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With what can shampoo hair blacken? With what shampoo is hair hair met black?

We often may wash a hair in daily life, it is the male or female no matter, of the hair nursing is very important, but we are most the person may be simple only wash wash one's hair, how to nurse hair. So hair of a lot of people is not very good, some person hairs are not for instance black, with what shampoo can this moment help a hair blacken?

With what can shampoo hair blacken? With what shampoo is hair hair met black? (1)

1, head black medlar

Will make a black, medlar immerse in balm, 7 lie between water steam 1 hour again in the future, go next broken bits, bottle, dip in with tampon take this oil to brush a hair, insist for a long time to be able to make hair moist pitch-black.

2, still have feed vinegar

After be sent with shampoo shampoo, enter a few warm water that feed vinegar to bleach shampoo to send with add, clear water general is used after 20 minutes its rinse out, long hair can become soft burnish, pitch-black bright beautiful.

3, eat black sesame seed

Pink of will black sesame seed falls into the bowl, develop bubble with boiled water next, and mix is even, wait for its to cool to normal temperature; Washing hair hind, the daub of water of black sesame seed of will strong bubble is on the hair, with hot towel wrap up lives hair, wash clean after half hours can, it is to very good Hei Liangxiu is sent, of the action of compensatory nutrition.

4, still have tomato

Extract tomato mushy or it is direct tomato pound, join a few flour, modulation arrives appropriate chroma. Wash clean hair next, send the hair a little with towel dry, get on tomato mud daub in the hair again, towel is heated up on the bag and wear bath hat, lukewarm bath of the reoccupy after about 15 minutes is clean.

Tomato contains a lot ofa vitamin C and fight oxidation material, the withered and yellow hair that because the undesirable outside element such as pollution, insolation, dry, dust is caused,can let restores original black luster.

5, dietary proposal

Water fruit: Apricot, mango, citric, peach, the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn, dateplum persimmon.

Do fruit: Shen of apricot doing, mango doing, currant, dried persimmon, candied date or jujube, sunflower, walnutmeat, sesame seed, pignut, Gan Sang, medlar.

Greengrocery: Liver mosses of leaf of carrot, three-colored amaranth, cole, spinach, caraway, celery, cole, shepherd's purse.

The flesh kind: Flesh of liver of pork liver, sheep, ox liver, hare liver, chicken, duck, goose.

Lacteal egg kind: Pink of yoke of egg, duck's egg, chicken, egg, milk powder, butter.

Aquatic product kind: Lion of river snail, ostracean, river crab, snail, mussel.

Cereal legume: Barley rice, corn, soya bean, black soya bean, red bean, hyacinth bean, cowpea wait