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What person cannot marcel? The no-no crowd of marcel

A lot of people the figure for him change or the exterior to pursue style, often can choose marcel. And be in the eye of very much person, should growing a hair only is can of dispel marcel, but actually although some people are medium grew a hair, but unsuited however marcel. So what person cannot marcel? What does the no-no crowd of marcel have? , what person does not suit marcel - ?

What person cannot marcel? The no-no crowd of marcel (1)

1, outdoor worker

Long-term open air works or often expose the person below burning sun, the hair of these people suffers easily in sunshine of ultraviolet ray damage and deteriorate, hair of as a result is dry and flimsy break off easily, marcel itself can harm a hair, make a hair sere open fork, marcel of this kind of crowd is to let a hair undoubtedly add on the injury.

2, the woman inside gestation and postpartum half an year

The physiology status change of gestation and postpartum woman is big, especially internal system change is very big, hair is qualitative take off easily flimsily, via removing the stimulation of chemical marcel agent, in the meantime, chemical preparation produces adverse effect possibly also to fetal health.

3, firm cured person

Patient of contagion of sex of serious illness whole body is like typhoid fever, tuberculosis, hepatitis, pneumonic wait, inside 2 months after cured person, the hair is in low nutrition level, send qualitative wither, after ironing easy lose one's hair. If catch a cold,do not include light disease epidemic, infection of the upper respiratory tract.

4, the person that the hair has a disease

Suffer from scalp, the patient of a few diseases of the hair, be like the papula on scalp, scalp agnail, the person that the hair falls off in great quantities, and dander is much, send qualitative difference, the person that the hair such as hair dissension bifurcate is differred character, unfavorable marcel.

5, allergic constitution person

Have nettle rash, eczema, irritability rhinitis, marcel of the person that wait for the allergic constitution of the disease wants bronchus asthma careful, had better not come on in these disease during marcel, in addition right the foregone cold allergy that iron fluid or other cosmetic has allergic reaction, have inflammation reactor especially, unfavorable also marcel.

6, marcel note

1, appropriate is in sunshine undertakes

Marcel appropriate undertakes in sunshine, because cold very hot essence makes hair interior cell arranges reset, after wavy hair growing as a result of straight hair on the exterior, once encounter,treat water, reorganize permutation hair cell to be able to return former model, curl can turn into to be sent continuously gradually, the gimmick that irons newly especially. So marcel should keep away from wet and measurable great time, marcel should wear a hat that evening in order to maintain hair style, so that the 2nd day is combed.

2, plastic wavy hair is good finalize the design

The hair that just had ironed is fleeciness easy bibulous and make curl is out of shape, so, the hair that irons newly is in 2 days in, mix after bathe before sleeping, had better coil to furl the hair by ripple of the curl when ironing with plastic hair first, in order to maintain hairstyle stability, proper Tu Yi some protect hair product. With promotional hair strong and handsome.

3, notice to maintain

What the hair after marcel can change is dry, need to maintain, but do not use too fat maintain taste shampoo, hair end need is normally more maintain, if have bifurcate, answer to be cut off as early as possible, when the hair works, wipe divide evenly not easily to maintain quite article, absorb more easily however, so unfavorable wet hair wipes oil of essence of life, after the hair is abluent, can taste with hair of a few embellish, in order to maintain hair.

4, hair nature airing

Unfavorable blow dry hair with blower, had better be natural airing of Ga letting a head, usable towel is brushed and need not blower, if use blower to blow a head to lest the hair is damaged,do not stick close hair, if hope the hair is fleeciness, when blowing dry hair, want to be able to have head over heels very good effect.

5, do not use serration combs

The comb that does not use serration combs forcibly dry already hair, should brush with the brush only brush can. If again next time before shampoo, want a hair to furl again, in need not extending the head into water directly, need watering can gush to nod water to hit wet hair only can, such hairs can curl.