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Albumen of collagen of profess to convinced and eat an egg to there is a difference? Does filling collagen of hoof taking a pig rely on chart?

What we should know is, there is collagen egg white in the corneous layer of skin, preserving the flexibility of skin, but the growth as the age, substance of protein of collagen of the cutaneous inside our body is met reductive, this also is why we after all the reason that wrinkle gives furrow. So, albumen of collagen of profess to convinced and eat an egg to there is a difference? Does filling collagen of hoof taking a pig rely on chart? Will look.

Albumen of collagen of profess to convinced and eat an egg to there is a difference? Does filling collagen of hoof taking a pig rely on chart? (1)

1, what is collagen albumen

Protein: The corporeal foundation of all life activities. Molecular quantity is in normally tens of thousands of to hundred thousands of differ, concern with protein sort.

Amino acid: Form protein the mainest unit. The basic and amino acid that makes year of human body has 18 kinds.

Collagen albumen: It is the protein with the most content inside human body, occupy the 25%~30% of protein gross inside body, 6% what be equivalent to weight.

Grow as the age, normal human body is met every year prediction of a person's luck in a given year the collagen albumen of 1% , bring about facial occurrence furrow and old person spot, the skin is coarse lacklustre, arterial and hemal sclerosis.

Use the method of biology enzymatic solution generally now, it is collagen albumen hydrolyze collagen low get together the form of peptide, basically achieve do not need to digest or digest the rate that can draw slightly.

Peptide: For protein extract, forming an unit basically also is amino acid. Contain amino acerbity amount to be in 2~50 between. Molecular quantity is under 10000Dalton.

Low get together peptide: By 2~10 what amino acid forms is low get together peptide, the element is measured under 1000Dalton.

2, the doubt of collagen albumen

Albumen of collagen of 1 profess to convinced and eat an egg, drink milk and so on to do not have a difference?

They all differ on amino acerbity sort, amount, scale, cannot same

The essence of this one problem depends on, whether through eating an egg, drink milk to obtain protein, will replace albumen of collagen of profess to convinced. The protein in collagen albumen and egg, milk is in respect of amino acerbity sort, amount, scale all differs, this is its fundamental difference.

What contain in the product such as fluid of a lot of hairdressing profess to convinced or pink at present already was macromolecule collagen albumen no longer, the peptide that has used processing of technology of contemporary biology enzymatic solution to be made however kind material, especially low get together peptide element amount is small, digest more easily absorb, and the protein in egg, milk still is whole protein. Albumen of collagen of profess to convinced basically is to because disequilibrium is prandial,make up for human body the inadequacy that the place of albumen of synthetic oneself collagen that appears possibly needs amino acid. On this, albumen of collagen of profess to convinced is compared eat an egg, drink milk to have specific aim more.

Should clear is, albumen of collagen of profess to convinced is not a necessaries of life, but appearing likely below prandial disequilibrium or the circumstance that protein lacks, regard daily and prandial complement as it, wait for food collocation edible with egg, milk, should be beneficial.

Technology of collagen albumen hydrolyze is very mature already, absorb more easily than protein of a few food

Present collagen albumen is to use skin of scale, fish and fishbone to do commonly, through hydrolysis craft already can be reduced 500Dalton, call it collagen albumen again so already improper, it is catenary of a polypeptide, can be absorbed directly from enteron, can go in the skin is received to organize continuously even in blood, although action mechanism still is not very clear at present, also cannot say to participate in cutaneous collagen synthesis directly, but it still is the easiest get and a hydrolysis technology is very mature already kind, if rely on diet to eat to albumen of collagen waiting for a quantity, that should eat possibly a lot of, tell it from this angle so or be in benignantly.

Have difference not only, and possible still difference is vast

Have difference certainly, is difference how old? The gross of soja different yellow ketone that needs to absorb everyday and the gross that 4 jins of edible in bean curd go to are consistent. More what is more,the rather that although pig hoof can complement collagen albumen, but adipose content is higher. But those who need an attention is, compensatory collagen albumen still needs to consider an individual special demand, demand has limitative value, condition of muscle of the member that be like body building, no matter be,from appreciation angle sets out, with daily people different, besides absorbs excessive protein influential to the kidney.

Albumen of collagen of complement of 2 hoof taking a pig more rely on chart?

The structure of collagen albumen decided it has very strong tenacity. For instance the skin of the animal has very strong extensibility, skeleton is had very strong bearing quality, break off not easily, tendon ligament is had very strong fight pull pull a gender, rupture not easily etc. Although pig hoof contains collagen albumen to abound, but after be being handled with groovy cook, way of bowel of human body stomach digests his very hard still, more do not talk to go up to be absorbed well. Although content is rich,so collagen albumen is in inside animal body, but in past mankind also can be to look only " collagen albumen " promote sigh, include its helplessly not edible " trash " .

Is 3 collagen albumen a kind of inferior albumen, inferior albumen actually?

Inferior protein of completely not protein =

food protein cent is complete, mix completely partly not complete 3 kinds, it is a kind of objective appellation, do not have the cent of stand or fall. And collagen albumen for lack of lubricious ammonia acid (a kind of indispensible and amino acid) belong to not complete protein, was buckled to go up " inferior protein " the cap is not scientific. Additionally this kind of viewpoint also should result from the result that groovy cooking is digested very hard to absorb, and lasted in human history course quite long time.

But in recent years the maturity as technology of biology enzymatic solution, solved collagen albumen completely already to digest absorption difficult problem. And already a large number of research confirm, add collagen appropriately on daily and prandial foundation low get together peptide, can improve the nutrient health condition of organ of a few organizations apparently, if promote heal of the cut after art; Stimulative bone joint injures repair; Improve cutaneous health condition to wait a moment. Call its again right now " inferior albumen " " rubbish albumen " apparent unreasonable unscientific also.

Collagen albumen value does not have the cent of on any account, and the demand that make is relative taller

Protein cannot be divided inferior and advanced, because serve as the value of albumen to do not have advanced with low cent, should having need only is tall, and collagen albumen occupies gross of human body protein 20% above, it is the protein with the mainest human body.

Really the origin of collagen albumen may be a few easier than general albumen, but it and the albumin photograph that the ox breeds are compared or meeting difficulty is nodded. There still is certain difficulty to treatment from extract, production now, and have certain and scientific demand. Observe with respect to me, the very much process that make had used the setting that makes drug, add collagen albumen to be able to be used at inject, the making demand to it is very so high still.

Albumen of collagen of 4 profess to convinced after all can " hairdressing " ?

Be inferior to saying " collagen of profess to convinced is low get together peptide can increase cutaneous healthy "

Collagen is low get together peptide improves cutaneous health condition, can behave at least for the following respects:

1. conduces to retain skin moisture.

2. conduces to dispel yellow speckle (or weigh weak spot) .

3. conduces to add skin flexibility and luster.

4. conduces to defer skin ageing.

Among them the 1st function that all is our country health food to be able to be examined and approve with the 2nd action category. Researcher passes an animal or research of human body experiment confirmed afore-mentioned intention. Although current the action mechanism of each respect still is not completely clear, but peptide of collagen of profess to convinced improves skin health condition, achieve the hairdressing result of certain level thereby, this one phenomenon is existence.

General say collagen albumen is useful and trashy not accurate

Collagen albumen at least has a few kinds 20, arrive to Ⅰ at present the comparison of VIII research is much, they can produce a few effect to the skin, say general discussion so collagen albumen after all can " hairdressing " not be very accurate.

Collagen albumen reachs put oneself in another's position inside hind, go where developing action to say to calculate by human body really, human body is a huge biology project, it is according to differring demand reflexes arc to decide what place to go by human body. Cannot say it goes one-sidedly so or be no good. But it includes the skin to having crucial effect to organ of human body organization really, think simply actually, from where does skin collagen come? Still not be little eats come, go up from this bit actually tell also need not baffle.

Is hormone had in 5 collagen albumen?

Add hormone to the loss outweights the gain, and the secondary action that it brings bigger

For what is adding hormone? Estrogen can make the skin a few more exquisite really, but side effect is bigger, when the skin has not begun attenuate be bored with, other secondary action had appeared, the commonnest is menstruation not tone, long spot, still meet those who cause a few yellow speckle happen. So nobody can be raised toward these battalion hormone is added in composition, this is unwise, and hormone wants than protein expensive. Crucial question is essential not was necessary to add these.

Normal product must be made clear tag composition

There cannot be hormone in normal product, because they had carried a state,detect and current on market for a long time. A few similar females' hormonal composition also can produce effect to the body, but it is not hormone, if yam, soya-bean milk contains soja different yellow ketone, if be opposite its are excessive and anxious, don't then we drink soya-bean milk even, eat yam? If this kind of part is added in the product, must want to have tag clearly.

Be in Euramerican, collagen protein component is single do not have accretion

Be in Euramerican, collagen albumen is to serve as sanitarian replenishers to use, in order to enhance constitution and precautionary disease, and component is single, without other accretion. Even if is such, also want a doctor to open a formulary ability to be able to be taken, management is very rigorous. Won't advertise greatly conduct propaganda, in the exaggerate on effect misdirect consumer.

Do not have evidence guess it is subjective

The body reacts occurrence reason has a lot of, perhaps itself has similar disease, the estrogen inside body has dependency with uterine disease too much, but the culprit that estrogen of profess to convinced is not uterine flesh tumour. Think back to the film " Sexandthecity2 " inside, did Smantha take female hormone to go Abuzabi?

3, the true measure that protects skin

1, wash a face: Went with the grandma that wash a face only by day, the word in the evening, use discharge makeup milk-like liquid first, reoccupy washs grandma. Had made up to perhaps had used segregation frost, prevent bask in frost must discharge makeup.

2, water of use bright skin: With make up cotton dips in bright skin water brushs a face, can have clean effect, if want to protect wet pat a face directly with the hand, but cannot too heavy, it is OK to dab.

3, use elite fluid: Heat up hand department rub with the hands first, elite fluid even put on the skin is on the face, notice elite composition wants escape eye week to skin, press gently with the palm control facial U area, according to by fall to go up, by outside press to the means gentleness inside pressure, ensure absorb completely of elite composition, t area also repeats with same way.

4, protect wet: Choose to be protected differently character according to oneself skin wet protect skin to taste. Qiu Dong uses frostlike powder if seasonal skin is dry, use day of frostlike powder by day, use late frost in the evening. Chun Xia skin is wetter went with breast. If be to protect skin in the evening not the word of apply Facial mask, this is last pace!