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What does the true measure of the film that make a range have? What is the optimal time of the film that make a range?

Very much personage love the United States often can use this kind to Facial mask to protect skin product, Facial mask has a lot of distinct effect, the film that use a face needs to choose according to skin condition, and Facial mask should be made in right time, the effect ability that protects skin so is achieved best, so what does the true measure of the film that make a range have? What is the optimal time of the film that make a range? Everybody introduction is below.

What does the true measure of the film that make a range have? What is the optimal time of the film that make a range? (1)

1, the true measure of the film that make a range

1, try quick

Before use Facial mask, must do allergic test first, this is a lot of MM the measure of oversight. Wipe dressing of film of a few face first go up in the back of hand, the scour off after 30 minutes, if daub place does not have red urticant reaction, can wipe go up in the face. Especially to DIY Facial mask, should insist to make the habit of allergic test first more.

2, cleanness

Before besmear Facial mask, should first discharge makeup, wash a face, still can go first when necessary corneous. Clean facial the absorption that is helpful for Facial mask, also avoid bilge, dirt to enter pore.

3, hot compress

To achieve best apply side effect, be in above the apply after washing a face before film, can use hot towel wet apply to be in first facial ministry 3 minutes, be in next facial massage everywhere 3 to 5 minutes, in order to open pore, benefit at absorbing.

4, daub order

The order of besmear Facial mask, should from cervical, mandible, two buccal, bazoo, lip, forehead, by next upgrade; eyes all round, place of lip of brow, fluctuation is unfavorable besmear Facial mask. Had better do the besmear of T word place of dry easily to rise leisurely first, finally is U area.

5, take

After answering to be made an appointment with in Facial mask coating 15 minutes, with finger kiss, rebujiao is sticky hand, can begin from filmy brim, from bottom to top is slow uncover. Generally speaking, the meeting after Facial mask is dry makes the skin constrictive, occurrence furrow, want when Facial mask is so dry immediately take out, do not stay for long on the skin or pass the night.

6, cold compress

After taking Facial mask, application is clean the hangover on face of Wen Shui general is abluent, again with moment of face of cold towel apply, contract in order to make pore, cosmetic of skin of the embellish on final blot out. MM people must not leak to receive collect measure, film of face of qualitative sex of a little clean sex or chamfer, if later period processing is inadvertent, probable meeting causes skin to harm.

2, the optimal time of the film that make a range

Apply Facial mask is feminine skin maintains a indispensable important segment, but everybody knows, Facial mask unlike protects skin to taste daily in that way, want to use everyday, usually 1-2 of film of face of a week apply second can. But the optimal time about apply Facial mask, be to opinions vary on the net.

After all Facial mask is to had been done in the morning, still had done afternoon, perhaps do in the evening again best? We do not defend the view that goes listening to a cosmetologist! No matter be what to do to have a proper opportunity, the use of Facial mask also is same, when to use Facial mask to had been done?

1, the film that make a range is before sleeping in the evening is optimal time

The metabolism of human body is in nightly the trough in be in a day, and cellular growth and repair activity are most vigorous in this time, consequently the skin absorbs ability to also can be strengthened somewhat to what nurture pledges, choose on in the evening this time, add the move that makes Facial mask correctly, the nutrition in conducing to Facial mask composition follows metabolism to pass into skin ground floor, achieve first-rate to protect skin effect thereby.

Bathe in the evening normally so can begin to make Facial mask after 9 o'clock probably, this moment skin loosens pore to stretch, can more sufficient absorption the nutrition of Facial mask, of course, after washing a face facial evaporate again apply, the effect also is same.

2, the a week after menses passes does Facial mask result double very

Have such sensory: ?  whetstoning show off returns? color to ameliorate, the skin is pretty good, the effect that protects skin to taste is apparent also. Because menses crosses the a week after to be,this is follicular period, the level of the estrogen in blood and corpus luteum element picks up gradually, skin blood is full, metabolism is exuberant, the skin of this period draws strength optimal, the tall pH indicator such as fluid of use Facial mask, elite protects skin to taste, harvest more nutrition, make skin good go up had added.

And this period protects skin measure besides the foundation, but bold addition goes corneous frequency, because follicular period of skin bear force is the most powerful, every other two arrive 3 days, with Facial mask or chamfer qualitative frost does deep-seated cleanness, make skin quickly bright rise, absorb force to improve one condition again.

3, the error of the film that make a range

1, oily skin uses clean face only character film

We know surface of oily skin skin accumulates bilge, grease easily, it is right that apply Facial mask accuses oil. But if be if using clean Facial mask, can help clean grease bilge only, cannot enough from solve problem giving oil at all, return meeting accentuation to give oil instead.

2, every day apply Facial mask

Apply Facial mask can help compensatory skin nutrition, but every day apply Facial mask brings about skin nutrition very easily again superfluous and appear adipose bead. And every day apply Facial mask still can let the skin become more and more sensitive, reduce the resistance of skin oneself. Additional often daub of a deep Facial mask, because skin cannot be absorbed,cross much nutrition easily also and appear skin nutrition is superfluous.

3, the edge bathes Bian Fu Facial mask

In film of margin spread face bathing to make the vapor of bathing generation enters Facial mask very easily by the side of and the use result that affects Facial mask. Additionally vapor also may isolate an area film brings about skin with the skin to do not have method to get Facial mask comprehensive alimentary.

4, Facial mask is long apply with

In apply Facial mask when many people can be done not have because of the elite on Facial mask be absorbed completely and long apply Facial mask, cause a bacterium very easily so, and when Facial mask is drier and drier the moisture in absorbing the skin easily and nutrient, cause skin problem more and more serious.

5, Facial mask replaces Morpheus late frost

After many people use Morpheus Facial mask, direct apply is worn Facial mask sleeps, such doing cause cutaneous nutrition very easily superfluous, grow adipose bead. Especially after Facial mask worked, go up very easily still to the face water cent, nutrition forms cutaneous to be absorbed instead, cause problem of skin of membrane of the face that exceed spread to be highlighted more.

4, the measure that the foundation protects skin

1, wash a face

Went with the grandma that wash a face only by day, the word in the evening, use discharge makeup milk-like liquid first, reoccupy washs grandma. Had made up to perhaps had used segregation frost, prevent bask in frost must discharge makeup.

2, use bright skin water

Can use make up cotton touchs water to brush a face, can have clean effect, OK also and direct will make up water is patted rise to defend wet action on the face.

No matter use which kinds of method, should use till the skin does not work.

3, use elite fluid

Heat up hand department rub with the hands first, elite fluid even put on the skin is on the face, notice elite composition wants escape eye week to skin, press gently with the palm control facial U area, according to by fall to go up, by outside press to the means gentleness inside pressure, ensure absorb completely of elite composition, t area also repeats with same way.

Use finger abdomen to knock the skin of the ministry that play a face gently finally, 100 it is a group, undertake 3 groups can.

4, protect wet

Choose to be protected differently character according to oneself skin wet protect skin to taste. Qiu Dong uses frostlike powder if seasonal skin is dry, use day of frostlike powder by day, use late frost in the evening. Chun Xia skin is wetter went with breast. If be to protect skin in the evening not the word of apply Facial mask, this is last pace!

5, segregation

Can take right amount segregation frost to brush at forehead, the place such as chin, till be absorbed completely,flap gently.

6, prevent bask in

Prevent bask in frost to need and should prevent the SPF that basks in frost and PA value to choose according to his, preventing the effect time accident that basks in frost is to depend on SPF deserves bulk, be its effect time with SPF15 is (15 × 10 minutes of =150 minute) that is to say SPF15 it is denotive it is to prevent basking in effect is 15 times 10 minutes.

Not be to say time grows better more, because time grows pair of cutaneous burdens to be able to be weighed more, if pursue outdoors job for long or you do not move, do not suggest you are used times taller.

Protecting skin should have correct move, otherwise careless ground is used protect skin to taste, can cause combat the effect.

Brush the measure: that protects skin to taste?

After washing a face, the word of Facial mask is used, wash the word of Facial mask, sail upstream again, protect wet elite, latex / frost. Soft skin water suits neuter quite. Drying. It is better that summer of water of; bright skin is used with winter of water of; soft skin.