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The brand of which country is Nuxe Ou Shu? Of Ou Shu how to protect skin to taste?

Often see someone on small gain recently rich advocate the product protecting skin that recommending Ou Shu, very may much person is not to understand very much to this brand, the product protecting skin that also does not know this brand how, the delicacy that there is a friend to had brought this brand to me before me actually suckles series product, return really pretty good, the brand of which country is that Nuxe Ou Shu? Of Ou Shu how to protect skin to taste?

The brand of which country is Nuxe Ou Shu? Of Ou Shu how to protect skin to taste? (1)

1, the brand that Ou Shu is which country

Ou Shu NUXE is brand of hairdressing of French pure plant, found 1957. Ou Shu NUXE advocates natural, found beginning holds to original creation, pay attention to actor to pick part, tide of differ flavour angle, make the leader brand of natural aesthetic. Ou Shu NUXE combines modern science and technology and plant and energy of balmy essence oil, innovation goes accumulate the gentle product protecting skin that contains rich and natural active component, exquisite and silky, delicate and elegant, let an user experience result from of nature relaxed and free from worry. 1989 by advocate the Aliza Jabes of famous France female entrepreneur of plant and balmy therapeutics is bought, be like the making process like the pharmaceutical factory already closely, model at character via close company be on sale, more the hierarch brand that makes NUXE become natural aesthetic.

2, of Ou Shu protect skin to taste how

Of Ou Shu protect skin to taste the test that already passed French state institute. Ingredient is natural, without add, use safety, sensitive flesh also can be at ease use. Exceeding and rigid brand policy made the magical recipe of NUXE.

First principle: Obtain inspiration from inside nature. Do not use any animal part, all product ingredient is rare plant, precious essence oil and the patent composition that can make the person imagines a figure through the name.

The 2nd principle: Achieve gender, innovation sex, bold sex formerly. NUXE is having real talent on product name and recipe innovation, used a plant for example the grandma is sweet (Lact-aroma) concept, muti_function perhaps (Multi-fonction) concept.

The 3rd principle: Cheerful, perceptual Alisha Jiabeisi has deep love for all having " melting " sensory general affairs. Chocolate, licorice or honey is the product ingredient that she favores, they aroused her the memory to childhood, for example orange water makes she remembered her most precious grandmother.

The 4th principle: Authenticity and integral sex. NUXE is compromising none on quality, although this means need sacrifice product to pack, will many budget is used at the development on the recipe. The product that these active component height condense, do not contain any artificial pigment, reduced the possibility with allergic to the product skin consequently.

3, Ou Shukuo joins what age

Ou Shu has the series that suits different age and skin to pledge, water lily series basically is to fight oxidation general 20-35 year old can use, balmy series is used after 35 years old commonly basically is to fight consenescence, honey series family but with use the baby that includes 36 months, bright grandma series basically fills any ages can use water. Ou Shu founds the France 1957, already made the brand of hairdressing of high-grade pure plant of hot whole world nowadays, belong to France the celebrity in medical makeup, can calls the hierarch of natural aesthetic the brand! In France extremely rich already great reputation has the honor to win the beautiful beautiful woman 2000 red makeup large award, the honey of NUXE protects delicacy of labial frost, plant to suckle frost and full effect to maintain oil is evaluation more special recommended star commodity. Be a lot of famous models love most, be like Paloma PICASSO, helena CHRISTENSEN, jennifer LopezNuxe.

4, Ou Shuxian suckles Facial mask usage

After morning and evening is clean, take right amount smear thin thin one reachs an eye at facial ministry all around, after waiting to make an appointment with 10 minutes, when lacteal frostlike powder becomes transparent, can massage whole face to make Facial mask is absorbed completely, or with cotton piece touch light mop is complete after taking pure beautiful water face. Drying and extremely drying skin: Weekly 1-2 second. Neuter and mixture sex: When inspecting need, use (skin is dry be short of water, insolation hind, tired, pressure, pollution. . . . )

The color of skin of a relaxed, burnish has before 1. makeup: To have special " pure and fresh " tender color of skin, plant delicacy the grandma fills inside freezer of surFacial mask park a few minutes are used. Will " frozen " the Facial mask of quality of a material is thin thin besmear is in on the face, the sponge light graze that soaks glacial water is used after 3 minutes. Complexion becomes pure and fresh pink, skin grain becomes more meticulous, luster, spirited.

2. loosens for palpebral detumescence: In the morning, plant delicacy film of milk filling water is used at eye ministry, repeat use Yu Taiyang on acupuncture point and black rim of the eye. To enhance result of subsidence of a swelling, put tea bag on the ice on eye ministry apply again. The eye becomes vivid and become clear immediately!