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What does the hole that play side notice? What note does the hole that play side have?

A lot of women that love the United States can choose hole of big on both sides, take next beautiful ear is nailed or dangler, the schoolboy digs ear hole commonner also, the hole that play side is a very simple thing, need hole of ear of a few seconds to be able to have been hit only, but it is after all in the bilge on the body, have the thing that a few need notice, so what note does the hole that play side have? Look together!

What does the hole that play side notice? What note does the hole that play side have? (1)

1, the time with right choice

Of the consideration to weather element, if day cold ear produces chilblain, too hot perspire easily cause pollution to ear hole, for the rehabilitate of hole of better benefit Yu Er, the time of the hole that play side had better be to choose to be in annual by March or at the beginning of October, at that time weather just, benefit at playing side after nurse the job. In addition the MM that considers the hole that play side people must notice him escape period, the fall with the can relative strength because of this moment body, incidental infection, do not suit this period to cause scar to his ear.

2, the attention avoids extruding ear hole

After digging ear hole nurse the job also is it is important to be namely, matter to what whether can affect inflammation and cut to restore to mix directly whether can leave scar. Inside a few days when just dug ear hole, bathe, sleep, when call or arranging a hair, ought to notice not to squash, touch knock down auditive, lest good to having notting grow make smooth reading causes loss again.

3, notice ear ministry is wholesome

Although say the hole that play side is the beautiful action that pursues style, but produced scar to ear after all, because this is in,same need notices the individual is wholesome, as far as possible avoid cut to affect. A week left and right sides after digging ear hole generally speaking is to prohibit ear hole bring into contact with of water, bathing or shampoo when ought to notice to protect. In addition daily and best be can periodic gives side undertake alexipharmic all round the hole, usable cotton autograph dips in take the alcohol of 75% to undertake put on the skin is washed or the salve that daub has antiphlogistic effect already.

4, avoid skin adhesion

After digging ear hole, admire wears a simple and easy earring, the ear hole that can dig newly in order to prevent produces adhesion, daily gently rotate ear is nailed can, until without what apparently aching moment is nailed to undertake ear is nailed changing again in rotational ear. The attention changes in first time ear him hammer is not very skilled had better be to ask other help to change below the circumstance.

5, hammer of right choice ear

After digging ear hole commonly 7 days or so can change new ear was nailed, on the alternative that urges in ear, had better be the function such as choice bullion, pure silver stabler, excitant to the skin lesser metallic ear hammer, if be allergic to the metal,the crowd can choose plastic ear hammer directly, but need attention is day-to-day to ear the hammer undertakes cleanness and disinfection. At the beginning the simple and easy choice is simple and easy and smooth ear hammer on the modelling that ear nails, avoid to be in dress happen in the process that wears a hat hang. Because ear attributes the more sensitive position in the body, adorn ear hammer does not suggest to choose alloy first or the cheap ear hammer with not tall purity, still do not have because of hole of this moment ear had grown completely, cause stimulation easily to cause infection to ear hole allergic perhaps.

6, ear hole nurses attention

Brief red appearance can appear after digging ear hole commonly, should nurse correctly only can eliminate very quickly, but if exceed a week time or red word, affected likely, ought to undertake alexipharmic handling immediately, if the symptom is serious ought to timely seek medical advice, avoid semiotic accentuation.

7, item of contraindication of the hole that play side

1, avoid by all means uses aureomycin ointment, it is sticky stiff characteristic easier adsorptive bilge.

2, female menstruation should prohibit wearing ear hole, because right now all over each organ congests, resistance drops relatively, the eye that wear ear causes haemorrhage and infection easily.

3, the person of scar constitution wears ear hole to cause fibre proliferation easily, form scar a knot in one's heart, the influence is beautiful.

4, the person that earlobe has acute inflammation or chronic skin disease, should cure in inflammation control and dermatosis rear can wear ear hole.

5, allergic to metallic decorations person easy happening allergic, if appear all round the skin red, Sao is urticant, shed the phenomenon such as Huang Shui, want to pick dangler instantly. Can change after heal the dangler of other material.