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When is chamfer used character? When does chamfer use the effect character best?

Chamfer is very important at ordinary times character, the corneous need that goes up with the body on our face undertakes cleanness regularly, corneous accumulation is otherwise large can cause problem of a few skins. The product with simple chamfer divides the ministry that it is a face and body, the chamfer simple product that everybody can select to differ in the light of different position, a lot of people like in the late evening when chamfer is qualitative, so, when does chamfer use the effect character best?

When is chamfer used character? When does chamfer use the effect character best? (1)


1, summer chamfer pledges


The time with quality chamfer does not want summer too frequent, qualitative 1~2 of a week chamfer second can. Finish after chamfer is qualitative, want to had done filling water to keep wet job instantly, do not bask immediately as far as possible, the skin that because just finished,chamfer works character is thinner, flimsier also, need to be protected well. Summer, corneous layer changes the whole body from the face, elbow, knee, high heel is waited a moment, if be not treated well, those beautiful summer wear can let a person flinch only. The chamfer simple method that goes up than the face, the chamfer of the body is having the method with a lot of different specific aim however character.


2, chamfer qualitative technique is very main


When purify is facial and corneous, gimmick must gentle, otherwise may film of gall skin fat, make the skin becomes extremely flimsy. The key place with facial quality chamfer should be an oil the T place with more, bulky pore. The skin most ministry of the most delicate eye week, lip, and the place that contains cut, allergic, agnail, cannot wipe chamfer simple product in order to besmear.


3, choice chamfer simple product


A lot of people feel chamfer pledges the size of the effect and grain becomes direct ratio, actually otherwise. The position with the corneous only larger layer such as elbow, knee, calcaneal, suit to use the product with thicker grain. The place with the exquisite skin such as arm, ham, if use the chamfer simple product of big grain, meet instead injury and skin. Additional, summer the exudation of sweat fluid and grease is more, the product with exquisite grain more can thorough pore, purify bilge.


4, do not exceed 2 times every week


The sebaceous glands in body skin is about 7 times less than facial ministry skin, the position such as leg ministry, arm and elbow is accordingly cushier " lack water " , ageing cutin is more also. Generally speaking, the newer cycle of skin cell is 28 days, but if skin is short of the sentence with dull water, this process can slow. At that time, be about " factitious chamfer is qualitative " . But, chamfer is qualitative also cannot too frequent. Because corneous layer has,protect wet with the function that prevents ultraviolet ray, excessive chamfer can bring other skin to perplex instead character. Cannot exceed 2 times at most every week commonly.


5, chamfer simple product cannot be mixed with


Because sebaceous glands and itself ply are different, facial ministry and the chamfer that the body skins ought to choose the product that has specific aim character. The body skins especially leg ministry, arm and elbow place are particularly easy and dry, and the need; that the chamfer of facial ministry pledges the product satisfies the body very hard to nurse on the other hand, facial ministry skin is more exquisite than body skin, more sensitive, because this body goes in corneous product,thicker grain causes harm likely to its.


6, when body chamfer bathes character, undertake


Immerse 10 minutes first when shower, let cutin slowly bate, reassume went corneous product, with handle gently light knead, the ageing cutin that can get on the body is cleared. What must notice is, water is warm cannot exorbitant, master in 40 ℃ left and right sides about, a bit more tallish than temperature can. Because water is warm once exorbitant, the oil that can let skin surface is much prediction of a person's luck in a given year, make skin becomes dry thereby. Go after cutin, the had convergent pore effect sparge and so on on OK and proper gush, the effect will be better.


7, the advantage with qualitative chamfer


(1) improves skin problem

Fixed chamfer can help significant improvement character splash, color of skin is dark sink to skin etc problem. Corneous layer is the place that melanin collects, connect past cutin, the cutin that will contain melanin can restore Bai Xi to skin after take out, also can leave color of skin is dark heavy, color of skin all does not wait a problem a moment.

(2) stimulative alimentation

Pledge through chamfer can will enclothe the ageing cell in skin surface layer, coarse cutin one by one take out, skin nature appears delicate and smooth simple sense, after pore is jammed by bilge no longer, can help more absorb maintain tasted nutrition.

(3) promotes blood circularly

Through going cutin still can help circulation of stimulative cutaneous blood and metabolism. Want to know those who form to corneous layer is dead skin cell, new student rate of the cell is slower, the dead skin that piles up to go up in the face is more, through promoting blood the loop can quicken cellular metabolism, make the skin natural hold white luster position.

(4) skin increases breathe freely

An advantage with qualitative chamfer can let the skin breathe freely better namely. Corneous layer does not have method to fall off quickly when body metabolization is slow, because jam,accumulation brings about skin pore very easily in skin surface layer cannot have breath and appear all sorts of skin problems. Chamfer is qualitative can will jam the redundant and corneous purify of pore, let pore stretch, the skin can breathe freely.