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What reason is different position long blain? The blain blain of different position how take out?

When very much schoolgirl stays up late, there can be the generation of blain blain on the face, different person has the blain of different position, when there is blain blain on his face, , ah oh notice dispel blain, want to know the reason of blain blain above all when astounded, so differ after all what reason is place long blain? The blain blain of different position how take out? Everybody introduction is below.

What reason is different position long blain? The blain blain of different position how take out? (1)

1, the reason that different place grows blain

Always be very easy on the schoolgirl's face long blain, and it is via often can be in inside period of time, in same the place appears repeatedly, is this why? Fight blain to know surely, different place place grows blain reason to be decoded greatly on the face.

I know nobody can accomplish the bone of jade glacial flesh in fokelore to blow play can defeat, in that way peerlessly beautiful appearance can consist in shoots vulture newly of hemp at hemp in, when looking at Li Mo anxious to nod blain blain toward him face, think spank is burnt really, complains what enemy you are about to come suggestive my blain.

Cough, too violent and bad, grow blain easily. Are you always in same place to grow blain? Is oil of tea tree essence also pressed? Mulberry of good care of deposit of pigment of with the passage of time. Come, we discuss today below, why this blain blain admits granted land of these a few geomantic treasure on your face.

Good, put the hand that still feeling a face, nodding bit of mouse to read below one page just is serious issue!

[forehead area]

Pressure -- consider to make clear, when pressure greatens, the blain blain that the body appears can appear the first times in forehead and cheek, because become busy when the life,this is when, the body can release more coriaceous alcohol, and the main reason that this brings about blain blain to erupt namely. So, although work overtime again much, the life is again busy, also want to remember be being loosened to him time, also do not let busy job reduce your time that protect skin, come home again late also must discharge makeup.

Hair product -- self-criticism issues him to use wax, fixature often recently, acquire the product such as baking powder. These also are the culprits that cause hair boundary line to grow blain likely very. In the meantime, too alimentary shampoo creams, protect hair vegetable very possible also remain is all round hair boundary line, they can be a burden not merely to what the skin brings.

Digestion -- in theory of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, the area just in time with forehead right place is forehead, if you ate too much rubbish food recently,perhaps weigh taste food so, these blain blain are probable also the intestines and stomach that is you is protesting.

[brow area]

Make up -- because scruple,a lot of people are met when facial chamfer is qualitative eye week and escape brow, but actually over there same meeting accumulation often abandons cutin and remains makeup look. So, ensure your brow got the ministry nurses euqally following a face. If drew eyebrow by day, also must remember careful discharge in the evening makeup.

Glasses -- glasses and the clash that brow produces are not met certainly generation blain, but the bacterium that glasses place carries imagines at you greatly far. It is so when attrition and extruding, skin can receive stimulation very likely, produce blain thereby.

Eyebrow candle -- eyebrow candle is the good helper that repairs camber, but the risk that also brings wool bursa infection likewise. Be over in firm nap so after brow, avoid to use block defect to cream in same area, in order to reduce the risk of infection.

[chin area]

Hormone -- poisonous phase is discharged in the nature of the body when the your department -- than moonish period, you grow a few blain in chin with respect to probable meeting, because cutaneous sebaceous glands got be stimulated hormonally,this is. To this kind of circumstance, can choose a few organic depurative Facial mask comes slow skin.

[two buccal area]

Mobile phone -- earphone is not to be used only commute hear music, picking up the telephone just is its main function! The bacterium that mobile phone place carries can cause the infection of pore and sebaceous glands, imagine a bacterium people on the face that changes you at the same time at the same time by the picture of temperature catalysis! Still need not earphone!

Digestion -- the blain blain with forehead is same, the blain blain overgrow that undeserved food also can let you two buccal, see you do not eat suck to point to raw ingredient chicken everyday even.

[labrum area]

Lipstick -- hey, I did not say to want you to draw a lipstick no longer from now on! I am a hairdressing edit! Just want to tell you, the coloring agent that place of a lot of beautiful lipsticks uses, can cause blackhead and pore jam, so, besmeared beautifully when you rock and roll bright red lip, the discharge that remembers well clean please is dropped.

Hormonal -- same, some females are when period, can be in the trigonometry area between nose, law, labrum grows a blain, remember maintaining the state of mind cheerful good.

Beeswax -- moustache what is true be fed up with, so beeswax takes off labial wool is sacred classic simply, but rip the instantaneous skin that pull loss is inevitable, remember had done enough composed work.

[nose area]

Food -- when you notice the blain blain on nose to you can eat deepfry food in you only, appear? Cyst and black head also are a hypertensive mark. So you need to control the intake of your vitamin B, remember eating vegetable more, exercise.

Smoking -- the habit of smoking can cause lobar function damage, and this also is direct meeting in show all round nose, more do not carry smoking this movement, itself can create the friction that skins to nose ministry.

2, dispel blain is small subtle move

Vaseline dispel blain

With vaseline and penicillin pink 3 move into than the scale of 1 cream shape, use mix up cream account other people, brush growing place of blain blain blain. Can rise to remove the effect of blain.

Glacial towel apply blain blain

Prepare a clean towel, dozen wet hind load last bag after putting iced of freezer in a way, take out direct apply to be in blain blain place, this method although cannot immediately dispel blain, but the diminish inflammation to blain blain, alleviate blain blain is red still have effect very much!

Cactus dispel blain

The if plant,has cactus MM in the home mights as well try this method: Take a small cacti, dissection with the knife next a cut, take out cactus juice next, the place of blain blain grows juice daub on the face, after awaiting 15 minutes, the bath that use Qing Dynasty is clean. Use 3 days of effects that can have fast dispel blain continuously.

Aloe dispel blain

Aloe has the effect of clear hot detoxify. aloe delicacy fluid wipes the place that growing blain, skin of can soft hair, antiphlogistic and acetanilide. OK still juice of aloe of to be taken orally, morning and evening each, every time 10 milliliter.