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How even color of skin? How to adjust color of skin?

Color of skin is inhomogenous also be a kind of common skin problem, perplexing friend of a lot of females, inhomogenous meeting lets color of skin the feeling that the person feels insalubrious, color of skin can affect the Yan Zhi of a person, for inhomogenous to skin person, so, how even color of skin? How to adjust color of skin? Those who read an article will solve below, know the recuperation method with next inhomogenous color of skin together.

How even color of skin? How to adjust color of skin? (1)

1, the method of even color of skin

Beautiful flesh method one: Purify cutin is beautiful skin in vain

Ageing cutin held back skin newborn outlet! Protect skin to taste nutrition to enter do not go, as if on the face wearing a mask. Select simple product of a gentle chamfer, often abandon those who hold back alimentation corporeal purify, again overlay film of a beautiful flour, as long as 15 minutes short can wake up dark heavy color of skin.

Beautiful flesh method 2: Protect wet nurse skin water embellish transparent

Color of skin is white pure, clear it is nowadays beauty Bai Xin concept. How to let skin hold a Bai Xi and water embellish concurrently? After the United States nurses in vain, use to be able to arrive deep the filling water of bottom of skin cutin layer protects wet product to be able to help skin restores water embellish sense, be far from dry. Seem a bean curd, bai Youshui embellish.

Beautiful flesh method 3: Invigorate the circulation of blood of recuperation of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is raised enrage

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, create facial department dark because painstaking effort empty, menstruation is not moved,sinking is wait for body state to cause, reflex a kind of symptom of facial ministry again thereby. Besides should pay close attention to exterior maintain, immanent recuperation also wants to take seriously. The woman that has feature of yellow face mother-in-law is inferior to trying bubble to nod red jujube tea drinkable, it is not only " natural vitamin bolus " beautiful praise, can prevent consenescence, still can improve inadequacy of deficiency of vital energy, anaemic decline is yellow. Ministry letting a face restores color.

Beautiful flesh method 4: Ore energy shows expression

Stone of royal seal of mineral, green jade, it is diamond even. These have the natural ore of magical charm, the power that uses nature wakes up the skin of sleep deeply. For instance, the microelement copper that contains a lot ofin malachite, can repair skin organization, antagonism is free base, restrain melanin precipitation, improve frosting appearance, for skin infuse expression and brightness.

2, the method that hairdressing protects skin

One, fight oxidation, cannot stop momently

Protect skin to taste commonly used fight oxide to counteract freedom radical, slow down skin is anile. The becoming that Liu Yan of the expert that protect skin recommends is red refuse oxidation class status, have Ai De E of C of much phenol of benzene, Q10, grape, dimension, dimension; Very much beautiful skin amounts to a person to divulge he can be taken everyday fight oxide, be like natural cyanine element; Zhan Yozhang of dermatological department doctor emphasizes wanting those who raise the body to fight oxidation force more, had better mix build those who take different sort to fight oxide, differ with resisting in the round phyletic freedom base.

2, energy level organic maintain

Maintain taste a bound another emperor that discharge poison is tasted is " organic maintain article " , by natural and pure protect nurturance to divide, reduce cutaneous burden. European each country has different attestation level to its, become minute of attestation to pursuit from edaphic attestation, the requirement joins bottle now implement also want to be able to be decomposed by soil, include a brand to want to use environmental protection to presswork even printing ink is waited a moment. With organic maintain when tasting, body and mind is met free from worry, you can begin from fragrance, identify ingredient is natural, normally natural flavour cannot be achieved hundred send a gender, it is akin rose, the time that because collect,receives possibly and seasonal difference and differ somewhat, good opening is sealed as soon as possible after remembering bottle sniffing scent, lest contact air,make fragrance becomes weak.

3, be apt to uses a poison small a magic weapon

1. makes up water casts grind a way: After clean face, with cotton piece dip in sufficient make up water, dab on the face, the attention lets cotton piece and there is measurable attrition between the skin, resembling is to be the ground like crockery polish, water fills by the side of, edge abrasion is redundant and corneous, make water of skin returning softness tender.

2. massages 1 minute: This is seasonal, 1 minute is done to massage more before going out. Quality of a material fights oxidation cream full-bodiedly can will fight oxide to be enclothed thick and fast in skin surface, form a diaphragm, after whole face is pushed equably, with the palm large area is driven the cheek, forehead, chin and cervical, have wake skin and the effect that accelerate toxin eduction. Do everyday have a result, expensive holding to.