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How should drying skin nurse? What show does drying skin have?

Drying skin will be more easier than other skins of dry and allergic and so on, drying skin will be more delicate the stimulation that cannot accept the external world. After sufferring stimulation very easy allergy, wait for a few problems aglow, and perceptual skin uses nurse the product also must want travel of very gentle ability. So how should drying skin nurse? What show does drying skin have?

How should drying skin nurse? What show does drying skin have? (1)

1, drying cutaneous characteristic

The skin key that has exquisite fresh and juicy depends on the water content in the skin. The skin includes a few shares such as cuticular, derma and subcutaneous tissue. Cuticular most outside side has a corneous layer, leather fat of the surface reachs the action that avoids prediction of a person's luck in a given year of skin water share since film. Corneous layer interior still has the fat between a kind of cell to pledge, maintain the water share inside skin. When the metabolism of skin becomes logy, the leather fat that leather fat film produces can decrease slowly, plus stimulation of other a few outsides, water share prediction of a person's luck in a given year, formed dry.

Drying skin maintains the most important is to make sure the skin receives enough water share. When choosing cleanness to protect skin to taste above all, appropriate creams with what do not contain basic material frost clean skin is tasted, can choose the small to skin stimulation toilet soap that contains glycerine, do not use cheap soap to wash a face, sometimes also but need not toilet soap, wash a face with clear water only. Lest restrain leather fat and sweat fluid secrete, make the skin more dry. In the morning, appropriate uses Leng Shuang or latex moist skin, reoccupy is astringent make up water adjusts the skin, frost of nutrition of besmear full amount. In the evening, the latex that should use full amount, nutritional make up frost of water, nutrition.

When cleanness is facial, if your breast that wash a face does not have moist composition, or it is to wash face hind to feel facial stretch tight drier or closely, the essence of life that can add 2 to protect wet skin in the grandma that wash a face is oily (essence of medicine made of two or more ingredients is oily) , or half hot water is added in washbasin, drip 2- - oil of 3 roses essence or lavender essence oil, oil of essence of life after sufficient agitate divide evenly. Use big towel to enclothe whole head and washbasin, close an eye, avoid oily fragrance of essence of life and vapor to stimulate an eye, breathe alternately with mouth, bazoo, maintain 5 minutes, wash a face again, the effect thinks those who be less than is good knowingly.

After complete cleanness is facial, should use immediately protect wet sex to make up water or latex will complement cutaneous water portion. Conditional word, can make face aing kind of sweet grass and nutrient Facial mask every week, circulate in order to promote blood, quicken cellular metabolization, add leather fat and sweat juice secrete. Skin of Wen Shuiqing clean can be used before sleeping, massage 3 ~ 5 minutes next, circulate in order to improve facial blood, use late frost appropriately. After face of clean of morrow early morning, use latex or nutrient frost, will maintain cutaneous moist.

2, how is drying skin protected wet

Will look by scientific point of view, because skin surface layer lacks water portion,drying skin is, simple structure is not whole between the cell between cuticular cell secrete insufficient place to cause with sebaceous glands. Skin surface has the covering layer that place of a grease forms, it can avoid the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of water portion, if sebaceous glands did not produce enough oil, can cause drying skin, in addition, any meetings harm the qualitative element between the cell, be like insolation or be to pass to maintain drily article, also can cause the skin dry.

Generally speaking, using the gentle things that wash a face and maintain below tasted circumstance, if washing facial hind a few minutes, the skin still feels dry, protect with respect to need wet (can very affirmatory, this kind of drying is not clean product cause) , if the skin feels tight all day,stretch tight, when dehydration, also be to need to use ensure wet opportunity; Small microgroove can be being used protect wet hind win improvement, especially the small microgroove all round the eye, want to improve small microgroove, had better use relaxed model protect wet.

What must notice is, the state with a lot of dry skins is actually cause by dermatosis, be not true drying skin to pledge, these dermatosis include dermatitis of sex of dermatitis of sex of leakage of eczema, fat, lees, dry tinea, use right now protect wet helpless at the thing, eczema needs steroid ointment, medicaments comes to dermatitis of fat leakage sex, lees sex dermatitis and the external application that do tinea to need other cure, overspend is protected wet can make these problems are aware of not easily not merely, also can cause whelk, cause color of skin dark heavy, still can control cutaneous immunity and repair function.

3, drying cutaneous nurses method

1, it is filling water still wants filling oil certainly, still perhaps be both need: Him basis is which kind of drying skin will decide, be short of skin of drying of ability in swimming to need filling water, and be short of oily drying to skin and need to fill at the same time water and filling oil.

2, gentle cleanness: Drying skin needs to use contain gentle surface activator (condense protein fatty acid, Hu Zao essence of life of alkaline, plant is oily) of composition downy, fight product of sensitive clean face to wash a face, general soap or clean face are tasted can make the skin dry, appear prematurely furrow. If the skin is special dry, can cooperate discharge makeup with Wen Shui in the late evening only latex and downy fight sensitive the grandma that wash a face washs a face, in the morning need not the face tastes any clean to use lukewarm bath only can.

3, filling water maintains: Drying skin days when need chooses class status sufficient, quality is good, add keep wet part, defend the day frost with strong sex, and want in the late evening as far as possible with moist filling water is given priority to, use the late frost that contains part of moist, nutrition.

4, special maintain: Include to use the vivid cell elite before protecting lipstick, late frost moist and element or rose essence oil, gentle the alimentary Facial mask that contains natural plant elite.

5, reasonable food: The food that drying skins nurses need notices to choose the food with fast content of a few adipose, vitamins, if milk, egg, pork liver, butter reachs fresh fruit,wait.

4, skill of drying skin filling water

1, use cool boiled water to wash a face

We should wash a face everyday in daily life, and if if can use boil,the cool boiled water that cross undertakes washing a face, can make so the skin is provided more fight dry ability. Because cool boiled water contains a air is very few kind,this is " go air-water " , this kind " go air-water " more can joint skin, still can make cutaneous adipose the layer turns into " half liquid shape " , because this also is provided more,fight the action of dry filling water.

2, filling surFacial mask

Face film is a kind of way with filling the quickest water, can have the filling water effect of get effect instantly more to those skin that lack badly particularly, premise is the effect protecting skin with arrive better since the face diaphragm gift that should choose to protect wet elite fluid to immerse,

3, filling water of bright skin water

The bright skin water here is not direct it is OK on the face to wipe, should enter its Facial mask however in next apply is controlled 10 minutes, after waiting for its Facial mask to become angry, get off immediately, can make the skin gets all-around moisture.

4, honey water

The effect that honey protects wet hairdressing also is quite powerful, at the same time its still can add cutaneous flexibility, control a bacterium generate. Have certain help to promoting function of cutaneous second birth. Can move honey water directly drinkable, also can join proper honey in Facial mask smooth apply is on the skin but, of the filling water effect that if have the word of lemonade,also can have to comparative.

5, hot leach face

Japan protects skin mention in the jewel cause the skin be like the action like vapour at can rising in hot water, its can promote skin cleanness not only, still can alleviate at the same time fatigue. Of course temperature should note when face of the leach that use heat cannot exorbitant.