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How to fall to skin fire? Is skin slow it is good with Li to drop in temperature?

Skin meets what change as the change of environmental temperature, when environmental temperature is higher, the temperature of skin also can rise, be like is the feeling like catching fire, meeting cheek is red, appear when the girl such circumstance when, how to fall to skin fire? Is skin slow it is good with Li to drop in temperature? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up will look.

How to fall to skin fire? Is skin slow it is good with    Li to drop in temperature? (1)

1, do slow Li

Protecting fluid of hairdressing of wet Li is summer is skin slow the essential thing that drop in temperature. Li is macromolecule structure, and accumulate contain a large number of moisture content, can permeate quickly consequently, because burning hot and repair is insolation, right the loss that skin causes. Besides be in long the iced Li that the daub after insolation contains the antiphlogistic part such as oil of tea tree essence is slow skin, you also can be in nightly after the day that finish often protects skin, generous smear protects Shi Lizun one layer to be film of good night face, seal nutrition and moisture, the ego rehabilitate of stimulative skin.

2, morning has refrigerant eye film

"Refrigerant therapeutics " it is dropsy of skin of antagonism eye week, dark heavy the most instant method. You are OK will contain ginkgo leaf, caffein to wait slow go the cold storage of freezer of eye frost park of bloated composition, when eye ministry exhaustion or it is ministry of the eye since morning take out when dropsy, regard eye film as daub at eye ministry, the haemal circulation of stimulative skin and local drain off water, alleviate bloated while bring for double eye blast a cool feeling.

3, Spa of film of noon break water

Burning hot drowsy afternoon when, might as well mist of the cold water that use ooze lets him hearten spirit. Accumulate contain what field mint, Qing Ning reachs jasmine to protect wet sweet atmosphere to be able to be in while aplomb skins, make the mood slow loosen. And accumulate contain the active part such as grape seed protect wet sparge to be able to be skin compensatory and more moisture. Noon break time, go up at paper film with nonalcoholic sparge gush, do a Spa of film of 5 minutes of water, also be right choice.

4, film of face of the emergency treatment after basking in

The multipurpose Facial mask of slow and composed effect is the emergency treatment a magic weapon when skin encounters ultraviolet ray and environmental stimulation. You can be in burning hot when what use metal ball brushs head type is slow Facial mask, with icy tactility shine vivid skin, also can be in local skin daub is slow Facial mask undertakes local diminish inflammation.

5, the subtle move that the skin nurses

1, should drink right amount water everyday (do not exceed 2L at most, least not less than 800ml) , tone is filling water after all inside is essential, although used the product of again much external use,be index only otherwise not effect a permanent cure.

2, a cup of red wine had better be drunk before sleeping, such not only be helpful for Morpheus, still can accelerate haemal circulation, enhance the skin to be opposite the absorption that keeps wet product.

3, the choice keeps wet product purely. Some MM think the product that compares all-round has been compared, but the cosmetologist points out the choice protects Shi Shuang or select single function product as far as possible, because of such ability protect wet effect develop acme.

4, the number that reduces clean range. Summer can wash a face one day 3 times, but had better decrease to arrive twice in the winter, because of exorbitant clean face not only scour off the moisture that the grease of facial ministry also absorbed facial ministry, let the skin become dry, lack water.

5, to drying cutaneous for MM, most the method of economy that lock up water is wipe on the face on vaseline, because vaseline is petrolatum, OK a facial ministry skin is sealed rise, reduce what water divides to evaporate, but because vaseline is very oily, so oily cutaneous MM careful with.

6, when the ministry that take the advantage of a face is wet still Shi Shuang is protected on daub. A lot of experts are advocated after wanting to work in facial ministry, besmear again cream, but take the advantage of actually daub can chain the moisture in skin increases burnish to feel when the skin is wet still. If be the cream of the sort of special massiness,do not suit this skill of course, because of easy rub mud.