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What does the effective method of purify blain blain have? What key does blain of effective dispel blain have?

Long blain is the very common phenomenon in the life on the skin, can cause a lot of adverse effects to health, need seasonable recuperation to restore, lest cause farther harm to health, so what does the effective method of purify blain blain have? What key does blain of effective dispel blain have? The doohickey of effective dispel blain has a lot of, blain of what method dispel understands in detail below the most effective.

What does the effective method of purify blain blain have? What key does blain of effective dispel blain have? (1)

1, the doohickey of dispel blain blain

, juice of fruit vegetables gram

Prepare any of several hot spice plants of gram, a variety of Chinese cabbage, celery, balsam pear, persimmon, apple. First gram abluent boil 30 minutes, come out juice filter. Part any of several hot spice plants of a variety of Chinese cabbage, celery, balsam pear, persimmon, apple again abluent cut paragraph or stripping and slicing, scamper becomes juice, put gram juice, squeeze a few lemon juice again, together smooth. The honey that increase a point can make taste betterer. Drink 1 ~ 2 times everyday, blain of can clear hot alexipharmic dispel, the blain blain that just arose to eliminating especially is particularly effective.

2, tea of disinfection of the five flavors

Preparative silver-colored flower, chrysanthemum, Chinese violet, violet certain herbaceous plants with big flowers back a day, dandelion. These 5 kinds of Chinese traditional medicine take 15 grams each, will all medicinal material crosses bath first; Right amount clear water is added in arenaceous boiler, medicinal material decoction is joined after water leaves, boil tasty of juice of the soup after boiling can flameout. Take the place of next tea drink. The effect of clear hot detoxify is particularly good. Daily, blain of the blain after a week can be eliminated.

3, in vain vinegar + salt

In joining half spoon white vinegar one spoon salt, add bit of cold boiled water again next, when salt melts entirely; Use make up cotton goes dipping in the liquid that takes this mix up, make up after quilt is soaked completely, apply is in the place of blain having blain. Everyday apply, hold on to effect of dispel blain blain so very effective, return can beautiful white skin at the same time.

4, ginger of the acetic Chinese flowering quince that boil

Prepare mature vinegar 100 milliliter, papaya 60 grams, ginger 9 grams. Put the decoction in earthenware pot together, when vinegar is boiled when working, take papaya, ginger, place tepid OK edible. Do everyday, cent time takes 2 times. Eat 7 days repeatedly, blain blain with respect to can apparent subsidise.

5, gram

100 grams gram grinds a few warm boiled water is added after account of delicate last stage, agitate is become equably mushy hind in packing container, reserve. Before after washing gargle every night, sleeping, wipe equably on gram frost, massage gently 10, 20 minutes. Hold to 1-2 month can heal.

6, cordate houttuynia water

After rinsing cordate houttuynia of about 5 money, put in water to immerse completely 4 hours. 1-2 of reoccupy conflagration boil minute. Cool hind can drink. Interval drinks a bowl 6 hours, dregs of a decoction can be used wash a face. Dispel blain effect is very fast, during using drug, diet raw or cold food, acrimony, fat, diet of taste empty weak.

7, cucumber juice and in vain vinegar

After washing a face with Wen Shui first, fresh cucumber juice and white vinegar mix reoccupy smooth daub is in affected part, a day 3, after about 10 minutes abluent, insist to use half moon can heal.

8, yoghurt + pearl powder goes blain imprints

Go right amount pearl powder, enter next a few yoghurt an agitate, then, even ground daub is in the place that blain imprints, after awaiting 20 minutes, with Qing Dynasty bath goes. Use 7 days continuously, can improve blain effectively to imprint.

9, aloe can go blain imprints

Take flay of aloe of one small cut, pound aloe flesh mushy, joining a few pearl powder an agitate, next daub has blain to imprint on the face place, after awaiting 15 minutes, with Qing Dynasty bath goes. Insist to use a week, the blain on meeting discovery face imprints decreasing apparently!

The small doohickey of dispel blain is more still, besides above a few kinds of the introduction beyond still have a lot of methods, use honeysuckle decoct juice for instance, tu Yu affected part, very good result also reachs since the meeting, grow the youth of blain blain to must take seriously, serious treatment, pass when adolescence otherwise, blain stays to imprint on the face not good-looking.

2, the harm of blain blain

One, not seasonable cure can produce pustule, pustule is the further progress of phlogistic sex papula, aggravating, after this kind of circumstance, form scar very easily, basically be cave sexual scar.

2, generation atheroma, on the foundation of cyst, all things inside wool bursa sebaceous glands, gradually dry, inflammation is reduced, form material of appearance of fat sex residue from bean after making soya-bean milk, power of leather bursa internal pressure is too great, can produce alveolus in the surface.

3, the meeting when blain blain is serious forms black head blain, inside wool bursa sebaceous glands, corneous content and leather fat jam, mouth place and environment are same, form development sex blain, the surface is greatly small macula it seems that.

4, produce gules tubercle, inside wool bursa sebaceous glands, many corneous other people, leather fat, purulent cell puts store, make structure of wool bursa sebaceous glands is destroyed, and form tower above the red at skin surface is nodal. Base has apparent soak, tide is red, touch have tenderness.

5, blain blain is not treated can form papule, wool bursa sebaceous glands mouth, below the circumstance that jam, form wool bursa sebaceous glands inside, anoxic environment, acerbity bacili of anaerobic acne third, a large number of breed, decompose leather fat, produce chemical hasten to change factor, leucocyte gathers, and produce inflammation sex papula, so this kind of papula belongs to phlogistic sex to damage.

6, produce hoary head blain, as contrary as black head, not as identical as the outside, form close sexual blain, it is the hoary head with protuberant in a way it seems that.

7, serious when form cyst, a large number of pus cells inside wool bursa assemble, already fat of body of incomplete of purulent fluid, bacterium, skin and horn change thing, have inflammation soak again. Destroy structure of wool bursa sebaceous glands completely, crowded go out to already blood has pus again.