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Does the girl wash a face what to error there is? What does the girl protect skin to want to notice?

Protecting skin is the business that every girl values very much, because had Bai Xi's smooth skin to be able to let your appearance,grace many, common saying says one white hide from view 3 ugly it is this truth. Every girl is not in the life inherent beautiful qualitative, so called good skin still must rely on him to maintain. In the process that protects skin we can be faced with a lot of errors, wash a face for example, so does the girl wash a face what to error there is? What does the girl protect skin to want to notice?

Does the girl wash a face what to error there is? What does the girl protect skin to want to notice? (1)


One, the girl washs a face to have what error

1, blind choice washs a face grandma

When a lot of females choose to wash grandma, it is blind choice big shop sign, the skin kind that was not aimed at oneself at all goes making a choice. Washing a face actually is for clean skin, if cross much functional sex class status to be able to cause skin cleanness not complete, pore is entered below the case that passes much functional sex class status to do not have any protection in the skin at the same time, can create a burden to the skin. Wash grandma to need to satisfy two postulate so can: Cleanness is mixed thoroughly moist skin. The skin type of everybody is different, answer to select right clean face product according to his skin type so, can cause the skin otherwise dry and aglow. Clean things wants to be able to divide dirty only, except bacterium and purify redundant grease can.

2, like to use hot bath face

The option with the warm water when washing a face is very important, the water that wash a face should avoid too hot or too cold. The water of overheat can sweep the grease on the skin, facial more facile sense is dry, make the skin easily flabby, pore increases, cause the skin coarse, generation furrow; is additional, if oily cent is washed overmuch, also can quicken cutaneous ageing. And the bath face of commonly used and inferior temperature, can exciting skin and destroy blood capillary, can make again skin pore lock, cannot abluent accumulation reachs the bilge such as hangover at facial leather fat, dust, not only the result that cannot achieve hairdressing, cause the skin disease of acne and so on easily instead, influence hairdressing. Suggest the Wen Shui that uses 35 ℃ left and right sides washs a face, can retain skin moisture, avoid skin stimulation.

3, the summer washs facial frequency everyday more

Below the circumstance with summertime torrid weather, can increase everyday, but can not cross frequency, normal circumstance should be early late. If you ran one day outside, perspiration, dirt makes skin very uncomfortable, deep-seated clean range can be made below such circumstance. The number that wash a face increases, facial adipose film is very easy and ceaseless by scour off, cutaneous protects ability to be able to be reduced, and, stimulate the skin often, injure the skin instead, can make the skin loses flexibility and luster, and make the skin becomes very dry, such furrow occurrence. So, the frequency that washs a face wants appropriate.

4, should use dirty towel to brush a face

Be washed by water when facial ministry clean hind, skin surface can have a moisture content, if do not wipe water branch to evaporate, at the same time the water inside facial skin also evaporates by oneself, additional skin becomes more dry, after washing a face so, must wipe with clean towel. But coarse towel harms skin surface easily, come with soft and thick clean towel as far as possible gentle " by dry " skin. Towel circle cloth with soft nap is bigger than pore number is decuple, very difficult development is cleared in bilge grease, long wet not dry towel still can cause all sorts of bacteria, with the skin attrition makes the skin allergic. Wash a face to had better use downy clean face foam rubber or plastic so, and often air basks in disinfection.


2, the girl protects skin note

1, want the United States white, protect wet because skin the moisture after cleanness is lost,be the first pace is more, it is to let skin maintain so below a relatively stable condition, filling water should have to skin after our clean face. Skin water embellish is spent in 80% above, the ability of beautiful white product is absorbed. And there had better not be any effects on the choice of sparge, it is OK to ensure wet result purely namely, the absorption that is follow-up beautiful white product so lays good foundation. Because have only,spend in skin water embellish in 80% above, and of follow-up beautiful white product absorb ability to achieve 50% above.

2, choice tall functionary is protected wet make up water chooses tall functionary to protect wet make up water, flap with warm palm skin, wake up return the skin in sleep deeply, let skin restore bounce and vitality, follow the action that can use warm palm to flap gently, help skin restores to run, let skin " move " rise, restore ruddy redness of skin. Make up in vain in use beauty water when must use make up cotton, the growth according to pore direction, let skin quickly absorb beautiful white nutrition. Use for a long time protect Shi Meibai to recuperate a product, can raise the water content of skin, let skin be in clean white while, also let skin have transparent feeling more, and after water fat is balanced, let more easily maintain article absorb.

3, fluid of beautiful white cream must insist to use elite liquid is to making up use after water, wait with acid of vitaminic C, music, vitaminic B3 mostly at present, its function not only can beautiful white, long protect, OK still and alimentary skin, if choose,was opposite the elite fluid that suits skin, it is normally after 4-8 week, with respect to the effect that can see the United States is white.

4, choose oiliness fat to protect wet latex to choose to protect wet latex, with making up cotton wipes facial ministry skin, a diaphragm that chains water is divided is formed in skin surface. The facial ministry that absorbs full moisture skins already very play benefit, it is those who skin on daub one contains oil to protect wet latex even at this moment, diaphragm is formed in skin surface, ability is locks of these beautiful flesh composition in skin layer.

5, the selection goes the eye frost that the eye frost product of moisture chooses to eliminate oedema, include Fu eye week with the palm, the help removes eye week moisture. Just got up too much water is drunk before some people may sleep, because this meeting has the state of eye dropsy, eye decrescent, can choose to have the eye frost product of purify moisture, will help remove eye week moisture.

6, keep apart and prevent bask in to cannot have become subject of daily beautiful Bai Gong less, but diurnal protection also is very important. Be kept apart so and prevent bask in a product we cannot little. After groovy beauty nurses in vain smear is prevented bask in frost, reduce ultraviolet ray the action basking in an injury to skin, reduce melanin gather; And segregation is brushed in prevent after basking in, can resist the harm that air conditioning and wind blow substandard ministry. If want to be waited for for a long time,be in air conditioning room, remember adding lasting effect to maintain wet function more even, lest skin is excessive and dry.