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How to solve the skin flabby? How to do precaution is the skin flabby?

Some people at ordinary times the habit that protect skin and life food are used to not quite attention, cause skin flabby, let oneself look more anile, the skin can appear flabbily the skin problem such as furrow, need does the work of good precaution, when protecting skin, notice Xiu Husong relax skins, so how to solve the skin flabby? How to do precaution is the skin flabby? Look together below!

How to solve the skin flabby? How to do precaution is the skin flabby? (1)

1, how to solve the skin flabby

Before the skin is flabby, do the work with good precaution flabby skin effectively, can prevent or defer the skin flabby, make skin carries young state for long. Better with lower part law precaution skin is flabby:

(1) maintains skin cleanness

Facial and smeary, dirt is too heavy, move makeup time is too long or discharge makeup is not complete, can cause skin pore to jam, breathe naturally hard, cause inflammation or skin nutrition unbalance, if things go on like this, can cause skin tension to be short of break, without flexibility, form the skin flabby. Should notice daily everyday thoroughly clean skin, use material to pledge natural, downy without excitant defend wet nutrition water, in keep clean while for the skin filling water complements nutrition, enhance skin vigor, precautionary skin is flabby.

(2) maintains food balanced

Eat and drink too much can create taste burden overweight, cause nutrition at the same time superfluous, the metabolism with make the skin irretentive normal, cause the skin by excessive maintain lose original flexibility and flabby; And be on a diet meeting reducing weight causes the skin to nutrition spends fast prediction of a person's luck in a given year and cannot get effective complement, in hypodermic hollow, make the skin caves flabby. Because this maintains normal food nutrition effectively,also be precaution the skin is flabby very important segment.

(3) notices to prevent bask in

The skin of 90% above is place of illuminate of exceeding sunshine ultraviolet ray is caused flabbily, it is to form smooth ageing, 2 it is to cause a large number of freedom are formed inside body base make the skin is lost by excessive oxidation stretch and cause the skin flabby. Must notice to be done momently sufficient defend the work that bask in, can eat a few fresh vegetables and fruits and the food that contain a lot ofcollagen albumen more at the same time, be like grape, tomato, the food such as carrot, red wine, green tea passes C of many and effective compensatory and natural vitamin to defy the skin oxidizes flabby, the food such as pig foot contains a lot ofmany collagen albumen, can enhance cutaneous structure to support power, strengthen cutaneous to lock up water to protect at the same time wet, make the skin keeps tight stretch tight bouncy.

(The ferment with compensatory and proper 4)

Ferment is a kind of very important matter inside human body, the lack of ferment makes cellular vigor drops, protein decomposes ability abate, gas blood is insufficient, cause the skin thereby the occurrence of flabby problem, long-term and immortal ferment can raise what human body divides to battalion nurturance to absorb, enhance power of human body immunity, counteract freedom radical, maintain balance of human body soda acid, remove protein denaturation, defer consenescence, the problem with the flabby skin that because anile place is brought,improves.

(5) maintains good expression

Slant chew, frown, carry eye of eyebrow, narrow one's eyes, moody wait for undesirable mood and expression to be able to cause local cutaneous excessive motion and muscle insecurity, make thereby the skin because overworked is excessive cannot get effective rest again and form the skin flabby.

(6) proper chamfer is qualitative

Cutin of excessive purify cutaneous can be the skin attenuate and lose effective natural protection protective screen, suffer the enroach on of undesirable environment, at the same time the skin is met desiccate becomes sensitive, easy generation skin is flabby. Chamfer is qualitative best a month is slight and measurable do.

(7) reduces smoking excessive drinking

A large number of excitant material are contained in smoke wine, what the because of these material exciting meeting with long skin makes its lose active to change is flabby.

(8) assures enough sleep

Morpheus inadequacy can make cutaneous metabolism burden aggravating, cannot get effective rest, long exhaustion fights to also can make the skin is lost stretch and flabby.

2, the formation with flabby skin reason

(1) albumen decreases because of consenescence

The derma of skin has two kinds of egg white in the layer: Collagen albumen and bounce fibrin, they are propped up removed the skin to make its full send closely. After 25 years old, as a result of process of human body consenescence naturally reduces these two kinds of albumen, the fiber between cell and cell degrades as time, your skin loses flexibility.

(2) skin props up force to drop

Adipose with muscle it is the power propping up with the greatest skin, and human body consenescence, reduce weight, nutrition not all, lack exercises the hypodermic and adipose prediction of a person's luck in a given year that waits for all sorts of reasons to cause, muscle to make flabbily the skin loses support and flabby prolapse.

(3) other element

Illuminate of insecurity of gravity, genetic, spirit, light accepting this world and smoking also make skin texture is changed, make finally the skin loses flexibility, cause flabby.

3, the expressional index with flabby skin

(1) primary index

Pore dash forward show: After 25 years old, skin blood begins to slow circularly, adipose layer also begins subcutaneous tissue to become flabby and be deficient in flexibility, bring about the tension between pore to reduce thereby, make pore is revealed.

(2) intermediate index

Facial outline becomes ambiguous: Although weight did not increase, also begin to become to the facial line of chin from earlobe be slack and perfunctory, no longer fluent and trenchant, flank looks especially apparent.

(3) high index

Flabby prolapse: Zygomatic the skin that go up no longer full send closely, facial apogee swims downward slowly move, begin channel of occurrence bazoo lip (also call a law grain) ; Not fat, but inevitable occurrence double chin. When introducing physiotherapy product action, can allude for certain above all Euramerican the professional technology in this respect is advanced quality, must say Euramerican consenescence of close skin defer is knitted in dispel the research of this respect should precede than the Asia at least full 30 years.

4, the dietary recuperation with flabby skin

(1) is compensatory vitamin E

Vitamin E can help the chemical active that destroys freedom radical not only, still can prevent fat brown element ad cool-headed at the skin, help skin reduces oxidation, defer consenescence. The food that contains rich vitamin E has vegetable oil, malt, soybean oil, cereal to wait a moment.

(2) is compensatory vitamin C

Vitamin C is a kind of water-solubility fights oxide, it can make vitamin E second birth, enhance the ability of skin address consenescence. Contain a lot ofvitamin C food to have the fruit such as yangtao, orange, apple and tomato. The vitamin C that absorbs full amount is to defer skin consenescence, boycott the important method with flabby and flagging skin.

(3) vitamin A is mixed vitamin of B a group of things with common features

Vitamin A is mixed vitamin of B a group of things with common features is to make the skin carries the material with smooth indispensable fine and glossy. The vitamin A that absorbs full amount is mixed vitamin of B a group of things with common features also is to improve the method with flabby skin. The food that contains rich vitamin A has egg of animal liver, cod-liver oil, milk, butter, birds to wait a moment, contain the roommate that abounds vitamin of B a group of things with common features to have pluck, egg kind, grandma kind etc.

(4) is compensatory collagen albumen

The collagen albumen ability that full amount contains in the skin makes sure the skin holds the position of smooth and exquisite and rich flexibility quite, avoid occurrence skin thereby flabby. If be the word with flabby and flagging skin, might as well absorb muscle of ear of foot resembling a pig, pig, ox, chicken more claw and holothurian the food that contains a lot ofcollagen albumen etc.

(5) complements moisture

When prediction of a person's luck in a given year of human body moisture is more, if cannot complement in time,water branch brings about the skin to appear the circumstance such as dry, coarse, furrow, sebaceous glands is secreted decrease and quicken skin consenescence, lose flexibility. Make sure the moisture of full amount is absorbed everyday, can help skin hold moist position, improve the skin flabby.

(6) absorbs alkalescent food

In the body if organic acid cannot outside seasonable eduction body, the basic material that does not have full amount again has neutralization word, cause organic acid very easily to erode sensitive cuticular cell, make skin cell loses stretch energy, cause the skin flabby. Alkalescent food is absorbed more in food at ordinary times, for instance apple, pear, vegetable can prevent this kind of situation.