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Does labial ministry maintain what mistake to make easily? What does labial ministry protect wet subtle move to have?

The skin of other position on labial ministry skin and face is a little different, when nurse, need technical means, labial ministry is dry lack water easy desquamate, still meet weather-shack, need has done filling water to protect nurse wetly the job, also need to notice to avoid a few errors nevertheless, so does labial ministry maintain what mistake to make easily? What does labial ministry protect wet subtle move to have? Everybody introduction is below.

Does labial ministry maintain what mistake to make easily? What does labial ministry protect wet subtle move to have? (1)

1, labial ministry maintains the error that makes easily

Mistake 1: Total remain is worn on the lip toothpaste

To the part with good tooth, do not be opposite certainly the lip is beneficial. In fact, remain can divest in the toothpaste on the lip precious divide with exiguous grease and water, cause a lip weather-shack. Must wash the toothpaste on clean lip so, at the same time avoid by all means uses toilet soap. The defatted ability because of toothpaste already very strong.

Mistake 2: Go with strong fruit acid labial ministry cutin

Labial cutin is very thin, unlike skin can secrete leather fat euqally, because the skin of this lip ministry is quite flimsy. If use too puissant fruit acid to become chamfer of ministry of deal out lip to pledge, can cause immediate harm to labial ministry skin.

Mistake 3: Labial ministry beauty can be caused in vain allergic

What want you to choose only is gentle beautiful white product, won't cause labial ministry allergy. Can supply the part such as the has vitamin C ramification of the choice, foreign Gan Ju, licorice, should avoiding is the class status with higher acidity or the fruit with higher concentration is acerbity, lest cause the stimulation of labial ministry.

Mistake 4: Labial ministry is not to need to prevent bask in

Because,the one big factor that labial grain forms is dry with ageing, and ultraviolet ray is to make absolutely dry one of prime criminal with consenescence, must remember smear containing when go out so prevent the lipstick that basks in a value, outer also should complement at any time, such ability can be accomplished all-around defend.

Mistake 5: On tear at lip to death skin

After labial desquamate, can appear clumsy, return meeting influence to make up, consequently, a lot of people are used to " conveniently " rip it, in order to get temporary good-looking. Little imagine, this also is breakneck practice, because be being ripped,go dying skin while, also can wear jointly the skin that starts a lip, cause haemorrhage, red wait for a problem, more the influence is beautiful, the loss outweights the gain instead.

Mistake 6: Often go lick a lip

Licking a lip is a lot of people's natural after feeling the lip is dry the first reaction, but this is however most of no good. The drought that licks a lip to be able to give a lip only brings moment " alleviate " , but after a few seconds, after the moisture of the saliva on the lip evaporates, can feel more dry. In the meantime, what what contain in saliva is enzymatic also can let dry aggravate.

Mistake 7: Embellish lipstick is chosen casually one raise

Cheap a large number of oil without careful extract and too much candle are contained in the lipstick, peculiar smell is given out after very easy oxidation, too much waxiness, still can affect metabolism of labial ministry cutaneous. Use too much not decolour lipstick, because be contained among them easy volatilize composition, bring about a lip very easily so weather-shack; and, major not decolour lipstick not oiliness, moist sex wants than other lipstick low.

2, dawdler protects Shi Miaozhao

If you do not have too much time and idea to go to those who press above maintaining,the method is done, perhaps nurse without labial ministry beside you product, can try the subtle move below so, scarcely can be in an unfavorable situation oh!

Will nod honey to double lip, honey is had very strong ensure result of wet tender skin, and its " affinity " very strong, very agree with of labial ministry moist with protection. When labial ministry feels dry, honey frivolous besmear is on the lip, withhold 20 minutes.

Olive oil will be in charge olive oil can be used before sleep, moist effect will be first-rate. Should wait nevertheless draw period of time (20 minutes of above) just go up to the bed, can not do it to the pillow.

Notice diet drinks water but cannot little, the beautiful eyebrow that goes to work for a long time in the environment with bad air especially should notice more, not when thirsty remember again drink water, use the method that drinks less for many times had better. Return so that want much draft fruit, vegetable, absorb right amount vitaminic (C of E of A of the B that be like dimension, dimension, dimension, dimension) . Additional, eat the food of acrimony get angry less, lest double lip is pettish.

Labial ministry motion lets a lip maintain " ah " sound 5 seconds; Maintain " hey " sound loosen after 5 seconds; Maintain forcibly " O " sound 5 seconds; Maintain finally " one " and " house " phonic appearance each 5 seconds (repeat above act 5 minutes) .

3, the law of embellish lip

1, choose the lipstick that has moist effect, can undertake immanent cultivate effectively to double lip.

2, Qiu Dong lip also needs to prevent bask in, accordingly whatever season should make appliance has prevent the lipstick that basks in effect.

3, double lip is weather-shack lack water, the person with labial deep grain, do not suit to use not decolour lipstick, cause double lip allergy easily.

4. , often besmear brunet lipstick can make labial color too deep. Lipstick of use light color, can reduce pigment precipitation, color letting a lip presents natural instinctive quality.

5, the lip has scurfy when, do not use a hand to be ripped forcedly, ought to use hot towel spread a little while, when besmear again after skin bate lipstick, just can make double lip more moist.

6, the oily cent that goes up with napkin rub-up lip first after the meal, besmear again embellish lipstick, can nurse effectively labial ministry skin.

7, besmear first before besmear lipstick embellish lipstick, but moist protection, still can avoid grain of pigment infiltration lip, still can make the color of the lipstick brighter.

8, the embellish lipstick of the composition such as oil of beeswax, Lu Hui, tea tree has very good moist effect.

9, do not want overspend embellish lipstick, use often protect a lipstick to be able to form a lip to be opposite the dependence of embellish lipstick. Will tell from physiology, overspend embellish lipstick can make the protective screen ability of labial oneself drops, sebaceous glands is secreted reduce. Once leave embellish lipstick, labial nature is very dry.

4, labial ministry maintains the product is recommended

Fancl protects RMB125/8g of Li of labial elite

With allergy of lipstick of some big shop sign, thing of this kind of can happen on my body unexpectedly, when choosing embellish lipstick so careful all the more. The product of FANCL advocate dozen 0 add, without stimulation, the expiration period is very brief, without flavor pigment antiseptic, I this kind of sensitive lip just sets his mind at with it only.

Latex shape creams style is not glib not be bored with, wipe gently weather-shack desquamate instant alleviates, small one is put in the bag very convenient.

Graceful of beautiful of Dr.Jart+ the base of a fruit locks up water to protect wet lipstick RMB90/15g

Male god Li Yifeng is the same as a paragraph! Strong move buys this, result effect is good however exceptionally, as expected the scarcely that peak elder brother uses will be wrong! Used a feeling to had been held out, quite moist, also very won't oily. And very big, can use very long, sexual price says than doing not have a word really, of a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing is to do not have a lip to brush not quite convenient.

Want to feel the lip worked only by day at ordinary times, the apply before besmearing a bit; sleeps in the evening at any time grain of lip of a can deep-seated rehabilitate, the friend that often feels the lip works or the lip always has flaw is OK proceed with tries.

Small sweet mill becomes angry embellish lipstick RMB85/3.5g

Mention become angry lipstick, everybody can remember the embellish lipstick of DIOR for certain, but make up make up this par lipstick that recommends today, use feeling loses big shop sign not at all. See at the outset " I am old beautiful woman " in recommend ability to buy, of powdery pink pack and cream heart of girl of body instant capture.

It can give good-looking Mei red according to labial temperature induction, shallow very natural, won't dry to me, anxious the besmear when going out, the instant has good color, and people can think is the color of your lip itself, collect treasure.

M.A.C evil spirit but major protects lipstick RMB160/15ml

Pipy packs special sanitation, but when a bit little also weakness is used namely a bit not quite convenient, want a lipstick to brush or cotton lot will besmear, think I am aspersed this kind (Tou) is taken off (the younger sister paper of Lan) uses a hand to go up directly! Although the course is a bit meandering, but the effect is to do not have a word to say really! After daub goes up, originally Gan Wen immediately weak, the feeling gave labial ministry apply to go up film of a water, the individual also likes a thick on the besmear before sleeping very much, awake the following day labial ministry becomes water embellish Q was played!

RMB20/ of house lip film piece

The film that buy a lip is for purely amused, because see star amounts to person apply to rise,exceed lovely, human relations home also wants to buy a bud, mew! This lip film is quality of a material of Li gel, it seems that very Q is played, nevertheless apply is worn insufficient docile, lying ability goes, and labial film area is quite large, also give labial week skin incidentally moist.

The base of a fruit thinks of RMB350/10g of frost of elite of ministry of lip of key of haze time secretary

D ' Sai Lan of Icila the base of a fruit is endowment the lady brand with unripe subordinate hall, class is the same as in Japan and CPB, regrettablly country is bought very hard. Cream ivorily body, have faint sweet smell, cream put oneself in another's position is large and embellish, suit quite nightly use.

No matter your lip is weather-shack to what degree, layer of thick in the evening Tu Yi, water can restore absolutely between one night tender full status. The use effect with a bit older age is more apparent, elite of this lip ministry already was Youred Excellency to reave by mother hind now!

Bao Lazhen chooses chamfer to protect lipstick RMB98/15ml character

Often besmear lipstick, the lip becomes easily dark heavy without light, so I can do labial ministry chamfer to nurse character regularly. This chamfer that treasure pulls protects a lipstick character particularly gentle, it is to cream it seems that shape, wipe still have petty microcrystalline grain actually, massage on the lip be without exciting feeling.

Do every week nurse, the lip becomes soft immediately rise, dark dumb labial color restores powdery tender luster very quickly. Often besmear the MM scarcely of lipstick can be little it!

Eos is natural ball of organic embellish lip RMB39/7g

Allegedly this is first of American sales volume organic embellish lipstick, female star is using a lot of Hollywood. See these a few balls that I control, know I have many to love it, the taste with different color different correspondence, sweet sweet sweet, not be the flavour of the sort of essence, the feeling is very natural.

The circle creams roundly system paint is very convenient, 360 without blind angle, ball of this embellish lip is moist for whole degree very general, not be fat profit the sort of, but keep wet time very long, besmear is in charge of a lip a long time to won't work. Sexual price is compared very tall!

Bao Lazhen chooses recuperation of skin of the beauty that protect a lip to cream RMB128/14g

The skin of the beauty that protect a lip that colour family name gave out 1 number to try treasure to pull the home this year recuperates the division last year cream, one very big has wood, begin to still think cream! Quality of a material is very beeswax, thicker, there is bit of burnish feeling after be being wiped, mellow without field mint the sort of " slow " feeling, fit the person with easy and sensitive lipstick more.

Get up the following day moist degree pretty good also, still feel the effect with small qualitative chamfer, the embellish lipstick that pass is used before contrast, this more other people resembling embellish is fine improve labial ministry cutaneous slowly soundlessly, most of assist is the capacity exceeds big, on besmear a few not distressed also, be worth proceed with!

Elegant Shi Landai is perfect prevent bask in protect lipstick SPF15RMB210/4g

This lipstick bluff is colour the mind that accuse is good, the exterior of local tyrant gold bully energy of life is very, take there is deal very much in the hand. Cream put oneself in another's position is weak hard moderate, the mouth does not work on not be bored with, besmear also won't become lardy for many times the mouth, and do not affect sequel to go up makeup oh! Prevent the lipstick that bask in embellish as what a daytime uses, moist defend neither by accident, take it to go out very pull bang. For private use and send a person to have face drop very much.