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What to protect skin to taste beautiful white composition to have? Beautiful white material is there?

Skin beauty is a kind of when friend of a lot of females goes after all the time target that protect skin in vain, the skin that how lets oneself becomes white fair-skinned? Besides inside besides tone, still need to use the beautiful white product of a few external use, so, what to protect skin to taste beautiful white composition to have? Beautiful white material is there? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up those who will read an article to solve, learn together.

What to protect skin to taste beautiful white composition to have? Beautiful white material is there? (1)

1, classical beautiful white composition

As beautiful white product all along advocate make part, having a few is to fight even knit, refuse oxidation, beauty's white all-pervasive star class status: Amine of acyl of vitamin C and its ramification, smoke, ursine Guo Gan, fruit is acerbity.

Vitamin C and its ramification who are they?

Vitamin C salt kind, ester changes the vitamin C ramification such as dextrose glucoside of vitamin C, vitamin C, stability is better than vitamin C, excitant smaller also.

What can they do to the skin?

After C ramification is absorbed through the skin, dimension is changed into vitamin C, play fights oxidation, cleared freedom base action. Its beauty white mechanism basically is reductive oxidisability Hei Suwei achromatic reproducibility is black element, also can restrain the active with cheese ammonia enzymatic acid at the same time.

Regard old brand beauty as white composition, vitamin C and its ramification not only beautiful white effect is apparent, still can stimulate fiber cell to synthesize collagen albumen, help collagen albumen forms 3 helix structure. Can saying is one of complete star composition.

Smoke acyl amine who is it?

Smoke acyl amine also calls a vitamin B3, the young member that is stability of a kind of water-solubility measures material, can cross corneous layer quickly.

What can it do to the skin?

Composition of an all-round star: Can improve function of cutaneous protective screen, reduce classics skin to dehydrate rate; Restrain black element small system to transfer cutin to form a cell from pigment cell, restrain black element to carry a channel, reduce deposit of facial erythema, pigment; Prevent protein to be not enzymatic saccharify, improve the condition with facial yellow hair; Albumen of stimulative derma collagen and adjust the content of sticky polysaccharide in derma, reduce wrinkle; Through reducing the exudation of grease, reduce pore to make skin grain exquisite and smooth.

Ursine Guo Gan who is it?

In the plant such as Chinese cabbage of cliff of Xiong Guo of consist in of ursine fruit glucoside, thick leaf, cowberry, at present main origin avenue is organic synthesis. Structure of element of ursine fruit glucoside belongs to pair of benzene 2 phenolic ramification, among them earthly foreign matter part is pair of benzene 2 phenol.

What can it do to the skin?

Ursine Guo Gan falls in the chroma that does not have cellular noxiousness can restrain enzymatic active of cheese ammonia acid, block is broken much cling to, much cling to the synthesis of Kun, reduce the formation of black element.

Is fruit acerbity who are they?


Fruit is acerbity (HydroxAlphaHydroxHydroxyAcids, α - hydroxyl is acerbity, abbreviation AHAs) , it is all sorts of organic acid that extract from inside the fruit, a variety of natural fruits mix consist in in yoghurt, include acid of acid of pleasant alcoholic acid, grape, apple acid, orange and lactic acid to wait. The pleasant alcoholic acid that abstracts in sugar cane oneself is a amount of the element in fruit acid is the smallest kind, easy penetrable skin, because this receives wide application.

What can they do to the skin?

When when fruit acid PH value is equal to or be less than its PKa, they can promote cutin to fall off rise to adjust the intention that cutin changes. When fruit acid PH is worth basically is to fight anile action when on the high side. The action mechanism of fruit acid considers as commonly through reducing the adhesion between the cell, accelerate the desquamation of cuticular cell and newer rate. Fruit acid is ad cool-headed to pigment have better effect, can make pigment ad cool-headed become weak, spot mark becomes shallow. Fruit acid still can stimulate the expression of skin collagen albumen, it is certain to have fight knit action.

Beautiful white nova

As the ceaseless development that studies to protecting skin to taste composition, more and more new class status are disentombed to come out, have those who become all-pervasive star not less to go among them qualitative. < personal amidine is decided, 11 carbolic Xi dextrose of acid of ammonia of third of acyl radical benzene, N- acetyl gold of pistil of amine, phenanthrene collect >

Who is personal amidine decides it?

Personal amidine is decided (Hexamidine) reach its salt kind be used as to fight fungus agent on the tradition (the biggest allow to use chroma to be 0.1% ) , have application early in cosmetic.

What can it do to the skin?

Pro-X protects the newest research of academy of skin science and technology to show, hexamidine is divided have the effect that fight bacterium, still have a help to restore the function of function of skin protective screen, it promotes action of skin protective screen likely the expression of relevant gene (for example the expression of smoke acyl amine) , make the skin maintains good water content thereby, have lock water to protect wet effect. Additional, action of perfect skin protective screen, not only the likelihood conduces to the United States white, also conduce to antagonism skin flabby.

11 carbolic Xi is ammonia of third of acyl radical benzene acerbity who is it?

11 carbolic Xi ammonia of third of acyl radical benzene is acerbity (SepiwhiteMSH) , among them MSH is hormone of thorn of cell of Melanocyte-stimulatinghormo-ne black element) abbreviate.

What can it do to the skin?

SepiwhiteMSH is α - the structural likeness of MSH, go up through cell of emulative union black element black element stimulates element to suffer body MC1-R, nigrify element cell does not have a law to produce cheese ammonia acid enzymatic, restrain active of black element cell thereby, reduce black element generate. Show according to a few clinical trials, sepiwhiteMSH can reduce pigment really ad cool-headed and formation stain.

N- acetyl dextrose amine who is it?

N- acetyl dextrose amine (NAG) the N- acetyl ramification that is Pu candy amine. It is with Pu candy aldehydic acid transparent the monomer of qualitative acid, also be the aggregate monomer of carapace element.

What can it do to the skin?

NAG is considered as a kind to keep wet part efficiently commonly, achieve beautiful white result through promoting cutaneous hydration function. Nevertheless NAG itself also is had to control the function of enzymatic active of cheese ammonia acid by discovery, and can rise to similar fruit layer of adhesion of cell of acid adjustment cutin, stimulative cutin comes off the action of normalization. Synergism can reduce 2%NAG and smoke acyl amine local pigment is ad cool-headed.

Gold of phenanthrene collect pistil who is it?

Gold of phenanthrene collect pistil (Phlorogine) be cry from a kind " sea sugar cane " the extraction in brown alga comes out.

What can it do to the skin?

Foregone it has a skin fat adjustment action, the likelihood is had fight phlogistic sex. The effect of splash of before clinical trial shows the lacteal frostlike powder that contains 1%Phlorogine is being used 4 weeks of ministries opposite side is more apparent than amine of 5% smoke acyl, although use 8 week hind effect of amine of 5% smoke acyl is more apparent, but 1%Phlorogine still has apparent dispel spot effect.

2, the skin protects wet skill

(1) vegetables and fruits fills water law

Vegetables and fruits is most the filling water method of nutrient health, qiudong during, can eat more a few on the west the vegetable such as orchid, lettuce, cucumber, still have the fruit of a few filling water of course, be like pomegranate, grape, apple, these vegetables and fruits can be compensatory skin water portion, still conduce to at the same time preserve skin flexibility, let dry Qiu Dong skin same water embellish is not decreased. Reveal a little secret incidentally, lettuce still can use face of the apply that extract juice, can rise to send pore closely, the action of moist skin.

(Face of apply of oar of 2) Xian Dou

Everyday delicacy extracts a soya-bean milk, in the soya-bean milk that extracts dip of graininess Facial mask paper in delicacy next, take out have apply side, about 15~20 minute can, with respect to can clear sense skin becomes after a week more water embellish. Of course, the residue from bean after making soya-bean milk that extracts soya-bean milk also can be used rise, use chamfer to pledge, can let skin become more burnish.

(3) is pure water is protected wet

Autumn climate portion of dry, cutaneous water evaporates grow in quantity, skin meeting occurrence hair works, when daub protects skin to taste aculeate keenly feel, we can try to undertake cold compress with clean water below this kind of circumstance. Besides can alleviate outside the symptom with dry skin, hold to a week 3~4 second, the skin that can make you is smooth water embellish.