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How is sensitive flesh chosen protect skin to taste? What does sensitive flesh protect skin to want to notice?

Day of friend of a lot of females is born is sensitive skin, layer of sensitive skin cutin is very thin, give red blood silk easily; And some people are acquired element caused sensitive flesh, treat sensitive flesh we must take care to caress, love to make up to those going out especially, it is the female friends of sensitive flesh. How does so sensitive flesh choose cosmetic? What does sensitive flesh protect skin to want to notice?

How is sensitive flesh chosen protect skin to taste? What does sensitive flesh protect skin to want to notice? (1)


One, sensitive flesh has which a few kinds

1, dry sex is sensitive skin

Whatever season, skin always is dryasdust and coarse and rough, water makes up to be able to feel a bit on one put on the skin smartly, scratchy, meet sometimes red, the person that has these a few kinds of symptoms belongs to dry sex sensitive skin. Because skin is held,the reason of skin allergy is dry, bring about defensive function to reduce, want the Pi Zhihe with redundant purify to be planted adequately only protect wet can.

2, oily and sensitive skin

On the face easy appear blain blain and little grain, can red, agnail, wait for even the cheek easy dry place also wrinkle blain, the expert says the person that has these symptoms should belong to oily and sensitive skin. Sensitive reason is superfluous and adherent skin fat and moisture inadequacy to cause skin to defend function is reduced, the Pi Zhihe that wants purify to be made more only is protected adequately wet can.

3, pressure sex is sensitive skin

Before season reachs physiology period alternately, make up maintain article can become not applicable, want to Morpheus is not worth or press muscularity only, skin can become dryasdust, the person that has these a few kinds of symptoms should belong to pressure sex sensitive skin. The endocrine that the reason depends on all sorts of ab extra stimulation or hormonal maladjusted place causes is disorder. Using cosmetic is inextricability your skin is sensitive. Be worth what carry is, sensitive skin does not want pressure sex try anything when in a desperate situation, haste is not sensible change protect skin to taste, ability can harm skin. What you need is inside tone.

4, permanent sensitive skin

Wait for unusually sensitive origin as irritability dermatitis or sunshine, flavor, pigment. Specific exciter (allergic source) cause allergic reaction, it is very dangerous that if still maintain daily according to oneself,means is met, had better be beg examine to dermatological department clinic immediately, maintain with what doctor place suggests product.


2, how is sensitive flesh chosen protect skin to taste

1, clean face: Choose side of small acidity clean article

Because the skin is dry lack water and unusually sensitive, nurse in the choice accordingly when things, should pick the part that does not contain flavor, alcohol, heavy preservative. Respect of clean face agent, do not choose too thick too exciting alkalescent product, as a result of alkalescent too strong, can harm the skin, because this answers with gentle and slant the clean face breast of small acidity is beautiful. Clean face also should be not used to brush when clean face, sponge or towel gourd sth resembling a net, lest be caused because of attrition sensitive.

2, bright skin: Use nonalcoholic bright skin water

The action of bright skin water is to give facial and relaxed reach smooth feeling. Ordinary bright skin water mostly spirituosity, besides can make sensitive skin easy and aglow, after alcohol volatilizes, still can make the skin appears to stretch tight closely phenomenon, should pledge optionally so gentle and the bright skin water of nonalcoholic, flavor, tu Shi points to celiac flick with forefinger, middle finger and ring finger, must not flap forcibly, avoid suffer stimulation.

3, embellish skin: Day frost avoid is used accuse oily recipe

The skin is sensitive person unfavorable choose excitant strong and concentration is high long protect frost, slant small acidity and do not have flavor or indicate sensitive skin appropriative is best, because Qiu Dongyang is smooth intense without the summer, beardless use glossy controls part in day frost, should have only can the active particle composition of locking skin moisture is OK.


3, sensitive flesh protects skin error

1, bubble bath can be thoroughly slow and nervous skin

Inferior healthy skin especially skin compares poor person to must shorten character the time that bathe. Weather is cool, the time that bathe is very easy slowly lengthen, and Wen Yue of longer, water heats up the time of bath, the film of natural skin fat that lets skin more easily loses natural protective ability, this can cause skin not only drier, still can bring about sensitive circumstance aggravate, generally speaking what bath controls 10 minutes is completely OK.

2, Tu Hufu is tasted flap flap, promote skin absorb

Strengthen facial skin to take exercise to have important sense to maintaining skin health. Can make through massaging facial skin blood increases circularly for example, stimulative metabolism, heighten facial skin and sarcous flexibility and tension. But appear easily of sensitive phenomenon inferior healthy skin is compared normally flimsy, do not suit to make a group energetically, flap wait for a method, this causes stimulation very easily to skin, sensitive skin still adopts gentleness massage or press pressure etc the means that protect skin is some safer.

3, use chamfer pledges product

Sensitive flesh is facial the skin is very flimsy already, facial and corneous layer also is not constant thin, and corneous layer is cutaneous covering layer. At this moment reuse chamfer simple product is met only one disaster after another. So sensitive flesh does not have necessary chamfer completely to pledge, some still needs to use product of corneous layer rehabilitate to come even repair.

4, change often protect skin is tasted

Skin needs to suit to protecting skin to taste normally period, change often protect skin to taste can make skin ceaseless get used to new thing, increase skin burden. This also is a few originally a reason that not allergic skin becomes allergic gradually. Accordingly, protect skin to taste with this kind today to sensitive flesh, will use another kind again tomorrow, it is absolutely cannot susceptive. Had better hold to a kind to give out, reoccupy another kind.