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Is autumn winter skin dry what filling water to have? What does food of autumnal filling water have?

A lot of people can appear after entering the autumn the circumstance with dry skin, and the measure that a lot of people understand regular meeting to adopt when facing the situation with dry skin eats a few food that can help filling water namely. But it most person is not clear about what food is OK that most person is not clear about what food filling water alleviates the skin is dry, so is autumn winter skin dry what filling water to have? What does food of autumnal filling water have?

Is autumn winter skin dry what filling water to have? What does food of autumnal filling water have? (1)

1, autumn skin is dry what to eat

TOP1, milk

Milk is the skin in the late evening most the food that like. It can improve skin cell vivid jerk, have defer the skin old and weak, heighten skin tension, remove the effect such as minor lines.

TOP2, skin

Skin is the food that contains a lot ofcollagen albumen and stretch albumen. Collagen albumen can make the cell becomes full, thereby plentiful skin, reduce wrinkle; Stretch albumen can add skin flexibility.

TOP3, cucumber

After cucumber extracts juice but apply face, also can serve as make up water is used, can composed skin, antiphlogistic beauty is white.

TOP4, on the west orchid

On the west C of rich vitamin A, vitamin and carotene are contained in orchid, can enhance cutaneous to fight scathing ability, still conduce to preserve skin flexibility.

TOP5, tomato

Gong Suyou aids contained tomato to make the same score new wrinkle at exhibiting, make the skin delicate and smooth. An experiment discovers, often have tomato, appear not easily still black rim of the eye, and be basked in not easily.

TOP6, watermelon

Extract the white pulp of watermelon juice to be able to serve as make up water, after knead dough pink is harmonic but present film is used, can make skin water tender smooth.

TOP7, yangtao

Yangtao contains a lot ofvitamin E, can disturb black pigment inherent, precautionary pigment is ad cool-headed, maintain the skin fair and clear, conduce to eliminate the skin to go up already the stain such as some stain.

TOP8, water turnip

Water turnip water content 95.3% . Water turnip suits Chun Xia to eat very much, it is had sweet the quality of a material with hot taste, bright-coloured color and fragile bright, suit to mix together with other vegetable very much salad eats.

TOP9, green pepper

Green pepper water content 93.9% . All bright chili contain a large number of moisture content, especially green pepper. It includes refuse oxidation class status not as little as other chili.

TOP10, cauliflower

Cauliflower water content 92.1% . A research 2012 discovers, vegetable of the mustard family, especially cauliflower, can reduce meet with effectively to have the risk of breast cancer.

TOP11, carambola

Carambola water content 91.4% . Carambola belongs to intertropical fruit, water content is rich, mouthfeel is similar pineapple. Contain a lot ofa variety of antioxidant, beneficial heart is healthy. Because Yang Tao is careless acid content is high, nephrosis patient should eat less.

TOP12, strawberry

Strawberry water content 91% . Strawberry is the filling water bacca that had better eat the most easily. Strawberry can join an edible in yoghurt, conduce to compensatory and prandial fiber, beneficial giving birth to bacterium and protein, it is the superexcellent food after motion.

TOP13, celery

Celery water content 95.4% . The energy of celery is very low, but the appetite that a large number of moisture content that it contains and prandial fiber can restrain a person effectively.

TOP14, lemon

After lemon extracts juice but with its he feeds material to mediate apply is used, avoid direct apply to be on the face, beautiful white effect exceeds actor.

TOP15, grape

Reach grape gross pulp one case dolly, join a few delicacy to suckle apply to be in facial ministry, can prevent skin ageing.

2, harm cutaneous food

1, coke wait for soda water

The expert thinks, carbonic acid coke is harmful to the skin. Coke is weak acid and the mixture of a large number of candy, syrup of corn of tall pH indicator is harmful to the skin, it still can destroy tooth and skeleton.

2, alcohol

Drink, still require a look before you leap. Alcohol is a kind of diuretic, bring about humoral decrease, make your body deprivation of body fluids. The moisture that you lose is more, your skin also is met even more dry even inflammation, bring about ahead of schedule anile. Of course, drink to be not had to health appropriately hinder, female everyday most a cup, the male is most two cups.

3, coffee

Drink everyday 2 can stimulate hypophysis to 3 cups of coffee -- adrenal coriaceous reaction, increase the Xie Pi inside our body to pledge, and redundant coriaceous alcohol is one kind should stimulate hormone, can accelerate ageing process, make skin dehydrate, pale heavy, attenuate, add microgroove and wrinkle. So, had better reduce coffee drink amount, replace with tea appropriately.

4, chips

Chips returns form mediumly adipose make you add fertilizer not only, return circulation of blood of meeting slow down, bring about pore to jam generation acne. Return form adipose it is a kind of toxin, on the skin that can be mirrorred in you.

5, dairy produce

Dairy produce is pure from dispute often feeds capable person goodly for nutrition, but if often excessive edible or drinkable cheese, butter, milk if, stimulate the hormone inside body very easily to secrete, affect the result of beautiful skin. Additional, the view thinks excessive absorbs dairy produce also is to bring about secrete the reason with occurrence furrow, accordingly, dairy produce attention is right amount absorb, nutrition of ability give attention to two or morethings and beautiful skin.

6, in vain saccharic

Tall sweet content is one of prime criminal that cause acne problem the most easily, if like to drink,be the coffee that add candy, probably you should give up this undesirable habit. Besides, if you still are used to eating sweetmeat to perhaps add candy in daily dish, should notice Buddhist monastic discipline is dropped more become with sweetmeat the defect of snacks, be in cooking when the quantity that notices control puts Bai Sha sugar.

7, treatment food

The treatment provision that contains a large number of additive agent for food is to bring about pore to jam, one of reasons of skin ageing, mean beautiful skin, still ought to be far from treatment food, eating fresh vegetable, fruit more just is kingcraft.

8, crustacean food

No matter be shrimp, crab or langouste, iodine is contained a lot ofnormally in sea product, and outside metabolizing iodicly not to adopt enteron eduction system normally, come through sebaceous glands however eduction, so if iodine is absorbed overmuch, bring about pore very easily to jam, occurrence acne.