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What fruit does summer daughter eat raw can hairdressing? Does the wife have summer what fruit is OK hairdressing?

Everybody hopes he has a Bai Xi's bright skin, the schoolgirl loves the United States inherently, for beauty, can seek various meanses, there are a lot of hairdressings to protect the method of skin in the life, some people come through draft fruit hairdressing, we know to rich vitamin is contained inside the fruit, still have other microelement, it is the good helper that hairdressing protects skin, what fruit does the summer have can hairdressing? We look together.

What fruit does summer daughter eat raw can hairdressing? Does the wife have summer what fruit is OK hairdressing? (1)

1, the hairdressing fruit of schoolgirl summer

One, grape: Moist protect wet

The grape is the food that Wen Buyang enrages, contain a lot ofcalcic, Potassium, phosphor, iron to wait mineral and a variety of vitamins, conduce to benefiting gas blood. Kind of yellow ketone in the grape have extremely tall fight oxidation function, can defer consenescence effectively; And grape pit but bate skin, make the skin moist protect wet.

2, apple: Hairdressing emperor article

The apple is most one of the person's hep fruits, be called to be natural hairdressing emperor is tasted. Divide in the apple contain a variety of vitamins besides, still contain the microelement such as magnesium, can be the skin ruddy burnish is bouncy. Dissolubility of component of the nutrition in the apple is big, be helpful for deliquescent sulfur element, make the skin lubricant and tender. In addition, fruit acerbity composition of the apple is OK unobstructed pore, dispel blain; Often feed an apple but desalt is facial fleck and Chloasma.

3, citric: Beautiful white, fight ageing

Lemon is the hairdressing beautiful in the fruit is tasted, after will citric abluent section, the 3-5 in putting cool boiled water minute, can use Yu Fu face, brush body, wash one's hair direct perhaps and drinkable. Medium citric acid has lemon to prevent and remove the effect with skin ad cool-headed pigment, and still can layer of bate cutaneous cutin, your skin becomes fair and clear luster.

4, Hami melon: Protect skin except knit

The material that contains in Hami melon has stimulative digestive effect, still can improve cutaneous coarse, except knit wait for action, the ultraviolet ray in can preventing sun is direct illuminate skin, protect the skin not by sunshine burnable, have the effect that protects skin.

Schoolgirl summer is necessary fruit of 4 kinds of hairdressing, pass the introduction of the article, hope to be helped somewhat to you. Healthy diet expert reminds broad female friend, we noticed on food, summer came, also should notice to prevent bask in, lest sun farther-in-law suntanned him classics.

2, hairdressing food reducing weight

, whole wheat bread

Hypnotic index: ★ ★ of ★ ★ ★

Hairdressing index: ★ ★ ★

Index reducing weight: ★ ★ ★

Effect: Whole wheat bread contains rich vitamin B, it is had maintain the neurological health, effect that removes irritating, stimulative Morpheus, the person that fits sleep-disorder should eat late at night. Whole wheat bread compared with delicate the white bread that turn, embedded and more fiber, vitaminic E and zinc, Potassium mineral, also have hairdressing effect so. Content of fiber of whole wheat bread is rich, it is easy to ate full, reduce quantity of heat to absorb secondhand.

How to eat: Sensory hunger is like to be able to eat before sleeping one, 2, should not be much, and do not wipe cream.

2, millet

Hypnotic index: ★ ★ of ★ ★ ★

Hairdressing index: ★ ★

Index reducing weight: ★ ★ ★

Effect: Contain the cereal with the richest acid of hypnotic material lubricious ammonia. At the same time the many starch in millet makes the person produces move of dress warmly and ear one's fill easily, promote the exudation of insulin, promotion enters the lubricious ammonia acerbity amount inside the head. Millet congee also is cookbook reducing weight at the same time medium common feed capable person.

How to eat: Millet 30 grams, the tuber of pinellia 5 grams, the congee that boil.

3, walnut

Hypnotic index: ★ ★ of ★ ★ ★

Hairdressing index: ★ ★ of ★ ★ ★

Index reducing weight: ★ ★ ★ ★

Effect: Clinical go up, walnut is proved to be able to improve Morpheus quality, because this is commonly used,will treat neurasthenic, insomnia, forgetful, much dream wait. Walnut contains the hairdressing part such as vitamin E and linoleic acid, can make skin smooth, moist. The edible after walnut oil expression, state of ameliorable blood fat, consume cholesterol, fat of hypertension of prevention and cure, tall blood, diabetic, fat disease.

How to eat: Walnutmeat, black sesame seed, Sang Xie each 50 grams, smash slimy record, take 15 grams every time.