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Is the hair sere be because of,He Yuan? Is the hair sere it what eat is good to what eat?

The hair is sere very common thing is in the life, friend of a lot of females has had the appearance with sere hair, because of friend of very much now female female for beautiful can go normally barber shop do one's hair, do one's hair to the hair it is to have exceedingly those who damage so a lot of people can appear the circumstance with sere hair. So is the hair sere be because of,He Yuan? Is the hair sere it what eat is good to what eat?

Is the hair sere be because of,He Yuan? Is the hair sere it what eat is good to what eat? (1)

1, the hair is sere because of,be He Yuan

Genetic. Congenital drying hair, expression of this kind of hair works for scalp, scurf is more.

With overmuch modelling product. Often pound bosomy hair to be able to make send qualitative damage, hair moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year is fast. You can be protected with olive oil hair, get on olive oil drop in the comb before shampoo, use comb comb next, get on the besmear with even olive oil to the hair.

Pressure is great. The pressure that comes from the job and life can affect one the individual's psychosis not only, return the metabolization that can affect scalp.

Hidebound. Food is undeserved also can appear the hair is sere problem, you need to eat more a few protect hair food, wait like fish of ostracean, 3 article, spinach.

2, the hair is sere it what eat is good to what eat

1, sweet a peach-shaped thing. Honey peach individual sweet, bear in mind constantly letting a person. Actually family not only delicious, and nutrition is very rich still, it contains protein, adipose, candy, calcium and iron, can give hair height to protect wet and moist, return the pliability that can enhance a hair.

2, apple. The apple is opposite not only the skin is good, also have profit to the hair actually. The battalion nurturance in the apple divides what can restrain scurf to grow, still can calm scalp and stop urticant.

3, orange. Many vitamin C is contained in orange, can calm nerve, dispel worry, healthy, it is normal that the metabolization of scalp also is met.

4, yangtao. This kind of bizarre fruit contains many vitamin C and antioxidant, conduce to maintain a hair complaisant health.

5, carrot. The many vitamin A in carrot can promote leather fat to form, effect can be mediated to nature since correct skin health.

6, ostracean. Oyster contains a lot ofmicroelement zinc and Selenium, conduce to hair health growing.

7, vitamin B. Pressure is too great, error of system of human body immunity atttacks scalp cell, cause the hair is big to fall off, this moment already not just the hair is sere so simple.

8, fish oil and vitaminic B12. Vitaminic E can help the skin and hair keep healthy, grape, La Mei can eat more. And the fish oil that capsule holds, besides can take take, also can carry capsule broken, wipe fish oil next go up in the hair, moist hair tip, prevent hair bifurcate.

3, the hair is sere how to nurse

1, use protect hair vegetable. When shampoo is sent, but protect hair element to wipe go up at the hair, and use a comb comb even. Await in a few minutes, rinse reoccupy shampoo to undertake choosing sending with clear water. Final reoccupy protects hair element to undertake nursing. After if undertake,nursing for some time, send qualitative meeting to get ameliorative.

2, every week undertakes evaporating nursing. Apply even hair film on the hair above all, lapping with hot towel next the head, make a hair sufficient receive nutrition only. The meeting after blowing dry hair becomes more oily suitable.

3, collagen albumen shampoo can solve a hair sere short-tempered. Join between shampoo 1 have wash one's hair than the albumen of pulverous shape collagen of 1, the meeting after be being washed discovers the hair becomes more slippery, arranged.

4, the choice nurses model shampoo. Usually, good shampoo solves a hair effectively the circumstance of sere short-tempered. But when washing a hair, cannot immediately bubble rinse out, should let a hair absorb 3 to 5 minutes ability rises to improve a hair the effect of sere short-tempered.