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How to let oneself keep beautiful at any time? How does preserve one's health become beautiful?

Beautiful is to build on healthy body, if your body is insalubrious, so the skin also has met those who where be less than to go, a lot of people do not know how to keep healthy, actually the most crucial is to should have good habits and customs, so, how to let oneself keep beautiful at any time? Actor actors or actress below small make up it is everybody to solve through this article.

How to let oneself keep beautiful at any time? How does preserve one's health become beautiful? (1)

1, the method that keeps beautiful

Recipe one: Before sleeping 5 hours do not take food please

What if you want,is an evenness when getting up is alvine, is not potbellied the bedside person that scares you, so before sleeping 5 hours do not open your freezer again please. But also do not have actually so strict, if you are in really late food period of time is hungry and intolerable, had avoided salty food please, among them water fruit is very good choice.

Recipe 2: Rise early drink a cup of water bowel the path is more healthy

Holding the good convention that drink water is important, but what how should drink is correct health but an university asks, among them in recent years cancer has become large intestine compatriots killer of number one of 10 big cancer, the daily life health care that because of this bowel more it is important to show. Doctor proposal, after getting up everyday hollow drink a cup of Wen Shui () of cold water of avoid by all means, can stimulate alvine path to discharge a constellation not only, more let you from now on skin water is become.

Recipe 3: Eye frost also should come bit of caffein

Maintain taste change with each passing day, the eye frost product that female of the same branch of a family uses is more 0 always, have protect have wetly except what knit, but these effect had looked not quite now, in recent years Euramerican popularity adds the part of coffeine in eye frost, at sleeping before right amount daub at eye week, coffeine can begin to be skinned absorb and exciting eye week is vasomotor, besides can say to break with black rim of the eye, more make you complete be far from cast annoyingly cast an eye.

Recipe 4: Curtilage female emancipator dry type is washed send seed

Oily hair is qualitative you whether often pained, the ability before sleeping obviously just washed a head, but shut-eye awakes to discover the hair begins again however sticky breathe out those who breathe out is very uncomfortable, at that time not copy tries dry type to wash hair essence! Trifling dry type goes up to wash hair essence in the gush that send a root instantly after getting up, after like shampoo then the rub like hair is kneaded a little while, return immediately your Gan Shuang that if just was washed,sends feels character, be very convenient!

Recipe 5: Sunshine replaces alarm clock to let you spirit is centuple

Early in the morning still has what comparing to be waked up by aggravating alarm clock sound more of accurate letting a person, euramerican and newest the alarm clock that rolls out sunshine of an imitate sunrise, let you be early in the morning in Wen Xu's sunshine awake gracefully, be far from thoroughly get up gas, at the same time the buildup as the light, return the brainwave that can stimulate you, make your spirit centuple.

Recipe 6: Use add wet machine to let you skin water is become when

Of skin principal maintain absolutely blame keeps the requirement wet not belong to, but as " dry " of the little sister whether do although daub is again much,you often feel to maintain tasting still is dryasdust however, here tells you a little secret, one is placed to increase wet chance in your the head of a bed, let air maintain having the humidity of 30% at least, this water element in spatio-temporal gas instantly infuse your skin, let you have water tender skin from now on.

Recipe 7: Discharge makeup maintains for skin originally

Busied one day, return although the home is again tired also must not forget discharge makeup. Come down to skin the cosmetic that go up is mixed all day long those who accumulate is smudgy and absolutely super- you imagine, stemmed not only your pore, pigment and smudgy can make your complexion dark sink more, be sure to keep in mind to only lazy woman does not have ugly woman please.

Recipe 8: Use OK skips, blain blain instantly OUT

Most propbably after any girls did not hope to make up one face beauty beautiful... forehead has a big blain however! Day A! This is too unpleasant also! Dermatological department doctor tells us a little secret here, before sleeping besides sure outside the antiphlogistic ointment that wants daub, affix a secret weapon additionally please: Waterproof Ok stretchs tight, seal masty big blain thoroughly, get up the following day you will discover whelk immediately disappear one most!

Recipe 9: The beauty that caresses you is beautiful curl

The wavy hair that whether every girl that has ironed curl has one arousal to come to beautiful beauty collapses metabolic to perplex immediately however, coil not only degree disappear, the mood of early in the morning also has bit of Down accordingly... here suggests you, before sleeping, use contain protect nurturance to divide and tenability coils those who spend protect wet gel, maintain right now fluid besides can be in nightly repair the Mao Lin that protects because of marcel attaint piece, also can strengthen at the same time protect wet, let hair of your one arousal connections still be full of flexibility.

Recipe 10: Be far from alcohol, carbonic acid beverage and fruit juice

We know alcohol can be brought about dropsy is mixed and dehydration, also know carbonic acid beverage and fruit juice are right healthy it is bad, but who can avoid! Do not pass or some health protection are little cast aside a pace, every time when the abdomen below Huang Shang, remember to drink bit of water additionally please, with complement the water of your prediction of a person's luck in a given year is divided.

2, contain beautiful flour film

1, film of bean curd, honey face

dolly of a bean curd, do moisture with gauze filter. The mix after joining 15g flour and 5g honey is even, on Tu Yu face, reservation is washed clean after 20 minutes. The skin is white and transparent.

2, red wine is beautiful flour film

A few of 2 spoon, pearl powder mixes red wine 20ml, honey, on Tu Yu face, wash with Wen Shui after about 5 minutes clean.

3, almond egg white Facial mask

Boil soft almond with boiling water, next rub flay, pound mud, mix with painting divide evenly is become namely. On Tu Yu face, the scour off after working. Once a week. Restore the luster of dim skin, and can make the skin moist, exquisite, reduce wrinkle.

4, watermelon Facial mask

Extract watermelon juice, join milk and flour, tu Yun is whole and facial, on apply of paper of film of surface of bubble of redundant watermelon juice, after 20 minutes abluent, every week 1 come 2 times.

Action: Can make blacker skin whiten contractive thicker pore. The skin effect that this law suntans to sunlight is optimal.

5, tomato honey Facial mask

Extract tomato flay juice, join honey agitate even. After ministry of cleanness fine face, the Facial mask that has made even daub is on the face, wash with clear water after 15 minutes clean can. Spot of white dispel of OK and effective beauty, moist skin.

6, brown sugar Facial mask

Add brown sugar mineral water, use small fire to boil to mushy. After air is cool, its even daub has spot place in facial ministry. The bathe after 10 minutes is clean. Can desalt stain, the metabolism of stimulative skin, smooth skin.