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Is the effect of thin face needle permanent? How is needle of long-term inject thin face met?

Thin face needle is one common kind is compared inside plastic surgery, the possibility is more popular in last few years, basically be the effect that through inject a few medicaments achieve thin face commonly, but the effect is to compare random actually, because itself of medicaments curative effect is of because of the person different, it is direct inject what is more,the rather that more in cutaneous medicaments. So, general effect of thin face needle how?

Is the effect of thin face needle permanent? How is needle of long-term inject thin face met? (1)

1, thin face needle is hit a few times can permanent

Thin face needle cannot permanent, no matter inject a few times,thin face needle cannot come true permanent thin face. Thin face needle is to use nerval of ministry of section of fleshy toxin block to conduct, make facial bite flesh the decrescent inside period of time, but as the fleshy toxin metabolization inside body, this kind conducts action to till disappear,also can be weakened, ministry of this moment face can regain the position before inject again.

2, inject for many times hold time is long

Thin face needle although cannot quite permanent thin face, but if be the word that can inject for many times, can make facial ministry keeps a few longer the thin face effect of time. Inject 3 times continuously commonly, can maintain the thin face effect that controls 1 year, among them 3~4 the month injects can.

3, thin face needle is unfavorable and long-term inject

Thin face needle needs his to maintain thin face effect to need to going up before stitch effect disappears, undertake injecting again immediately, but needle of thin face of so long-term inject affects facial muscle very easily, occurrence face ministry is inflexible, factitious, return likelihood occurrence sweeny badly, it is deglutition, difficult to take food.

4, permanent the method of thin face

Want permanent the word of thin face, passing needle of inject thin face is impracticable, can be only those who have facial outline transform an operation to undertake, cut bone for instance, grind bone, excision gnawing flesh to wait a moment, but these operations appear very easily big operation risk, even operation failure can affect normal facial function.

5, hit thin face needle note

1, inside 4 hours after hitting thin face needle, should avoid facial ministry to massage, sleep reach head pitch and motion, lest the flesh is poisonous bacillus (Botox) flows medicinal powder.

2, after needle of inject thin face, do not undertake glacial apply or hot compress in inject place.

3, after thin face needle violent campaign avoids inside 24 hours.

4, 3 warmth are not done temporarily after inject is over.

5, after hitting thin face needle inside 6 hours, unfavorable wash a face, do not make up, avoid to feel inject place.

6, frequency of head change postural heals frequent person, the effect of inject can be differred more.

7, avoid to eat incrustation after inject kind the abstinence and acrimony, seafood food inside food; a week, avoid smoke wine.

8, after hitting thin face needle, should follow the doctor's advice to reach a hospital regularly further consultation with a doctor.