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What effect does rose bubble water have? How to use rose hairdressing?

A lot of people know the rose has very good hairdressing effect. Drinking rose bubble water is a kind of among them method, and the effect that the rose still has filling gas blood, so a lot of people allow the rose when cooperate baby will use, the rose also can use edible. So what effect does rose bubble water have? How to use rose hairdressing? We will have a look.

What effect does rose bubble water have? How to use rose hairdressing? (1)

1, the effect that rose bubble water drinks

The rose is very good medicine eats the food that is the same as a source, the food that drank a lot of person preserve one's health with rose bubble water is used to. Respect of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, rose sex is gentle, very good adjustment is had after taking the function that body odor blood runs, effect is a gas invigorate the circulation of blood and function of harmonic internal organs of the body, often take the likelihood that can reduce body occurrence splash, and complexion also is met better and better.

Besides, tea is not moved to menstruation or taking a rose is very effective for the female of dysmenorrhoea, can alleviate very well of the body unwell. The effect that rose bubble water drinks is as follows:

1, hairdressing is raised colour

Rose tea suits a female to be used alone exceedingly, the color that because want to insist to take only,can discover oneself is better and better, complexion as bright-coloured leaf euqally delicate and charming be about to drip. This basically is caused.

Bubble water drinks the rose to still have effect of beautiful white cutaneous, still can reduce the growth of furrow effectively at the same time. Still have the effect that improves a constitution additionally, if be a few patients that belong to liver gloomy stagnation of the circulation of vital energy,want to undertake reducing weight, so take rose tea to be able to have very pretty good effect. Additional, rose tea still has the effect of breast enhancement regulate the menstrual function, still can moist bowel path, avoid occurrence constipation.

2, recuperation body

Rose sex is lukewarm, blood of very good composed, filling gas is had after taking, adjust mood and hairdressing are raised colour the action that wait a moment, additionally to liver still intestines and stomach has very pretty good adjustment action, the proposal takes scented tea of a few roses everyday, can very good elimination the body is fatigue, still can improve a constitution at the same time.

The flavour of the rose is exceedingly pleasant, have the effect of alleviation mood, the condition with body maladjusted endocrine still can be improved after entering the body, the blood inside stimulative body circulates, to chronic gastritis still chronic hepatitis has very pretty good therapy effect.

3, treat halitosis

The rose contains a powerful flower sweet, the condition of halitosis can be improved very well after taking, after entering the body can effective adjustment is endocrine, protect hepatic health. Additional, insist to drink rose bubble water daily, can improve Morpheus.

4, reduce weight

Additional, the rose still has the effect with side aid digestion and adipose pare, say to take a rose to have the effect that reduce weight so. What need an attention additionally is, the rose has certain convergent effect, if be constipation,the patient had better not be taken too much, the situation that prevents constipation is aggravating.

5, Jie Yu of scanty liver of blood of tone solar term

Take a rose to still be had fall fire be good at lienal and the action of dispel Yu, can effective treatment is cold painful, indigestion cold and blood of tone solar term still has calm the nerves, aperient the action that wait a moment. Day mufti can alleviate effectively with a cup of rose mood, adjust the endocrine circumstance inside body.

Old traditional Chinese medical science tells us, rose tea can be not taken every day, especially the summer when more cannot quite such. If every day many take rose tea, can bring about the gas blood inside body to had moved so fast, go against healthy, the directest reflecting is the female appears easily in menstruation massive haemorrhage waits a circumstance a moment, occurrence life is endangered.

2, the edible of the rose

(Flesh of 1) rose glass


Xian Mei marvellous spends 2, fat pork 400 grams, sesame seed, white sugar each are right amount.

Delicacy rose 2


Pork cuts small to add wet starch to mix divide evenly, fresh rose is picked wash clean, cut thick silk, again sesame seed pan clean, fry ripe, round-bottomed frying pan burns heat, pour life oil, burn to 6 into heat, good the oar pork one by one the deepfry in person boiler, fish out drop is oily, bottom oily a few stays inside boiler, put person white sugar, break up fry to can hang filament, bump of the cutlet below immediately breaks up a few times, wait for candy to be wrapped completely it is above fat fat, cast filament of sesame seed benevolence, fresh rose, break up quickly fry a few times, fill what wiping good oil is smooth dish inside, air is cool can.


This dish has filling lung be good at lienal, the effect of regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it and blood, apply to taste frail, deficiency of yin with irritability coughs, inappetence, dyspeptic, the disease such as constipation.

(2) rose bean curd


Xian Mei marvellous spends 1, bean curd 2, egg 1, flour, white sugar, amylaceous, black hair each are right amount.

Delicacy rose 1


The rose is picked wash clean, cut silk, put in dish inside, bean curd cuts small, the egg hits person bowl inside, add wet starch, flour, agitate becomes egg paste, round-bottomed frying pan is abluent, bean curd piece touchs dry starch, hang egg paste again, oily boiler blast reachs golden color below, fish out, drop is gone to oily, a few clean water is put inside round-bottomed frying pan, scramble of servent white sugar, make its dissolve a big bubble, the bean curd with the good blast that put a person piece break up fry a few times, the Xian Mei that put a person rares silk reachs black hair, the Cheng Ren when seeing candy is hoar dish inside, scatter again on white sugar is become namely.


This dish has good energy of life and stomach, come loose with blood the effect of Yu, apply to liver stomach gas is painful, abdominal distension, disappear thirsty, lacteal carbuncle, the disease such as swollen poison.

(3) rock candy rose


Rose 50 grams, rock candy is right amount.

The rose is abluent air, inside the bowl that put a person, add person rock candy and right amount water, put person basket inside, build good bowl steam 15 minutes with small dish, appear to be become namely.


This food pleasant is sweet faint scent, have regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it to solve gloomy, come loose with blood the effect of Yu, apply to liver stomach gas is painful, haematemesis, menstruation is not moved, dysenteric,