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What dietotherapy method does dispel blain have? What does the cookbook of dispel blain have?

Blain grows on the face, make a lot of people feel vexed, dispel blain is the problem that a lot of people care, the method of dispel blain has a lot of, can use at ordinary times a few those who have dispel blain effect protect skin to taste, return the methodological dispel blain that can pass dietotherapy, a lot of food can help the issue that improves blain blain, so what dietotherapy method does dispel blain have? What does the cookbook of dispel blain have?

What dietotherapy method does dispel blain have? What does the cookbook of dispel blain have? (1)

1, the dietotherapy method of dispel blain

Law of dispel blain dietotherapy, chicken broth boils Chinese cabbage

Prepare a few chicken and Chinese cabbage to be boiled together very delicate, here still has the small still method of an external use, the Chinese cabbage leaf that will washed directly namely is made the same score in the booth on clean chopping board, grind gently with bottle or rolling pole pressure show a network till blade mushy, stick its on the face, get off after 10 minutes, wen Shui washs a face. Very effective to treating blain blain fruit!

The vitamin A that Chinese cabbage place contains, C, E and zinc and carotene are antioxidant, it is the main a magic weapon of beautiful skin, can prevent the skin to become dry, coarse, lose luster, raise to discharging poison colour dispel blain blain and blain mark also have first-rate effect.

Dispel blain feeds therapeutics 2, ormosia

Prepare a few ormosia, put it in boiler to add water to boil sodden can. Repose of ormosia clear heart, be good at lienal beneficial kidney, have the effect that heats up detoxify with Qing Dynasty! It can make the skin rapid eduction grease, blain of effective control blain grows, make skin tender slip clear, drink ormosia soup to still can enrich the blood more drive is cold, it is female winter preserve one's health the beautiful of United States colour is tasted.

External use law: Boil ormosia first sodden, hit into ormosia mud again, even daub is in after refrigeration facial, lukewarm bath goes after 15 minutes. Attention, must boil ormosia rot, coarse ormosia is met gall skin.

Dispel blain feeds therapeutics 3, pumpkin a thick soup

Cut pumpkin small, boil thick pumpkin a thick soup with small fire, if you like to eat sweet, still can add a few white sugar. The use value of pumpkin is very high, contain a lot ofrich vitamin A, to blain blain skin has very pretty good repair effect.

External use: After clean face, besmear pumpkin a thick soup on the face, escape eye and mouth, the left and right sides stays 15 minutes to be washed with Wen Shuiqing on the face, the honey that also can add touch and fewer the milk that make, smooth hind use.

Dispel blain feeds therapeutics 4, malic carrot juice

the apple, carrot parts flay goes nucleus, abluent cut small, put into juicer together, join right amount clear water and honey, open mixer switch, after agitate dichotomy bell, take juice direct and drinkable can.

The apple is everybody's hep thin body fruit, its thin body principle contains distinctive fruit acid if really in Yu Ping, the Chen Cheng that can quicken human body metabolizes, use an apple to contain fruit juice, can reduce put oneself in another's position on one hand inside redundant and adipose, return the purpose that can achieve dispel blain through discharging poison on the other hand.

Dispel blain feeds therapeutics 5, cordate houttuynia

Prepare a few cordate houttuynia and wash clean, take 20 grams to be put in boiler, add a bit water, boil after rotting, the boiling water that takes cordate houttuynia will drink.

External use: Take has boiled cordate houttuynia and pound, the juice smear that takes it is in the place of blain having blain, after 15 minutes abluent.

Dispel blain feeds therapeutics 6, celery banana fruit juice

celery abluent cut paragraphs small, banana is washed clean cortical, skin of the belt that connect the flesh and celery are put into juicer together, add right amount clear water, after agitate dichotomy bell, direct and drinkable can.

This vegetable fruit juice is most special is banana joined directly without flay, very may much person cannot be accepted, but the nutrition of banana skin is more actually rich, contain fruit juice all the time with celery, can aid the body to eliminate body endotoxin not only, return at the same time can dispel blain is raised colour, advantage is great.

2, how fast dispel blain

1, pearl powder yoghurt

When we are drinking yoghurt remnant a few, when when preparation sleeps in the evening, take a few yoghurt and mix a few pearl powder comes mix is even, direct daub is in the place that blain having blain and blain imprint later, need not use clean, stay in the pass the night on the face, wait the following day when early morning washs a face together abluent. Those who need an attention is, want to rely on blain of this method dispel, must insist for a long time to just can see the effect. Still have, pearl powder ten million cannot be put too much, lest can jam our pore.

2, Qing Dynasty of pearl powder egg

Prepare the egg white of an egg and the pearl powder of 4 grams above all, mix this different even daub to grow the place of blain blain to the face, after awaiting 15 minutes, can undertake cleaning. If hold to this kind of method for a long time, not only can desalt blain imprints, still can have the beauty's white effect. Have beautiful white skin and composed effect because of pearl powder and gallinaceous egg white, our skin will be accordingly more and more delicate, and the trace of blain blain also can weaker and weaker.

3, in vain acetic salt

In the salt that joins the white vinegar of half spoon one spoon, plus the cold boiled water of a few, when after salt is dissolved entirely, take one Zhang Xin's makeup cotton will dip in take already the water of white vinegar salt of mix up, when make up what after quilt is soaked completely, apply goes to long blain having blain is facial. Generally speaking, everyday if apply is used, half month can see the effect of blain blain desalt. If hold on for a long time if, have first-rate effect to dispel blain, it is OK to be returned at the same time the United States is white our skin.