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It what always grow blain blain to eat is good to always grow blain blain to eat? How does long blain blain eat more healthy?

Blain always grows on the face of paper of some younger sister, and there is what blain however on the face of paper of some younger sister, because individual constitution is different,this may be, it is dietary habit differs again cause, food is one of main factors that affect skin health, so, it what always grow blain blain to eat is good to always grow blain blain to eat? How does long blain blain eat more healthy? Will see the introduction of the article below.

It what always grow blain blain to eat is good to always grow blain blain to eat? How does long blain blain eat more healthy?

1, the food of long blain blain

3 article fish: Rich ω is contained in 3 article fish - 3 fatty acid, it basically makes material as healthy skin cell.

Tuna: Contain a lot ofselenium, this is a kind mineral, conduce to stimulative cutaneous flexibility.

Yoghurt: The total profit of yoghurt gives birth to bacterium, conduce to reduce dermatitis disease. Also contain a lot ofrich vitamin A at the same time, promote healthy cell to update, decrease acne and prevent furrow proliferation.

Avocado: The skin that the not saturated fatty acid that contains a lot ofin this delicious fruit lets you becomes more strong pliable but strong.

Green tea: The antioxidant in green tea, can reduce ultraviolet ray to be injured to your cutaneous oxidation (oxidation namely ageing) .

Tomato: Tomato red element is the antioxidant of powerful effect, the brilliant red of tomato also is to contain a lot ofthe best evidence that abounds kind of carotene, and also can bask in the skin ageing that injury and insolation cause in order to prevent.

La Mei: La Mei contains a lot ofalcohol of reed of completely white goosefoot, another kind of powerful antioxidant, can promote health of a few cardiac, promote a new standard your skin health: It can defy effectively freedom radical, protective skin avoids the harm that suffers ultraviolet ray, compensatory collagen albumen and water assign content.

The food that needs to avoid as far as possible

The \ that contain sugar is amylaceous kind food: These food are the direct prime criminal of blain blain. Additional the freedom of candy base also can destroy collagen albumen to let skin saccharify, in a word, age namely, lacking flexibility and generation furrow is easy to do, so, dear girls, if you still think young, be far from them please.

2, scented tea of preserve one's health is recommended

1, malic scented tea

Flavour of itself of malic scented tea is sufferred from a little, and odour faint scent, it is newer recently scented tea sort. Drink malic scented tea to be able to help the body enrich the blood more at ordinary times, beauty of blain of bright eye, dispel is white, slow the effect such as nerve ache.

Everybody can try to mix malic flower, rose and orange flower collocation to come make tea, can rise to enrich the blood courage and uprightness of invigorate the circulation of blood, recuperation, alleviate depressed, adjust the effect of endocrine and alimentary uterus, have favorable sanitarian effect to the female.

2, rose scented tea

Rose tea is in suffer a female to love fully all the time in recent years, rose not only odour is aromatic, still have sanitarian effect to the female. This kind of hairdressing raises rose tea colour kind scented tea, not only can female embellish skin, and can see gloomy invigorate the circulation of blood, remedial dysmenorrhoea, improve menstruation maladjusted.

Had entered nowadays first deep autumn, weather is dry, air temperature also was reduced, so the female should drink scented tea of a few roses to come more moist go dry, return the effect that can raise hematic warm stomach at the same time. Healthy to the female have huge to promote action.

3, tea of foreign Gan Ju

Foreign Gan Ju, chrysanthemum of chrysanthemum of renown West pleasant, Roman foreign of one's own accord. The Gan Ju that use ocean comes make tea, can clear hot detoxify, clear liver bright eye, invigorate the circulation of blood enrichs the blood, fall blood pressure, regulate the menstrual function is slippery bowel of lung of acetanilide, embellish, scanty wind comes loose hot, resist mood of slow and phlogistic disappear bacterium, fatigue, conciliation, improvement Morpheus. Tea of chrysanthemum of foreign of one's own accord already delicate health care, home of United States is in Europe is very popular scented tea.

Additional, if have the symptom of toothache, can come with foreign Gan Ju gargle in order to alleviate; Also can use the tea of foreign Gan Ju that passes to bubble, icy Bao Qifu comes on the eye purify black rim of the eye.

4, pot marigold tea

Pot marigold make tea, dark brown weak yellow, odour faint scent, mouthfeel is sufferred from slightly. Have clear heat to fall fire, diuresis is sudoriferous, clear damp and hot, fall the effect of hematic fat. Still can alleviate additionally aching, calm the nerves composed, adjust endocrine, accelerate digestive effect. Proposal female is much more drinkable progress scented tea, can fall fire goes whelk, acne. Bit of honey or rock candy can be added to flavor appropriately when strong bubble, better entrance.