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Sleep does hairdressing become aware what contraindication is there? Sleep does hairdressing become aware can you wear blindfold?

Night is the optimal period of skin rehabilitate, also be our body most relaxation period, be in nightly, the stand or fall of Morpheus quality can cause certain effect to the condition of skin, sleep hairdressing becomes aware have profit to skin, but how to sleep hairdressing becomes aware is some contraindication, so, sleep does hairdressing become aware what contraindication is there? Sleep does hairdressing become aware can you wear blindfold? Will look.

Sleep does hairdressing become aware what contraindication is there? Sleep does hairdressing become aware can you wear blindfold? (1)

1, sleep hairdressing becomes aware attention

Pillow towel, the closest skin killer

The pillow with right choice can slow your cervical vertebra pressure, when letting get up in the morning more spirit. But will tell from the angle that protect skin, appropriate and clean pillow towel is more necessary. When Morpheus turn over, facial ministry always is can direct bring into contact with your pillow towel, the bacterium that goes up because of this pillow towel and dirt produce a harm easily to skin.

Use the pillow towel that surpasses a week to need is cleaned in time and be put in air is basked in below the sun, in order to prevent bacterial multiply. In addition if be to just finish,iron pull send or catch hair, need discretion more on the use of the pillow towel. In new finish the first time shampoo after hairstyle, besides need besides thoroughly clean hair, the pillow towel that still needs to will been used undertakes cleaning, lest the liquid medicine of the remain on the hair passes the iteration of the pillow towel,use skin of the ministry opposite side to cause harm.

Blind fold, create pressure to eye ministry and grow blain blain easily

Because the light outdoor often is disturbed,fall asleep, many beautiful eyebrow can choose to use blind fold undertake preventing light. Blind fold stops the ray through cloth and the contact with circumjacent eye, although this can let an eye avoid those who get the light to erode, but create huge pressure to skin however. The skin itself cutin of eye week is less more delicate also, force of long-term sense press press can make blood is illogical circularly easily free, give issue of skin of lose face ministry easily. In the meantime, because the skin range that blind fold place covers gets pressure and the metabolism that cannot breathe normally, appear more easily the skin problem such as blain blain.

Open the lamp to sleep won't grow furrow

A lot of people like not to black out sleep, awake in midnight in that way when won't hurry-scurry. The drives the lamp to sleep to grow furrow easily version that circulates on the net recently lets many beautiful eyebrow begin doubt, opening the lamp to sleep after all can you grow furrow? By ageing of internal cause sex and ageing of external cause sex actually place of these two reasons forms furrow. Ageing of external cause sex basically is ultraviolet illuminate bring about skin condition to worsen, and common bedroom light in use contains ultraviolet ray scarcely. And when Morpheus, the skin is in all the time loosen condition, accordingly, this kind of concern is to be without really necessary. You have in case the habit that the lamp sleeps, what deserve attention more so is your deepness Morpheus quality, the generation of furrow of and rather than.

Although open the lamp to sleep,won't bring about face minister furrow, but opening the lamp to sleep is the beautiful white great undertaking that can let melanin easily precipitate to affect you thereby however. Consider to discover, fade black element in the late evening 23 when to morrow before dawn when, often secrete the most exuberant, once appear,arrived after day break illuminant, can stop to secrete. What the exudation of fade black element can restrain human body sympathetic not only is stimulant, make blood pressure drops, the heartbeat is decelerated, also can let a heart get rest at the same time, enhance the immune power of airframe then, eliminate exhaustion. There still is the lamp when sleeping in the evening accordingly, same meeting affects the exudation of fade melanin, the melanin that time grew to let skin easily precipitates.

The language after making up: Morpheus is the activity that working hours is next to in a day of life, had done what after protecting the job, be about to begin advertent bedding to whether can become you is wash to protect skin killer before sleeping. Shut the lamp to sleep, already can beautiful Bai Youneng assures Morpheus quality, get up to also can have good color the following day.

2, protect skin to protect wet skill

1. is prevented it is good to bask in fight in the van to be hit for water tender skin by

Protect wet with prevent basking in all is a female in striving for beautiful process, never but the thing of Zuo lax! Passed 25 years old, skin condition begins to step down slope, most the leather fat film that periphery protection skins collapses gradually, skin cell is in the condition of converging attack of inside and outside, there is ultraviolet descent outside, there is water to divide the secret worry of a large number of prediction of a person's luck in a given year inside. Be in when the cell flabby and fixed, if can reduce ultraviolet ray to be destroyed to cellular abidance, healthy cell can keep normal movement oneself, skin male dry is short of water situation to be able to be improved, accordingly, give attention to two or morethings is prevented bask in with protect wet become 30 years old of women the first goal that skin maintains. Should prevent all the year round bask in, if sits for a long time inside the office, choose prevent the number that bask in to be in of SPF30 prevent bask in article can, if constant and outer the work done outside the office that rush about a group of things with common features, need to choose SPF50 to defend the product of the number that bask in high, and both should fill at any time brush, whole side block absolutely ultraviolet enroach on.

2. strengthens a week in advance to be on guard microgroove arises

Ageing alarm Zuo is knocked rise at the moment, more need to make good key point Zhou Bao is wet, lest microgroove, black rim of the eye appears, become the hand of leakage age. Whether does the product emphasize close fact pulling except the attention outside carrying, still need to hold concurrently ensure wet result, can choose contain acid of make water of A alcohol, Bo, reach can promote hyperplasia of glue Yuan albumen three, 4, 5 get the better of peptide kind wait for composition. Must prevent a force more overweight and drag skin, bring about grain generation, can match dab the movement with dub, quicken a product to absorb. One Zuo 2, use the eye film that keeps wet effect high, week of concentrated moist eye skins.

3. fights oxygen + activation maintains wet beautiful muscle the effect is more distinct

of 30 years old, body metabolization speed chases decrescent delay, impose condition of grease film occurrence unbalance, the circumstance that is short of oil relatively the case that lack water is severe. Right now, maintain tasted quality of a material and composition should upgrade. Cannot choose the relaxed quality of a material like gel product only, must enter instead rank protect wet elite fluid to what contain trifling oil or using is latex; on the other hand, metabolize to help a loop, quicken skin trash eduction, eliminate skin tired feeling, also should choose to add can promote second birth and refuse oxidation class status, help the product that the cell runs normally.

4. partition maintains changeover grease maladjusted flesh

From the oily flesh with 20 years old of exuberant grease, turn gradually for T word oil, two buccal male mix up flesh, want to resolve complex skin worry, hold " partition maintains " reach " accuse oil to fill again first water " Yuan criterion. Because T word gives oily place to belong to basicity, and two buccal belong to acidity skin to pledge, acid is alkaline land below lopsided condition, should use the clean Yan Pin that can balance PH to be worth, foundation of qualitative; of new recuperation skin maintains a preexistence T word accuse oil, again in order to keep whole face of wet elite or lacteal daub. Makeup hind, place giving oil is usable it is only makeup hind of the design accuse oil to taste.

5. office is protected wet it is the flesh that lack water to fill immediately water

Be swayed by office air conditioning under, begin to let chin, nose ala namely afternoon two side and double buccal because lack water and male dry desquamate, yuan first perfect bottom makeup also begin to depart with the face. If produce the male dry phenomenon of little place only, can use protect wet sparge to achieve local and brief slow, if want to solve the problem that lack water thoroughly, ability of 2 when below the expert offers little secret should teach you: The first, take on even if face makeup, can use protect wet elite fluid even daub is on both hands, the in male dry desquamate place on again big range, protect wet elite fluid to contain high concentration to keep wet part and the element is petty, can complement for an instant skin place requires moisture. As to take off makeup place not carefully because of daub elite fluid, reuse pink bottom undertakes filling makeup can. Another close ability is not to need to spend money, also but the be economical that light Zuo solves dry problem maintains law, after can eating Chinese food, hot water of bedew of a little wash cloth, pigheaded after working, place in distance face about 2 centimeter are in, stay about 1 minute, let face dip be in the moist of vapor, can improve dry problem effectively about 2 times.