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What does skin fight anile hang to have? How to avoid skin to grow furrow?

The woman controls what should begin skin to fought consenescence to nurse in 25 years old, need insists to do cutaneous nurses, such ability can see the effect that protects skin, skin can become have furrow, because skin foundation nurses,be did not do good, so, what does skin fight anile hang to have? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up those who will read an article to solve.

What does skin fight anile hang to have? How to avoid skin to grow furrow? (1)

1, skin fights consenescence to nurse

, the most effective fight old shading agent -- beautiful flesh parasol

The harmful UV ray in sunshine can destroy collagen albumen, stretch albumen and DNA, rely on shading to the agent can be absorbed or reflex UV ray, can prevent the skin to appear prematurely furrow, pine breaks down and stain. Prevent basked in skin to become at present the most important defend old method. If still hitting sunshade to feel too seductive in autumn, can change wear a hat also can sunshade.

Choose full effect to defend: Prevent the full effect recipe of UVA and UVB namely. Of SPF20 or above prevent the ability that bask in frost to protect you in autumn, of PA " + " the delegate defends the grade of UVA.

Prevent the give attention to two or morethings that bask in frost to fight oxidation: Add in shading agent refuse oxidation class status, can reduce skin loss, strengthen defend the effect.

Dosage is sufficient: Truly complete defend, about one piece of face should use the amount of one teaspoon. If all the time outdoors, lie between two hours to still need to fill.

Attentive fill brush: To do not get flower makeup look, fill brush prevent when basking in frost, had better squeeze to sponge directly, press on the face gently again.

In advance preparation: If want to go,the seaside goes vacationing, had better shift to an earlier date a week out of service shine skin product. Insist to use by day prevent bask in, accumulate the shading agent in the skin to be able to protect you to be not basked in.

2, fight old all-round king -- vitamin A

Vitamin A and kind vitamin A improves ageing evidence (if furrow, stain, An is heavy, flabby) get effect instantly of it may be said. It can be accelerated metabolic, cleared dead skin, promote deep-seated rehabilitate, increase collagen albumen and stretch albumen, improve haemal circulation, give you good color. Nevertheless, of vitamin A ruinous stronger also, after using easy and dry desquamate, so, after using must breast of daub embellish skin alleviates dry.

Severe anthology pack: Choose aluminous canal or opaque vase, lest light and air affect composition effectiveness.

Distinguish a category: The effect of A of palmy acerbity vitamin or A of linoleic acid vitamin is very finite, although nature is gentle, but want to see the person of the effect is afraid the meeting is disappointed immediately.

Use in the evening: Vitamin A is the bound that protect skin " bloodsucker " , after using, should black out immediately good gracious sleep.

Wipe facial reoccupy: After washing a face with Wen Shui, pore and blood capillary encounter heat, skin absorbs a space to greaten, the product that contains vitamin A so must be on the face of wipe up, absorb too fast can exciting skin otherwise.

It is normal to belong to smartly: Regular meeting has faint thorn keenly feel, if trashy any feelings, explain chroma and effectiveness are insufficient.

All round escape eye ministry: Unless be serious ageing problem, had better not use vitamin A in eye week otherwise.

Strengthen moist: Your need is additional moist, what with alleviating vitamin A brings is dry. For instance on besmear one contains smoke acyl amine or the embellish skin of nerve acyl amine breeds, enhance skin strength, reduce stimulation.

3, repair expert -- fight oxidation composition

Insist to eat fight oxidation provision, side body fights old: Insist to brush fight oxidation composition to protect skin to taste, the skin also is benefited. Beans of vitamin C, green tea, pomegranate, coffee fight oxidation composition to be able to prevent furrow, stain, even skin cancer. They can repair cell injury, freedom radical is changed into harmless material, stimulative collagen albumen is generated, repair cell, desalt stain.

Choose fight oxidation elite fluid: In elite fluid fight oxidation composition chroma very tall, permeate more easily than cream, of course, did not forget Tu Fang basks in frost finally.

Fight oxidation recipe integratedly: Fight oxidation composition differently to defy with different kind freedom radical, buy the product that refuses oxidation class status integratedly so, the effect will be better.

Use by day: Of autumn day maintain, important by day is to prevent bask in fight oxidation, repair again in the evening alimentary. Go out everyday, do not forget use fight oxidation product, let them offer round-the-clock Tuo Tie to protect for you.

2, the skill of filling water of outermost layer of skin

Secret Ji one: Go oil is aimed at T word only place

Gland of grease of T word place is much, grease is secreted exuberant, it is the heavy disaster area of oily dirty. Should be in mainly when cleanness nose ala of forehead, two side and chin place.

Secret Ji 2: Filling water is aimed at pair of buccal place only

The grease gland of double buccal place is very few, it is to do not have almost, because this fills,water is inevitable. Can everyday morning and evening uses bright skin water in the evening especially adscititious and moist latex, in whole face thin scumble later, double buccal place adds a quantity doubly to repeat use.

Secret Ji 3: Choose do not have grease product

The latex certificate that buys to suit him skin to pledge or of shape relaxed model wash protect a product, going glossy while, complement quickly for leather fat film again a large number of moisture, achieve as soon as possible " relaxed and moist not fat " the effect. Make skin is in purify bilge and redundant grease while grease of oneself of skin of can overall adjusting control and moisture, avoid moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year effectively, chain skin water is divided, restrain grease to secrete. The other product that cooperates this series is used, the effect will be better.

Secret Ji 4: Drink water to arrive directly inside body

Drink water everyday 8 cups of above, and do not drink below a few dock-glass, cannot get enough absorption in that way, should divide second drink slowly.

Secret Ji 5: Diligent force does filling water film

Filling surFacial mask is OK DIY, with keep paper of film of surface of wet sparge bubble, apply 15 minutes, apply is over need not wash a face again, tu Shangbao's wet cream can. Also can use protect bedew of water of wet bright skin to make up cotton, apply 15 minutes.