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What does the method that relaxed dispel blain imprints have? What method is light dispel blain?

Blain imprints is the appearance that affects his exceedingly, if there is blain to imprint on the face, always want to seek the means that various dispel blain imprint, but, the method that no matter try those who how much cross to go,blain imprints, seem to do not have what effect, do then you know the life is medium after all what go the method that blain imprints fast effective? Below, provide body introduction to everybody.

What does the method that relaxed dispel blain imprints have? What method is light dispel blain? (1)

1, the method that dispel blain imprints

1, mineral water adds white sugar

Mineral water is the good thing of hairdressing, because contain a lot ofmicroelement among them, as long as add into a few white saccharic mixture agitate in mineral water, take the place that there is blain to imprint on the face with the hand next, imprint in blain at the same time on hit a circle to massage, hold to left and right sides of a week to be able to see the effect.

2, strawberry yoghurt Facial mask

Strawberry yoghurt itself is OK chamfer is qualitative, in the meantime, also can help go imprinting, still have very good calm effect, mural remain wipes the yoghurt container that drinks to go up in the face equably, make an appointment with 5-6 minute, after the skin is absorbed completely reoccupy rinses abluent can, the attention does not use the water with higher temperature, because be met sometimes,also washed Facial mask.

3, should not use grind arenaceous cream

Allergic skin scarcely wants to use grind arenaceous cream, because can stimulate the skin of skin, so when growing blain blain, skin will be very sensitive, grind arenaceous cream often can transfer the skin of exciting skin, the aggravation skin in inflammation, also can stimulate the exudation of sebaceous glands at the same time, those who bring about a circumstance to change is worse.

4, abstain malic area area film

The apple has the effect of beautiful Bai Runfu, what nevertheless everybody does not know is, it still is had go the action that blain imprints, take new malic section, put into boiled water, when apple piece molten can be taken, cold hind, apply is in the place that blain imprints, get off after 15 minutes, a week hind can see the effect.

5, algal film

This method is really super good with substantial, want to buy film of face of a bag of algal grain to cosmetic inn only, mediate with water, very convenient. Every 2 days are made can.

6, oaten gel

There is a kind of scarce semi-manufactured goods that protect skin on the market, oaten gel to going blain Yin Fei often has the effect, oaten have to skin slow repair action, gel of Dan Yan wheat is more expensive, can buy those who have oaten part to protect skin to taste also can have the effect.

7, potato chips goes blain imprints law

This is very suffer those who like go blain imprints method, when making potato every time, can take the chance to go blain imprints.

8, pearl powder adds gallinaceous egg white

This self-restrained Facial mask is opposite not only go blain imprints have very good effect, still the United States defends wet action in vain, the method is very simple, take right amount pearl powder to be put into the bowl, join egg Qing Dynasty, mix is even, apply is in facial ministry, after waiting for 15 minutes, wash clean, use for a long time, you imprint with respect to the blain that can discover you disappeared.

9, yoghurt goes blain imprints law

This is a very simple method, but need holds to for a long time. Yoghurt as far as possible low fat is defatted perhaps, avoid nutrient to produce adipose bead too much.

10, ginger piece stick a face

Before sleeping in the evening everyday ginger section, if the blain on the face imprints, can cut more a few, if have ginger juice,notice ginger the sort of, had better be fresh ginger, brush gently next knead blain to imprint scar place, granulation organization can be restrained to continue to grow after ginger section. The place that stuck ginger till the feeling is a little burning can. Insist to go to two weeks, the effect is apparent. This method is natural and simple, be worth to try.

2, go blain imprints note

The first, the attention is clean facial

After occurrence blain imprints, should hour vigilance cutaneous is clean, after occurrence blain of some patients skin imprints, did not clear the skin, right now blain imprints place can have bacterium and dust, deepened the color that blain imprints, accompanying grease possibly still to secrete at the same time and appear the circumstance that blain blain grows repeatedly, suggest everybody is reached in the morning everyday go out come back should seasonable clean skin, notice water is warm even at the same time, avoid to cause stimulation to skin organization.

The 2nd, notice food is discharged poisonous

The patient that occurrence blain blain and blain imprint still should notice diet is healthy at ordinary times, prevent the toxin deposit inside the body, avoid the circumstance with constipation and disorder endocrine to happen especially, the patient should eat bit of fruit vegetable more at ordinary times, the vitamin C that OK still and compensatory skin needs reachs moisture, discharging poison to diminish inflammation also is very advantageous.

The 3rd, attention the skin nurses

The circumstance that the need after cutaneous protects behoove to should notice to washing a face imprints according to blain chooses to medication differently, if not serious word, can imprint in blain with a few vegetable apply darker place, if use cucumber, potato to wait, can have desalt spot mark and beautiful white effect.