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It is OK to protect skin to taste be put in freezer? Does freezer defend skin tastes an attention what?

Some protect skin to taste is to need to put freezer inside, because need cold storage, freezer has a few, have cold storage, last, still have normal temperature, so inside freezer although can be put,protect skin to taste, but also be to have a lot of cultured, refrigerate otherwise excessive, can let protect skin to taste those who lose effect, so, it is OK to protect skin to taste be put in freezer? Does freezer defend skin tastes an attention what? Will look.

It is OK to protect skin to taste be put in freezer? Does freezer defend skin tastes an attention what? (1)

1, protect skin to taste cold storage skill

Be not every kinds to protect skin to taste suit to put be in freezer

Will protect skin to taste place the meaning that refrigerates in freezer, more than " iced " , also protect the time of keep in storage that skin tastes to lengthen not just, the key depends on lengthening product nutrition composition " active " and " fresh degree " , let you namely whatever moment opens freezer to be taken out protect skin to taste, use the effective rate close that follows to just was bought to be like! The conclusion that reachs from this is, contain tall function part protect skin to taste, be being put in the keep in storage in microtherm is to most stimulative skin maintains of the meaning.

What some do not contain antiseptic part is organic protect what skin is tasted or chemical composition does not stabilize to protect skin to be like,be tasted Zun Xuan C, the proposal after unsealing places freezer, so OK slow down protects skin to taste oxidation, when contacting the skin effect nature also can promote. Still have for instance composed and the rehabilitate after basking in, slow nurse Facial mask also can be put in freezer, to red and sensitive skin, the tactility with icy low temperature can be slow composed skin, still can achieve the result that reduces skin temperature.

Resembling is frostlike powder of latex, milk kind the product does not suggest to put freezer, when because will be brought about so,be being used absorb not easily. Other put freezer protect skin to taste should last microtherm is saved, once retreat ice,quicken metamorphism extremely easily also.

Freezer attune suits to deposit most to a few Celsius protect skin is tasted

Deposit in freezer protect skin to taste, temperature suggests to maintain the constant temperature in ℃ of 5 ℃ ~10, place " cold storage " in the ark of that archives, ability maintains effectively protect skin to taste original quality. The proposal does not want under 4 ℃ , of easy knot grain protect skin to taste do not suit to put freezer especially, lest change its class status and harmful skin.

Any positions in freezer suit to deposit protect skin article

Protect skin to taste the check that cannot be put in freezer door edge directly in. Because be in an one the central Shaanxi plain, communication of cold hot airy makes a product the most easily degenerative. If will protect skin to taste,put in the grid of freezer door edge, open switch to close every time, door edge is the position that feels temperature change the most easily, because store the ceaseless change of temperature, cause very easily protect skin to taste metamorphism.

2, flesh of dry hair Huang Xing maintains

Error: Only Gu Bushui does not lock up water

When moisture is insufficient, skin metabolism changes slow down of speed of activity of difference, cell, similar and dry, sensitive, desquamate, coarse wait for skin problem the meeting is following one by one. Filling water is protected wet but do not leave exaggeration, moisture still is met stealthily prediction of a person's luck in a given year, the most essential lock up moisture inside skin namely.

Walk out of an error:

1, the daub on the wheeler that wash a face keeps wet product. After washing a face, do not protect immediately wet, the skin will be drier. Small wet skin, more the absorption that is helpful for a product.

2, eat the food that contains vitamin C more at ordinary times, can help melanin reductive, avoid excitant food as far as possible.

3, while the United States is white, do not forget protect wet, multi-purpose make up water makes the film that do water. Making beautiful flour film only is insufficient, optimum collocation uses wet product of beautiful Bai Hebao, gentle and not exciting, protect wet elite indispensable.