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What kind of skin color of skin is healthy? What does the element with influence qualitative skin have?

Everybody body cutaneous color of skin is different, of the Bai Xi of the color of skin of some people, the color of skin of some people is dark yellow, some people are pitch-black, it is the color of skin of what color without giving thought to actually, healthy body types or forms of literature is a foundation, so, what kind of skin color of skin is healthy? What does the element with influence qualitative skin have? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up look.

What kind of skin color of skin is healthy? What does the element with influence qualitative skin have? (1)

1, the cause that affects color of skin

The thickness of layer of skin skin cutin. Corneous layer is thick, color of skin slants yellow; Grain layer and hyaline layer are thick, color of skin is shown white; Circulation of dermal layer blood is adequate, the skin can look ruddier; If skin surface has cave, rough whole, color of skin shows blueness.

Melanin. Melanin arises by melanin cell, it is the black brown that makes hair and skin chromatic or cinnamon pigment. The black of skin color moves depth and melanin be closely bound up. Also be the main reason that causes skin color change.

Endocrine. Endocrine basically comes true through coming to the influence of melanin to the influence of color of skin. Estrogen also can stimulate melanin cell to secrete melanin, the transfer that progestational hormone promotes melanin and diffuse, the result of both combined action makes gravid woman appears apparent pigment is ad cool-headed- - gravid spot.

Nutrition. All sorts of metabolization processes inside human body, include pigment to metabolize inside to all be concerned with nutrition. For example, vitamin C can make the brunet oxidation child that make type reductive in black element metabolization, make pigment turns thereby weak. Vitamin A lack causes wool bursa horn to change excessive cause pigment ad cool-headed. Nicotinic acid lack can feel to photosensitive and appear pigment is ad cool-headed. Microelement also has very big effect in black element metabolization, mix with cupreous ion among them zincic ion outbalance. In addition, a few heavy metal, wait like arsenic, button, silver-colored, gold, can through enhancing the active with cheese ammonia enzymatic acid nigrify element is generated increase, cause skin pigment ad cool-headed.

2, the understanding about color of skin

What kind of skin ability is healthy, is the color of skin when carrying healthy normal state what kind of?

Limitting to healthy cutaneous on medicine is: 1, the grain that has clarity and ply 2, have even color of skin (the color of skin that fluctuates all over is very even) 3, have enough water portion and oil, water oil is balanced 4, withy bouncy give red fully from the nature in skin, common says " Bai Li is fully red " .

Brush the United States to protect skin to taste in vain every day why to return not white? How beautiful Bai Cai is effective?

Weekly 1-2 second chamfer is qualitative, film of weekly 1-2 Zhang Meibai face. Cooperate edible to contain the food of vitamin C, be like lemon, yangtao. No matter be outdoor,still should have done indoors prevent bask in, special avoid computer radiate indoors, the ultraviolet ray of fluorescent lamp is polluted. If because be used inherently hereditarily,have healthy color of skin, then we accept the color of skin with our original human body well, rangmeibai protects skin to taste a needle to bright, local dark sink to solve a problem.

Does blain scar, blain imprint it is OK to rely on beautiful white product only by complete purify?

Finish make up after water, with beautiful Bai Jinghua fluid is massaged, reoccupy makes up later cotton apply is in the place that blain imprints, after holding to, blain imprints can eliminate gradually. Additional, lavender essence oil also has the effect of desalt scar. If had formed the small hole of concave side,use beautiful white product harder to go thoroughly besides. Whether can be beautiful white product accomplished and the beautiful white effect like medical hairdressing that is to need longer importunate to use certainly, reach cooperate correct daily habits and customs. Medical hairdressing shows effect faster, but also existing risk, opposite beautiful white product is safer, but certain need insists to use add massage.

Want complete dispel spot, fear problem of skin of allergic occurrence more again, true OK and safe dispel stain? How does sensitive flesh want the United States white?

Whether can why does main be decided by plant complete dispel stain then stain, for instance fleck is come because of heredity, eradicate completely without method basically. Although do laser dispel spot, short when inside can dispel but because the action of genetic gene is,still can have fleck generation again. If that is to bask in spot, shading, because multiple element is affected,Chloasma is, be like endocrinopathy, new city metabolization slows, take certain pharmaceuticals (wait like prophylactic) , illuminate of long-term exceeding ultraviolet ray, the mistake uses the cosmetic generation that brings about stain. Above all, choose what do not contain the harmful material such as hormone, lead, mercury certainly " frost of spot of quick result dispel " beautiful white product, side effect is very much, serious when can bring about destroy a look. The 2nd, must want to had been done prevent bask in, insolation can make melanin active increases cause increase of content of black element of cuticular base layer, produce splash thereby. And the active ingredient in a lot of beautiful white product has dread light this one characteristic, after days uses ideal white product, must do sufficient prevent bask in and complement at any time. Finally, protect wet also be dispel spot most foundation one pace, maintain good state of mind, enough sleep, inside and outside is united in wedlock " dispel spot " .

Does use meeting let beautiful white product does skin become dry?

The answer is negative, beautiful white product was added more keep wet part, if you still fear to keep the word with wet insufficient strength, the beauty can choose to protect the cream of wet double effect in vain after elite.

3, allergic reason introduction

, change garments according to the season brings about facial ministry allergy

The as a result of external environment rapid change when change garments according to the season, the skin cannot suit completely, bring about occurrence blain of facial ministry allergy. Occurrence allergy phenomenon is mostly it is drying skin, the skin lacks water for a long time, be affected very easily by fresh gale soup. The season that exchanges in season so should notice individual skin pledges nurse when peace, or sensitivity skin contacted the allergic source in air to bring about the allergy on the face.

2, cosmetic is unwell bring about facial ministry allergic

The person itself that sensitivity skins is easy and allergic, if choose cosmetic uses allergy of long on the face blain carelessly, return the red and scratchy phenomenon on meeting occurrence face badly. And some people are in the covet when choosing cosmetic is cheap, used a few contain part of exciting cutaneous chemistry. Bring about facial ministry allergy easily also after use.

3, endocrinopathy brings about facial ministry allergic

Long-term and undesirable work and rest or undesirable habits and customs, bring about the endocrinopathy of the body easily, often work overtime for instance salary, stay up late get online etc destroy the equilibrium with original airframe, cause secrete maladjusted hormone level to be mirrorred on the face to be able to form allergy mussily.