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It how the skin discharges poisonous effect is good how the skin discharges poisonous effect? How to discharge poison to the skin?

The environment that we live now is changing, life rhythm is fast, the pressure of people is great, plus lifestyle not the rule, bring about the body to appear a lot of unusual symptoms, so, it how the skin discharges poisonous effect is good how the skin discharges poisonous effect? How to discharge poison to the skin? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young invent the method that will read an article is the skin platoon poison that how introduces, look together.

It how the skin discharges poisonous effect is good how the skin discharges poisonous effect? (1)

1, the method with body poisonous platoon

When massaging a poison to undertake

Discharge poison to skin, want to use film of the face that discharge poison regularly above all, what to the improvement of skin small loop action is equivalent to half hours is facial massage. A week of film of the face that discharge poison is used enough, may cause the harm of skin too often too. Besides, pass a few gimmick to be able to achieve facial platoon poison:

1, first from nose ala two side delay and massage greatly, arrive all the time ear border, arrive slowly along face flank by forehead again clavicular.

2, go up by nose ala with identical gesticulation amount to temporal, draw a circle toward jugal place by chin again, wrap Fu whole chin with the palm finally, slide to ear root place approachs an end gently back and forth.

Raise oneself to discharge poison ability

Motion aids a platoon sweat

Motion discharges sweat to suit white-collar OL gens very much, but because routine is busy, can choose at ordinary times diligent time does exercise. Be in everyday commute the in advance in road gets off, walk quickly a paragraph of road, perhaps abandon taken elevator, climb a few more as far as possible, still can take a walk after the meal, these are athletic platoon poison, can increase the amount that discharge sweat.

Citric aid catchment

Drink water to be able to help a poison more, but how to drink can you achieve optimal hairdressing result? Watterson of moxa Ma · once said frankly oneself most praise highly " lemonade discharges poisonous law " , every morning hollow drink a cup of lemon to be able to eliminate the harmful material inside body, clear bowel effectively not only beyond, still have satisfy one's thirst and diluent appetitive effect.

Massage aid defecate

Eduction constellation is first-rate platoon poisonous method, but a lot of females can choose medicaments to discharge poison, this is hurt probably actually reach the body, make intestines and stomach frail. Be inferior to naturopathy, everyday morning and evening each, below navel suitable hour hand of the centre of the palm that use a hand is massaged 50 times anticlockwise massage 50 times, not only can the body outside medium poisonous eduction body, recuperate the body, perserve you can see hairdressing effect.

2, protect skin to need to notice detail

1. drinks water: Get up everyday drink 2 cups of water, a cup of clear water, another cup of OK and right amount accretion some salt, can achieve the effect of clear intestines and stomach so.

2. prevents everyday bask in: Whatever season, should remember brushing segregation frost to reach before go out prevent bask in breast, presence does not cut when because ultraviolet harm is,be not being had oh.

3. everyday discharge makeup: No matter make up, discharge makeup must remember before washing a face everyday, this can avoid to prevent the chemical material in basking in frost to injure the skin.

4. cold heat washs a face alternately: Cold water is not had blind faith in when washing a face, ought to use cold water of warm water reoccupy first, what can make skin is cleaned not only so is more clean, and the magical effect that has contractive pore!

Rule of 5. work and rest: Scarcely should stay up late, and to deepfry kind it is advisable that the thing takes less as far as possible, and want an attention maintain cutaneous cleanness.

6. uses yoghurt to protect skin: After washing a face in the evening, will acerbity milk products (use 1/6 bottles about every time) making up on cotton, direct apply is in two buccal, of course forehead, chin also but incidentally on apply, such not only can beautiful white skin, and to going spot also has certain auxiliary effect!

7. makes Facial mask frequently: Before sleeping, with cut very thin cucumber piece regard a face as film, place get off in a few minutes on the face abluent, hold a month, your cheek is met for nothing tender.

8. learns Shi Fu: If be disinclined to make Facial mask, can use make up cotton is added make up after water is soaked completely, apply is in about 20 minutes on the face, keep weekly use 3 times, the Shui Liangqing that the expect that your skin can change is less than is appeared!

9. does not want oversight skin dead space: The woman that has 80% , meeting oversight these significant position, let its become keep wet a spot as yet untouched by a political movement, these place are respectively: Ministry of knee joint of neck of between the eyebrows, ear hind, nose, canthus, neck, ancon, hand 7 place.