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How should be winter filling water done? How to protect skin to should be done in the winter?

In the winter of dry chill, our skin can encounter various problems, e.g. the skin weather-shack and coarse, the caresses us skin that so we should take care more in the winter, protect skin in the winter the mainest should be filling water is protected wet, a lot of people can be used protect skin taste will fill water is protected wet, so protect in the winter wet how should be done? How to protect skin to should be done in the winter?

How should be winter filling water done? How to protect skin to should be done in the winter? (1)


One, winter filling water protects wet error

1, oily skin does not need to protect wet. Oily skin often glossy is full of, because water is oily,be between lopsided, namely the skin works more, grease secretes an amount more. Protect for skin wet although cannot solve the problem that gives oil at all, but can alleviate the appearance that gives oil in great quantities.

2, with make up water is protected wet can. Make up water is " water " , namely can action at skin surface, evaporate very easily in dry air idle is used up, make up the passageway that water is surface of get through skin only, be absorbed what make the elite from the back, breast, frost faster by skin. Want to achieve protect wet effect for a long time to need sequel to maintain.

3, muti_function model the product ensures wet result the need of enough skin. A lot of protect skin to taste have a variety of effect, a bottle at most bottle, if protect wet, beauty white, fight a variety of effect such as consenescence to close for an organic whole, but each the effect is not so remarkable, skin can apparent effect is used when the state is good, when skin is in abominable condition, these do not calculate even an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation on, if want to keep the word with wet strong result, need a bottle to keep wet product technically.

4, preserve wet elite element more powerful than protecting Shi Shuang. Generally speaking, the member that keeps wet elite white is lesser, emphasize at osmotic, namely action skins at flesh bottom, divide vigor for water of the skin end flesh, the energy nature that stays in surface layer skin is little, because this calculates daub what elite fluid also can feel skin is close stretch tight, dry state, because this is need,be to protect wet breast to chain skin surface water is divided, form a diaphragm.

5, those who improve skin is dry need filling water to keep wet noodle film only. Keeping wet noodle film is the fastest the directest filling water method, but these nutrient material can be in only apply face when and effect has inside a hour of apply face, wait for time past, on the face if do not have daub any protecting skin is tasted chain water is divided, so the effect immediateness of Facial mask disappears, be equal to is to doing useless work.

6, at any time gush protects wet sparge to be able to be cast off dry. Sparge filling water is expedient only plan, instantaneous filling water also can dehydrate for an instant, skin becomes drier more. Become drier more to cast off skin, wet sparge must be protected on gush hind, use paper towel or be to make up cotton presses the moisture of surface layer slowly press to skin to absorb, next daub protects wet breast one layer to chain water is divided.


2, how to fill in the winter water

1, much water

No matter be which season,what filling water should notice above all is to drink water more, because winter weather is colder, can cause water the quantity decreases can be the body is short of water to cause the skin so dry. We should maintain the body to complement everyday enough moisture, be in especially cause when getting up, because the body uses up many moisture in the evening, can be in the condition that lack water in the morning, must drink on one cup of plain boiled water in the morning so. By day when should at any time drink water, not when thirsty drinking. Won't lack water so.

2, many draft fruit

Eat a few fruits to conduce to more in winter prevent the skin dry. Especially apple, yangtao, grapefruit, orange, banana, the pear fruit that contains rich vitamin, the vitamin has the effect that protects skin skin. Should notice to eat less at the same time acrimony excitant food, acrimony excitant food can stimulate the skin, make the skin dry.

3, daily nurse

Winter cutaneous nurses daily should notice to protect than other season wet, choose what winter uses to protect wet effect to protect skin well to taste. To can choosing to use vaseline for the person with individual winter coarse and weather-shack skin, anguine ointment oily bigger defend wet articles for use. Had done protect wet ability daily to make the skin wet and smooth.

4, evening nurses

Besides diurnal nurse daily, notice night even protect wet. The moisture that evening skin place volatilizes is not as little as by day, so we want those who notice night to nurse. Evening is protected wet best is to keep wet noodle film, before sleeping in the late evening, use protect wet noodle film to undertake cutaneous is protected wet nurse can very good compensatory skin moisture, make the skin more water is tender.

5, daily defend

Besides above beyond a few kinds of says methods, protect in winter cutaneous wet do not sleep besides food and nurse more important is to defend besides filling water. As a result of winter to be cold, air is dry, the skin can be caused the skin by air cooling dry. The glove is worn when we can go out again, scarf, guaze mask defend appliance will protect the skin, also be very effective so.


3, how to protect skin in the winter

1, must insist to make film in the winter

Winter is cutaneous " dry season " , because be short of water to become,long air conditioning environment lets the skin An is yellow without burnish. Want to carry water tender tender skin, but get effective,keep wet noodle film the fastest edge tool. Be afraid of again so cold, also should insist to make Facial mask in in the winter.

2, the evaporate before Facial mask promote absorb

The winter with low temperature, the metabolism of the body slows pore also can contract. Same Facial mask, the effect does not have other season to come apparently commonly. If be,use vapor evaporate face, such is in apply Facial mask when can make dilate of facial ministry pore still can promote its blood circulation not only, the absorption that makes skin better the moisture in Facial mask and elite.

3, protect wet kind of Facial mask can heat

Heat Facial mask may be a practice that a lot of people can think of, but the composition that the bottom does not have not to know to be able to destroy Facial mask itself in the heart also is when using. Everybody tells here, protect commonly wet kind of Facial mask it is the most appropriate that in the water of 45 ℃ Wen Li immerses 5 minutes. If temperature passes tall or heat time is too long, can destroy the part of Facial mask. Human body of 45 ℃ summary prep above the normal temperature of 36.8 ℃ , to the temperature that not stable composition is relative safety. The meeting after on bubble 5 minutes reachs the temperature of Facial mask integratedly and the temperature with about the same human body, the effect is best also of course.

4, the United States is white kind cannot heat

A moment ago mentioned heat wet to protecting kind of Facial mask very benefit from, but ten million remembered everybody, this to beautiful flour film but applicable not at all! Because of the vitamin C in beautiful flour film, amino acid, still the mix of large hot part last year spends acid to wait to attribute not stable part, after heating you with respect to no use.

Little hint: Clean kind, send closely kind, cellular activation kind Facial mask composition is relatively stable, after heating, promote benignantly instead absorb.

5, can be in the place with high room temperature is done

In air conditioning room, the place with this kind of higher room temperature in the bathroom suits to make Facial mask most, in a warm environment systemic blood circulates to also can become accelerate, when using pore to stretch, Facial mask apply is on the face, can promote the absorption of Facial mask.