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What to cause the reason with dry skin to have? Is the skin dry how to protect wet skin?

The skin of a lot of people often can appear the symptom that lacks water, the skin is dry be short of water to may appear the symptom such as desquamate, need improves the skin in time to lack water, a lot of elements can bring about the skin to appear those who lack water show, need understands this reason, gift is nicer avoid, what to cause the reason with dry skin to have so? Is the skin dry how to protect wet skin?

What to cause the reason with dry skin to have? Is the skin dry how to protect wet skin? (1)

1, the reason with dry skin

1, age growth is to cause one of causes with dry skin. As level of the estrogen inside body reduce, leather fat is secreted decrease, the skin saves the ability of water portion to be able to drop, make the skin becomes drier and drier thereby. This also is why old people arrives Qiu Dong is seasonal, with respect to the account that can seek examine to hospital dermatological department.

2, one kind is contained inside the corneous layer of skin surface " natural protect wet factor " , its amount how many, decided discretion of cutaneous water content. Widespread presence maintains in modern woman taste use exceeding state, this meeting makes the skin secretes oil capacity to drop, bring about dry lack water.

3, the change of climate. The change of outside climate, can bring about sebaceous glands and sweat gland to secrete unusual, cutaneous surface becomes coarser, resistance also is met abate. Time grew, likely chronic dry.

4, Morpheus is insufficient, fatigue, excessive reduce weight reach partiality for a particular kind of food. Morpheus is insufficient, fatigue, excessive reduce weight reach partiality for a particular kind of food, can make the body is comparatived to be harmed greatly, blood also can become poor circularly. When healthy overbalance, skin can do not have vigor, easy generation is dry reach coarse phenomenon.

5, the bath bath that uses overheat, use excitant toilet soap or cleaner. The bath bath that uses overheat, use excitant toilet soap or cleaner, or female endocrine is changed (secrete in the estrogen after menopause like the woman decrease) etc, also can cause the skin dry. Nevertheless this is the phenomenon of brief period, can improve immediately.

2, how to protect wet skin

1, oily skin: Oily cutaneous cleanness is very important, can lengthen depth to go fat face breeds the retention period on the face, let grease and dirt keep clear of thoroughly from inside pore. Oily skin besides should notice cleanness and beyond recuperation accusing oil, proposal but multi-purpose and proper use chamfer creams character, had done filling water to protect at the same time wet, if use oil of fancy essence pure sheep and filling surFacial mask.

2, mix model skin: Have mix model the crowd of skin is basic it is the youth with those skin not stable condition, t word place is shown oily, eye week and two buccal show drying. In the respect that protect skin, suggest divisional region undertakes, t word ministry can be used relaxed model protect skin to taste, but dry place wants very notice filling water maintains, can choose oil of water of skin of a few bright, sheep to wait appropriately, also can do SPA of a few skin at the same time.

3, drying skin: Compared with oily skin and neuter skin, drying skin needs to be caressed meticulously most, because it belongs to Yi Cui skin, pore is petty not apparent, easy generation is petty furrow, the biggest to the reaction of external temperature and humidity, and change of the weather when season is alternant is bigger also, so drying skin person must against a rainy day, will protect skin to taste ahead of schedule get ready, seasonable daub, include the body the breast, frost that protect a hand and provide the product of sheep oily series that maintains wet value most.

4, sensitivity skin: The skin is thinner, sensitive to outside stimulation, easy appear local small red, red wait for allergic phenomenon. To sensitivity the skin should notice try out, once happen unwell want instantly out of service, besides use outside protecting skin blandly to taste, c of much more compensatory dimension and moisture content are very serious also in food. Consider to discover, the most high quality sheep oil also suits very much sensitive model the skin, its bases is water coagulates lanolin, water coagulates lanolin is from extract on the body of small sheep kid of poodle first, it is sheep oil middleman and guarantor is wet a as best as alimentary effect kind, agree with cutaneous at the same time degree extremely tall also. The sensitive flesh that is in for many times discovers in the test, its applicable rate amounts to 98% above, do not have stimulation blandly to the skin, and can show improvement the skin maintains wet position, stimulative cell new student, promote skin store water capability.

3, air conditioning room keeps wet secret

The first action: It is good that morning and evening protects skin to should be done

The skin in air conditioning room is easy and dry, this is about to take an examination of everybody to be in what protect skin daily is medium lazy. Daily time, protect what skin of individual of wet breast, frost or gel, basis pledges wet article, absolutely cannot little. Not to drive time or save trouble is not done, for us " face " project, not at all can careless.

The 2nd action: Eye ministry protects wet beard to take seriously

Of facial ministry nurse had been done, had a few detail to be dropped by oversight? Have! Ministry of our puerile eye ministry good lip skins, still have a neck. The eye is interior window, the skin that can be eye ministry is flimsy like glass however, summer is dry, lie for a long time especially in air conditioning room, because lack water,eye ministry is met and produce microgroove, so, "Sigh " air conditioning while, must do good look ministry to protect wet nurse!

The 3rd action: Protect wet sparge to be taken

Manage room of body air conditioning for a long time, how to protect wet sparge again? Be mixed in the office or in the home, should standing protect wet sparge, 3 two hours use best every other, can complement at any time the moisture of skin place prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Additional, towel of clean face cloth, wet paper also can be sent at that time on big use, with ministry of hand of light mop of wet paper towel and facial ministry skin, let skin hour keeps relaxed and clean.

The 4th action: Facial accuse oily not carelessness

Summertime skin is secreted exuberant, lie for a long time the OL in air conditioning room people, if was not done good,accuse oil, be full of very easily with respect to meeting glossy, beautiful look is blank, blain of acne, blain, pore is bulky it is very easy also to wait for a problem subsequently and come, so, besides protect wet, job accusing oil also nots allow to ignore.

4, dry have what filling water

(1) avocado

Rich vitamin C and vitamin E are contained in avocado, still have unsaturated fatty acid, these can help the skin chain water is divided, strengthen cutaneous flexibility. Can mix olive oil and salt to eat together at ordinary times, perhaps mix directly salad eats.

(2) grape

Everybody loves grape most propbably eat, taste not only goluptious and still have very high nutrition value. Contain in mature grape conserve 20% right-and-left dextrose and a variety of vitamins and mineral, be absorbed very easily by human body, help body complement moisture. Additional, many Yuanqing is contained to spend element in grape seed, it is the giant that fights oxidation, the effect is admirable.

(3) yam

Yam flavour pleasant and the gender is smooth, can beneficial kidney gas, be good at taste, stop fur of have loose bowels, expectorant saliva, embellish. Contain a large number of starch and E of protein, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin, dextrose, thick protein amino acid. Among them yam black component is synthetic female's hormonal precursory substance, so can filling this world of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, enhance hair of metabolic, alimentary skin.

(4) carrot

The turnip contains a lot ofcellulose and many vitamin C, heat having Qing Dynasty promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, the action that method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood raises essence of lung, beneficial to enrich the blood. The turnip has the effect that reduce weight, the amylase in the turnip, oxidation is enzymatic wait enzymatic kind, peptic function, the starch in can promoting food, adipose decompose those who make get be absorptioned adequately. The carotene that abounds inside carrot and vitamin B help us improve eyesight and moist skin, autumn eats carrot to be able to prevent the skin more dry, it is very good fight dry provision reducing weight.

(5) fish

Fish of salmon, herring, mackerel, pilchard, anchovy and rainbow trout have alimentary effect to the skin, it is OK that fatty acid is contained in cruelly oppress aggrandizement skin, the harm of counteractive radiate and ultraviolet ray, also can eliminate cancer of inflammation, precaution. Selenium still is contained in some fish, selenium can make the skin more smooth and delicate, bouncy.

(6) honey

Common saying says " day day salt solution, late late sweet soup " , drink brine in the morning, drink honey in the evening, water of OK and effective compensatory human body is divided, prevent autumn dry. The edible method with best honey is " eat raw " , namely direct edible (dipping in to eat with the steamed bread pretty good also) , need not use water take medicine with water, with conserving nutrient composition is not damaged. If use water to send,take, must make sure water is warm it is under 40 ℃ . Adult takes highest quantity not to exceed 100 grams everyday.