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Su Yanshuang and segregation frost early or late ordinal Su Yanshuang and the distinction that keep apart frost

Su Yanshuang is the bottom that a kind of new development comes out makeup product, so a lot of people may have not been used, su Yanshuang, just as its name implies, it is element colour on makeup but can obscure again element colour, but we are going up is to be able to besmear one keeps apart frost before bottom makeup, so, whether do we need reoccupy to keep apart frost when using Su Yanshuang? Whether can be Su Yanshuang and segregation frost used together?

Su Yanshuang and segregation frost early or late ordinal Su Yanshuang and the distinction that keep apart frost (1)

1, can be used at the same time

Su Yanshuang and segregation frost can be used at the same time.

Su Yanshuang and segregation frost are two kinds of different products, the side focal point of its action is different, su Yanshuang is the result that can say to have colour makeup already, can rise to protect skin action again, can carry bright color of skin, the United States is protected in vain wet, after using, have to the skin maintain action; And segregation frost more it is segregation pollution dirt, ultraviolet ray and cosmetic harm to cutaneous. Say so both be can use those who will increase the result at the same time.

2, which be used first

Use segregation frostlike powder first.

Although Su Yanshuang says be comparing deflection is to protect skin to taste, but because its are contained,wait for beautiful white composition like G of titanium dioxide, vitamin and white ginseng, Bai Yu, had better be to be able to use segregation frost to undertake be keepinged apart. And Su Yanshuang is used after segregation, can help protect wet moist skin, besmear again from the back Bb or other cosmetic, meeting more docile, the skin also can appear more exquisite.

3, use order

Need uses the word of segregation frost and Su Yanshuang at the same time, want first complete cleanness is facial, undertake the foundation protects skin to work next, water of use bright skin, latex, elite protect skin, brush segregation frost next, again daub Su Yanshuang.

4, segregation frost is used

If just use segregation frostlike powder alone, after cleanness is facial, water of Tu Haoshuang skin, latex, elite protect skin to taste, brush segregation frost directly next can. Breast of discharge makeup water, discharge makeup or strip should be used after segregation frost is used the special discharge such as makeup oil makeup the product undertakes discharge makeup.

5, Su Yanshuang is used

Itself of element colour frost has those who had compared to ensure wet result, it is so after cleanness is facial, can use after bright skin water, latex, su Yanshuang also can be used directly after water of besmear bright skin can. After be being used, be with the grandma that wash a face or gentle discharge makeup water is cleaned commonly can, need not use puissant strip makeup the product comes discharge makeup.

6, about Su Yanshuang

Su Yanshuang is the last situation that is used in the foundation to nurse, mixture sex skin, t area slants oily, use it directly after soft skin water commonly, alimentary cream reoccupy can give out when weather of likelihood autumn winter is dry it, sensory autumn winter is met with it only a bit dry. What myself uses is Clio Su Yanshuang, of the province with true dosage, every time little is enough, much wasteful, and the meeting is factitious if your daub is inhomogenous.

I take it commonly frost is used that day, the optimal choice of dawdler! Used it to be able to make dot of my Bai Yi, color a bit better. I feel to before it still fits campaign, be used, do not have a person commonly belt makeup goes moving, but large element room of Yan Qujian body of what, much rarer dot is not self-confident, used it to always compare true large element Yan Jiang, also won't take off greatly after kubla khah dripping wet makeup. Element colour frost this is the United States' white protecting skin is tasted, not be powdery bottom, do not have block defect effect actually, cannot expect so too tall, used it to won't change skin Bai Xi is too busy to blow play the white Xue Gongju that can defeat, unless your skin is good original with respect to flaw of it doesn't matter.