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It what protect skin to taste is OK that what protect skin to taste put freezer? Protect skin to taste put freezer?

Everybody knows those who buy to had tried vegetable flesh kind should put in time into freezer to last, actually we buy what protect skin to taste cosmetic also is to be able to be put inside freezer to save. Because a few protect skin to taste the effect with be put after freezer is refrigerated to be able to have better. So it what be put in bowl face to protect skin to taste is OK that what is put in bowl face to protect skin to taste put freezer? Protect skin to taste put freezer? .

It what protect skin to taste is OK that what protect skin to taste put freezer? Protect skin to taste put freezer? (1)

Introduction of preserve one's health: Everybody knows to put food in freezer to be able to last, same argument certain maintain article, after cosmetic puts freezer to refrigerate, use effect will be better. Look together below.

1, film

Shift to an earlier date one hour to put Facial mask into freezer, can have additional mix undisturbedly slow effect, have in the skin after skin insolation especially when aglow, hair presses a case, be in charge of especially with.

2, bright skin water

Put bright skin water in freezer to have particularly relaxed effect, be in especially summer when. Cool and refreshing bright skin water can awaken a sense, contractive pore, let makeup look look brand-new.

3, keep wet white

The person that has red blood silk or erythema worry should all protecting Shi Shuang- - include day of frost, late frost to still have prevent bask in frost (even if include titanium dioxide) should refrigerate memory. Such is in daub when OK and composed skin, resemble cold compress same.

4, frost

If you have pouch problem, so store eye frost it is better that the effect is used in freezer. Icy simple sense conduces to reduce dropsy, need little change to be able to achieve one Shi Erdiao's result only. After stay up late you can discover the convenience that does so.

5, perfume

Habit of a lot of people puts perfume in closet, make it direct lie namely hot, damp and in the environment that is full of vapor. Bask in light vapour, high to do not have good function to perfume continuously blandly. If put perfume in freezer, the expiration period wrinkle of perfume is gotten much.

6, lipstick

As the elapse of time, high temperature will be brought about lipstick dissolves and decompose. If you want to let the color that loves most,the time of memory can grow a point, putting freezer is best method.

7, line

Put look line pen in freezer 20 minutes before use, the look line that can make the picture goes out is clearer, come so, can draw more meticulous eye remaining part. If you think look line is dizzy,catch more outstandingly nevertheless, do not want so dry.

8, fingernail oil

High temperature is tremendous to the influence of fingernail oil, make fingernail easily oily become dry thick stiff, daub hind is easy also craze. The fingernail oil that likes you most is put in freezer to be able to make its color keeps bright-coloured, and easier also daub.

9, contain the product of vitaminic C

Any products that contain vitaminic C should be put in freezer to store. Vitaminic C can be eliminated dark heavy, make you radiant, strengthen cutaneous flexibility and avoid the effect that suffers an environment. cold storage of this kind of product, can prevent vitaminic the metamorphism that decompose or oxidize and causes.

1, protect what skin tastes to save means

1, temperature is appropriate of cosmetic save temperature to should not be exorbitant, high temperature can cause grease to depart, cream body drying shrinkage, cause metamorphism; Cosmetic can be deposited in freezer last safe, cannot put in freezer compartment to save. Chill is seasonal, unfavorable put cosmetic be outdoor or carry for long outdoor. Because temperature crosses small conference to make cosmetic happening aspic cracks a phenomenon, and grease depart, quality of a material still can appear to coarsen after defrost, to the skin generation spurs action.

2, avoid light saves sunshine or light point-blank place is unfavorable deposit cosmetic. Because radial illuminate can cause cosmetic moisture to evaporate, certain part can lose energy, as a result causes metamorphism. The ultraviolet ray in sunshine still can make a few material in cosmetic produce chemical change, the influence uses the effect, produce undesirable reaction even.

3, keep dry some cosmetic contain protein, incidental mildew changes after be affected with damp be affected with damp. Some cosmetic use iron shell, hind of be affected with damp be affected with damp rusts easily corrode cosmetic, make cosmetic degenerative.

4, after avoiding to pollute cosmetic to use must come back in time tight cap, lest the bacterium invades breed. When using, had better avoid to be taken with the hand directly with, can take with clean tailor-made tool with. If be taken,use overmuch, but daub is in the body is other place, cannot again in replace bottle.

5, notice the expiration period is current the storage life of cosmetic designation, those who point to is when unsealing deposit time, once unseal,use, fresh spend the meeting influence because of the outside to be reduced gradually. If buy big bottled, and statement can distribute the product of outfit, before had be notted use, can divide outfit pyxis additionally to put the cold storage inside freezer, term of service can lengthen one times, go out carry very convenient also. Do not contain antiseptic and flavor to wait without add product criterion period of efficacy shorter.

6, taste character as a result of different makeup each different, contains part also each are not identical, save and term of service is different also.