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Is the skin dark yellow how are this beautiful white? Does the skin fizzle out how to nurse?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Do not have on the face any skin problem, the skin on the face is dark still however yellow, although do not have other any skin problems, with respect to a color of skin dark yellow already very the beauty that harm countenance sends. Say one white hide from view 3 ugly, color of skin is dark fizzling out is deadly injury, want to find a method to make him skin whiten so, so is the skin dark yellow how are this beautiful white? Does the skin fizzle out how to nurse?

Is the skin dark yellow how are this beautiful white? Does the skin fizzle out how to nurse? (1)


One. Feminine skin is dark yellow reason

1, if color of skin belongs to decline to fizzle out, belong to deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it mostly, this kind of female can feel very easy usually tired, giddy, also can have palpitation sometimes, coating on the tongue is thinner, white, and also can discover at ordinary times classics blood color is weaker, rare.

2, color of skin is dark heavy nigrescent belong to kidney to enrage inadequacy to cause normally, cause shade fluid loss, feel tired out overworked, have a poor appetite, want filling kidney to enrage help melanin metabolization so, make skin qualitative more pink is tender.


2. The skin is dark yellow how this are beautiful white

Nowadays can use the method of photon tender skin to improve skin problem. Photon tender skin is the light beam that produces a bundle of high strenth by the instrument, the can produce different color beam of different type, and the key that naked eye color is cure. Different color by need not the skin of color is absorbed, use photon energy collapse of your pigment grain solves vaporization, close then hemal, again by human body small loop its outside eduction body.

In cure, photon can penetrate without injury the skin, the haemoglobin inside the pigment group in be being organized and its blood-vessel is absorbed optionally, below the premise that does not destroy normal organization cell, make outspread hemal, pigment is destroyed cell of conglomeration, pigment to mix decompose, achieve beautiful white tender skin thereby, go red blood silk, reach improvement the skin is dark yellow effect.

Photon tender skin is beauty of ideal science tender skin's at present white method. But the methodological beauty white skin that also can take dietotherapy, recommend a few dietotherapy for everybody next square, can help great master the United States is white!


3. The skin is dark yellow it what eat is good to what eat

  Cucumber congee

Material: Take rice 100 grams, fresh and tender cucumber 300 grams, refined salt 2 grams, ginger 10 grams.


1, cucumber abluent, flay goes heart slice. Rice pan is clean, ginger is abluent pat broken.

2, water is added to make an appointment with 1000 milliliter inside boiler, on buy fire, issue rice, ginger, after fierce baked wheaten cake leaves, convert slow fire is boiled slowly to rice sodden nowadays enters cucumber piece, boil again to soup stiff, flavor into refined salt can.

Effect: A day 2 lukewarm take, can spot of moist skin, dispel, reduce weight. Modern science considers to prove, cucumber contains the nutrient part such as C of rich sylvite and a certain quantity of carotene, vitamin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, saccharide, protein and mustard, phosphor, iron. Often edible cucumber congee, can eliminate fleck, whitened the skin.

   Assorted fruit a thick soup

Material: Pear, apple, banana, pineapple together, yangtao, strawberry 4, water is amylaceous 20 grams, white sugar 15 grams, honey 10 grams, cold water is right amount.

The method that make:

1, pear, apple, banana, pineapple, yangtao, strawberry abluent, cut Ding Dai to use.

2, water is added inside boiler right amount, put all fruit man, small fire turns to boil after leaving with big baked wheaten cake make. Wait for a fruit to boil white sugar is joined after rotting, drench finally water is amylaceous, the edge drenchs the edge is pushed with spoon, soup is loaded after be being burned honey is put inside the basin can edible.

Effect: The disappear that see hot weather is irritated, beautiful Bai Quban.

   Rose cake

Material: Rose sauce 100g (or dry rose 25g) , pink of rice flour, polished glutinous rice each 250g, white sugar 100g.

The method that make:

1, mix rice flour and pink of polished glutinous rice divide evenly; Candy leaves with Shui Rong, transfer into rose sauce (or dry rose is kneaded broken mix) .

2, syrup mixes slowly inside pink, two tactics is rapid agitate. Make pink even be affected with damp be affected with damp, float a translucence is lubricious, into cake pink. Cake pink humidity is: The hand holds to become a group, unlock knead leave;

3, cake pink sieve puts cake standard afterwards inside, 12~15 of evaporate of use force fire minute.

   Rose congee

Material: Rice 100 grams, rose 20 grams, cherry is 10 grams, white saccharic 30 grams.


1, will not the rose of a standard-sized sheet is collected below, gently pick next leaf, with cold water full clean;

2, rice pan is clean, immerse half hours with cold water, fish out, drop does moisture;

3, cold water of about 1000 milliliter is added in boiler, put rice use boil of flourishing baked wheaten cake first, become congee with small fire infusion next;

4, rose valve, cherry, white sugar is put inside congee, boil 5 minutes again, can fill an edible.

Altogether, in living at ordinary times, we must make good skin maintain the job, besides the life rule that needs reasonable him arrangement and dietary rule, still need to maintain a happy state of mind, the word that has time is to need to have right amount campaign, climb for example, canter these motion having oxygen are very good choice. Additional, complexion becomes dark yellow reason has a lot of, because disease place is caused,having some of time even is. The expert tells us, look is dark fizzling out is to suffer from liverish an outstanding feature. So, if discover his complexion becomes dark,Huang Qi comes, best can undertake checking to professional hospital, have scientific treatment next, avoid to appear serious consequence.