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How is fall rapid dispel blain? Does the method of fast dispel blain have fall what?

Let the blain blain on him face be eliminated clean through a lot of methods, after but cannot think of blain blain,was being eliminated, blain imprints still go up in the face, the mood of the occurrence that the occurrence that blain imprints compares blain blain is same, it is how to thinking how as soon as possible take out, now is autumn, be the inning that take out blain imprints, so how is fall rapid does dispel blain imprint? Does the method that fast dispel blain imprints have fall what?

How is fall rapid dispel blain? Does the method of fast dispel blain have fall what? (1)

1, fall is rapid dispel blain small doohickey

1, red jujube is yellow cypress

Prepare 6 red jujubes above all, the account of the Huang Bai of 20 grams, powder of Huang Bai wear that will prepare, will red jujube uses baked wheaten cake, damage the rest fire similar development to become pulverous state. two kinds powder mixes after heat add sesame oil, suffer with water. Use part of blain of blain of daub of this secret recipe in the evening everyday, what need reminds is the daub that must last, about 20 minutes advisable, remembered working to besmear.

2, defatted yoghurt dispel blain imprints

The yoghurt that wants to will drink remnant only is thin the place that thin besmear has blain to imprint on the face, wash again the following day, the blain on the face imprints with respect to meeting subsidise many, but the nutrient in yoghurt is overmuch, bring about a face easily to go up long blain, because this should choose defatted yoghurt.

3, honey dispel blain

Honey is had better moist with the function that fight bacterium, face a few honey dots are taken to be in before sleeping blain blain place, affix Bangdimeimeide to fall asleep again, discover with respect to can amazed ground blain blain shrivelled went down the following day. Honey can fight bacterium, the effect that fight bacterium is best is bee glue, to oily or fleck skins especially applicable. The tactility with moist honey still can make skin more smooth and exquisite.

4, Lu Hui dispel blain

Choose natural fresh Lu Hui, extract Lu Hui orange juice, in the late evening after cleanness is clean and facial, cream ready Lu Hui daub is on the face, film of face resembling apply is same apply 20 minutes, clean facial ministry clean next, can effective elimination the phenomenon with facial red ministry.

5, blain of dispel of chrysanthemum of foreign of one's own accord

Buy some of foreign Gan Ju to use make tea, foreign Gan Ju tea falls in a big bowl, enter hot water again, move close to the face bowl mouth, make vapour sufficient bring into contact with is facial skin,

The cyclic hydrocarbon of chrysanthemum of foreign of one's own accord in foreign Gan Ju is a kind of high antiphlogistic class status, it can be slow dry and scratchy skin, return can moist hair. Very foreign Ganju part is contained in crossing those who fight allergy to protect skin to taste.

6, carrot Facial mask

Xian Huluo predicts 500 grams, flour 5 grams. Carrot extraction delicacy is abluent, dolly; reachs the carrot exemple of dolly its juice, join flour to be in pound slimy; carrot mud, apply at facial ministry, tertian, 10 minutes can.

This Facial mask has the effect of the dark sore of the blain of dispel green summer, mark that change spot, cure, furrow that fight a side. If can eat some of carrot more (thoroughly cook eat, with benefit the dissolve desorption at carotene receives) , it is better that inside and outside holds cure concurrently. If sheet uses carrot to pound mud agglutinant good, besmear shoulds not be in the skin, but need not flour. The juice that uses some of carrot extort besmears the ministry that wash a face also has the effect.

7, red wine + kumquat

Need to clean Jin Jie above all, put into water to boil 5 minutes or so, the toothpick that uses clean next the exterior jab Jin Jie a small hole, put the Jin Jie that has boiled the boil in red wine again, eat Jin Jie to drink red wine everyday, protect skin to have to hairdressing congratulation very well oh ah, have distinct curative effect more to blain blain especially.

8, face of apply of purslane grass juice

In the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine purslane basically is used at treating eczema dermatitis, have clear hot detumescence, close wet stop urticant effect. Special to the fester sex such as blain of a few abscess, blain dermatosis has apparent alexipharmic effect.

9, cucumber apply face

cucumber slice can promote cutaneous metabolism not only, return can outspread blood capillary, enhance cutaneous to fight oxidation, achieve the result that dispel blain, dispel blain imprints thereby, hold to a week to be able to see the effect.

10, garlic dispel blain

This method exceeds simple, need to cut a garlic only two half, go up in blain blain gently daub, let blain of among them juice infiltration blain all round, premise is the odour that you can bear garlic, and blain blain did not defeat a skin. Garlic has very powerful antiseptic effect, have inhibition to the blain blain of inflammation, but its excitant stronger, do not suggest whole face is used.

2, what should autumn dispel blain notice

1, do not want dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed, crowded, carry

If whelk squashs with hand or tool, not only at job of no help, can cause infection because of the bacterium on the hand 2 times instead, or the force because of extruding, cause hypodermic Yu blood, stay must 4-6 the scar that the week just can disappear. In addition, because of the cut that dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed is squeezed and causes, classics again and again the result of hyperplasia of exciting, skin, form ridgy scar.

2, the food that does not take acrimony, deepfry, high fever amount

Although these food do not meet what cause whelk directly to form, but meet however " exasperate " the state of whelk, because these food can increase cardiac bear capacity, make the character of the vitamin K in blood is reduced, caused the formation of whelk secondhand.

3, not smoking

The nicotine in cigarette will be contractive capillary tube wall, make blood is mixed lymphatic medium toxin piles up, the answer oxygen rate of skin cell is reduced, make cutaneous heal ability abate consequently, form the alternate infection of acne cut easily.

4, often should not wash a face

One day washs a face 2 times is the regulation that you must abide by. Often wash a face, meet what stimulate sebaceous glands instead secrete a function, because once the grease of skin surface by abluent, sebaceous glands must " work overtime " the natural protection function that the job will come to undertake it, come so, sebaceous glands can become more and more short-tempered, more and more lively.

5, should not use grind arenaceous cream and convergent water

Grind arenaceous cream with convergence water is met excessive stimulation is cuticular, aggravation already was in the skin condition of inflammation, also meet at the same time the exudation of become acute sebaceous glands function, make circumstance more flooey. In addition, convergent water can make pore contractive, make the pore mouth of a cave that already jammed originally smaller.