofinside foliaceous vegetable, b6 has the very good capacity that fight blain, like animal kidney, grandma kind, the vegetable such as yoke, bean sprouts, fish and carrot, spinach, Xianggu mushroom contains a lot ofB6, often edible, antagonism blain job also has positive dietotherapy effect.

Food of 5. pig blood fights blain

Pig blood is all sorts of blood products of raw material make it, besides distinctive local color, the haemal protein that contains a lot ofamong them, decompose through digesting, form the material of the lubricant bowel path, function that discharge poison, outside eliminating intestinal bacterium, harmful material put oneself in another's position, make pig blood pig blood soup, the effect is best, eliminate poison of the bowel inside body effectively!

6. algal go blain

Eat the food of sea alga, what contain a lot ofamong them is colloid and OK body of body endotoxin eduction outside, improve body core condition, produce inhibition to the growth of blain blain so. Usually, kelp, Hai Tai is delegate of sea alga alimental!

Greens of 7. Xian Guo extracts juice

Eduction blain is poisonous, sweep the rubbish inside body first above all, to such job, the juice that fresh fruit juice and fresh vegetable extract is best hotshot. After will fresh fruit vegetable extracts juice drinkable, through the effect, the blood inside body will be shown what fit human body environment most is alkalescent, rubbish of the trash inside soluble form, outside eliminating put oneself in another's position next.

2, fall is rapid dispel blain

1. first selection wants clean face

Grow blain suddenly, it is grease, dirty stuff likely very or colour makeup remain jams pore. So, want to do very clean work first above all. But want to notice, the skin of long blain had better not be used excitant big, perhaps contain the clean face product that grinds arenaceous grain, must hang what do not stimulate blandly.

2. sees blain blain suit the remedy to the case

If your blain blain is to had had white pus, can squeeze with accurate method so. Undertake alexipharmic to acne needle with alcohol above all, carry broken blain gently next, additionally one of reoccupy acne needle squeezes water of come to a head. Wipe again then on the salve that has antiphlogistic effect, contain aloe part for instance, or dispel blain product. If be being squeezed because of ourselves, secretion may clear clean entirely without method, this moment can be used invisible dispel blain is stuck, can stick sleep, take again the following day. What have facial department again finally is basic nurse. Remember, because blain blain is crowded broken had had cut, grow blain place so had better not again daub protects skin redundantly to taste.

If the agnail when your blain blain is red, so this vaccination blain cannot be squeezed, the word that squeezes forcedly can make inflammation more serious only, hurt dermal layer even, and still can leave brunet blain scar not carefully, eliminate very hard. Key of this vaccination blain is to want antiphlogistic detumescence, it is cleanness hind likewise, can brush excretive of grease of a few recuperation to make up water, next essence of daub tea tree is oily, or club of tea tree emergency treatment, later redo next nurse basically. General blain blain arrives to be met the following day subsidence of a swelling is shrivelled.

3. food work and rest wants to notice

Grow blain blain suddenly, so this moment must avoid certain food, otherwise blain blain can become more serious. Do not eat the food of acrimony and fat, deepfry and easy get angry. Can drink a dot more water eats some of fruit vegetable with how. Still have, must compare sleep even early at ordinary times, stay up late to be able to make blain blain more serious only.

3, method of accentuation of precautionary blain blain

1, if facial acne does not have the word that nurses in time, be very easy accentuation, acne increases, the symptom also is met more apparent, and very difficult cure, acne patient should notice, detail also should notice among daily life, prevent facial acne accentuation, acne is to appear in adolescent phase more, it is the result that affects because of the hormonal change inside body and physiology cycle more.

2, prevent facial acne accentuation, the patient adjusts his habits and customs with respect to need, do not eat excitant food, also do not scratch catch the skin, prohibit staying up late, keep daily and aperient.

3, acne patient also should be in dietary respect bring to sb's attention, eat less adipose the food with carbohydrate, eat deepfry less kind the excitant food such as food and green, ginger, garlic, eat fruit and vegetable more, prevent constipation, these can relieve the symptom of acne.

4, want to prevent facial acne accentuation, the patient often still should use Wen Shui, undertake washing a face with Wen Shui with the grandma that wash a face, reduce cutaneous fat feeling, the skin is fat decreased, the dirty stuff such as dirt falls to the skin to also be met reduce by the opportunity of stick together, this also can prevent sebaceous glands mouth effectively to jam and afterwards sends infection.