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Why does different age Duan Ru protect skin? Each age paragraph key of the side that protect skin

A lot of protecting skin to taste is a basis skin chooses with the age character, different age paragraph when, skin the condition that is in differs somewhat, the respect that when protecting skin need emphasizes particularly on also can differ somewhat, the skin state that wants him foundation chooses the appropriate method that protect skin, why does Duan Ru of so different age protect skin? Each age paragraph what is key of the side that protect skin?

Why does different age Duan Ru protect skin? Each age paragraph key of the side that protect skin (1)

1, each age paragraph maintain secret

(1)30 year old

Secret one: Protect good cheek. When the female is 30 years old, facial ministry skin begins prolapse, skin appears slight furrow. Every angel is prevented with powerful effect bask in frost; Use every night contain vitamin A or kind the late frost of vitamin A, promote facial skin cell to grow.

Secret 2: Care breast. Be pregnant, lactation can bring about mammary prolapse. Exercise bosom muscle to be able to improve the outward appearance. Had better adorn when training athletic bust bodice, prevent a breast to shake substantially, accentuation is flagging.

Secret 3: Maintain " sunshine " the mood. Depressed meeting brings about female prematurely senile. The B that the female absorbs full amount a group of things with common features vitamin, conduce to eliminate depressed.

(2)40 year old

Secret 4: Had slept to become aware. Surround menopause hormone the metropolis such as disorder, daily pressure is aggravating this age paragraph Morpheus problem. Sleep bad meeting brings about the magnesium inside body fast prediction of a person's luck in a given year, the female should be compensatory magnesian.

Secret 5: Prevent thick waist. Hormone change brings about female waist more easily to coarsen. Dr. Gusidafusen expresses, "Every week 5 days, move 20 minutes everyday " athletic mode is compared " every week 3 days, move 1 hour every time " athletic mode effect is better.

Secret 6: Protect intelligence. The female's cerebra begins from 40 years old downhill. Attend study class, learn cook, musical instrument to wait brand-new craft conduces to prevent cognitive ability to drop. Additional, want to eat the beneficial head food such as salmon and tuna more.

(3)50 after year old

Secret 7: Prevent furrow. If late frost, depth is fought,decline nurse reach prevent bask in frost to still cannot prevent facial furrow, can try transparent qualitative acerbity filler so. Inject can maintain 1 year 1 times. The proposal of the dermatologist should be solicited before inject.

Secret 8: Reduce ache. After 50 years old, because articulatory cartilage degrades, osteoarthritis begins show effect. Canter, by bicycle and swim wait for motion to suit this age most paragraph the female reduces ache.

Secret 9: Hold of the same branch of a family. The female passes fifty years old, cross sexual life to be able to let its appear young more regularly. If feel female private parts is dry, might as well use hormone creams (short-term use the safest) , perhaps use acid of ammonia of the essence that contain L- (conduce stimulates an appetite) lubricant.

2, all sorts of skin protect skin key character

1, 20- - 25 years old protect skin key

Right now skin itself condition is very pretty good still, basically be the wholesome habit that should notice oneself, avoid to grow blain, and yield skin hour retain water benefit, very enough moisture is in inside.

① drying skin

In this age paragraph drying skin, should use lacteal oil wood is sweet kind of cream, or hydrate cream, and should give skin compensatory and enough needs nutrition reach moisture, before sleeping more want moist skin, the late frost with applicable daub. If skin is very dry, can use oily bigger late frost, if feel very fat, but again inside a few minutes 10 after daub, use face tissues adsorption. Because be in a few minutes 10 in, the needs nutrient amount that the skin can absorb has entered cuticular cell inside, also won't be wasted so or say to did not have the effect.

② oily skin

Gum of aspic of the bubble that wash a face is used when clean face or toilet soap of biology mineral water.

Cream should use cream accusing oil, plant essence kind cream. These can prevent a bacterium cause, protect the skin, avoid the skin sleek influence is beautiful.

Clean face uses lukewarm bath face, but the redundant grease on purify face avoids to stimulate the skin because of using the water of overheat or super-cooling again, first-rate water is warm should be adjacent at human body temperature.

Much edible Chinese cabbage, leek, bean sprouts, lean lean, legume, the vitamin that fills to be measured amply, protein, fatty acid, water, conduce to adipose metabolization, reduce facial fat, make skin ruddy bouncy. Moisture is attached most importance to especially to oily skin should, must drink water more.

2, 25- - the key of 30 years old that protect skin: Prevent and boycott furrow

Antagonism consenescence, have words of such a few names: Pure vitaminic A advances essence of CLAAHA vitaminic A linoleic acid of composition CLA conjugate, the help maintains collagen albumen balance, cell of help adjustment skin as to first-rate young condition. Action at cuticular layer, it stimulates the strange long activity of new student cell.

AHA fruit acerbity instant but action at skin cutin layer, purify ageing cell. Be worth what carry is, fruit acid can promote constituent second birth, stimulate the second birth of glue basic stitch, make skin level off, accordingly he besides be pacified furrow, still to caving blain scar has the gender to cure action very well. Fruit acid is action commonly the corneous layer at surface layer, cell of effective purify ageing, create favorable environment for new skin cell.

Ground of vitaminic A effect refuses ageing class status, can deep-seated action at skin, the rehabilitate of the formation of albumen of stimulative skin collagen and skin oneself.

Pure vitaminic A advances essence of life the play of the effect that composition accelerates vitaminic A, be absorbed of the oldest rate to use by skin. Quicken the generation of new student cell with vitaminic A.

Essence of life is simple pure vitaminic A advances vitaminic A essence composition can arrive at dermal layer, at the same time action, of stimulative skin rehabilitate and collagen albumen generate, make skin becomes tight send bouncy.

(1) external use: Hydrous compound, breast is oily kind of cream, protect film of wet moist noodle or cream, protect Shi Ningshuang and lacteal frostlike powder (to cream, had better choose the cream that does not have side-effect, prevent skin precocity, so, because of,elite element also is of appropriate of from time to time) , the flexibility that can preserve skin, stretch, prevent foreign invasion.

(2) inside with: Delicate food, be like: Water, vitamin C, vitamin of B a group of things with common features, shepherd's purse, carrot, tomato, cucumber, pea, agaric, milk. Main effect depends on deferring consenescence, prevent hypodermic grease gland to secrete decrease, bring about skin burnish to feel abate, skin is coarse.

Next, in this age paragraph notice even even if avoid to insolate, the generation of fleck of prevention and cure and furrow.

3.30--40 year old the key that protect skin: Precaution skins dry and burnish subsidise

(1) external use: Use fight knit, the frost product that defends wet action, nutritional Facial mask also is to nurse what need. And, protect wet fight knit elite fluid to be able to retain the flexibility with original skin and moisture, reduce wrinkle. What place should emphasize is to use eye frost to be able to be helped reduce pouch and black rim of the eye.

(2) inside with: The much more compensatory water, fresh fruit, vegetable, animal protein that contains collagen protein (for instance: Pig hoof, skin, fish, lean lean) . These food can prevent much edible skin grain of end of dry, fish, muscle is flabby etc. Additional, the Morpheus time that assures 8 hours everyday is crucial also.

4.40--50 year old the key that protect skin: The skin dehydrate that prevents endocrinopathy to cause and facial flabbily

(1) external use: The hairdressing that does major regularly protects skin to promote with arouse metabolism, use the Facial mask of action of anti-creasing, filling water, second birth and cream. The serum clean fluid, cream that contains rich vitamin E, fruit is acerbity film of kind of cosmetic, glue can keep clear of effectively the cell that skin surface already died, promote the growth of new cell, use more effective contain vitamin A and fruit to keep wet product acerbitily, improve skin position.

(2) inside with: Fruit juice of much edible corn, yam, dawdle, citric, walnut, cabbage, cauliflower, fruit, peanut oil... can be helpful for cholesterol excrete, filling gas raises blood, defer skin consenescence.

5.5 years old of the following keys that protect skin: Prevent skin colloid and stretch protein prediction of a person's luck in a given year, skin is lost solid quality

(1) external use: Treat dead skin carefully, be sure to keep in mind to cannot use the product that contains coarse abrasive. Much more compensatory moisture, the processing that also wants caution to second birth cell and caress; Use anti-creasing the frost, cosmetic that fights ageing, albumen of the Facial mask that makes vitamin E appropriately, collagen kind Facial mask, the conditional professional series that can make beauty parlour regularly nurses.

(2) inside with: Comprehensive battalion conserve manages, maintain good state of mind.

3, different skin is qualitative how clean face

1, oily cutaneous washs a face method

Feature: Leather fat is secreted exuberant, although skin so flexibility is good, not easy ageing, can grow blain easily however.

Wash facial method: With the breast washing a face with clean powerful force, want cleared oil on one hand, can adjust value of skin soda acid on one hand. When washing a face, put the milk that wash a face in the rub on the centre of the palm to knead bubbly, special want place of word of careful and clean T, especially the leather fat such as two side secretes nose ala more exuberant place. Grow the place of blain, delimit gently with bubble circle, rinse above 20 times to just go repeatedly with clear water next.

Small stick person: Grow the heavy oil sex of mark of blain blain scar easily to skin, using oil of hot water eliminate just is your cleanness cutaneous special code. This and hot water is used when washing a bowl can easily scour off is smeary it is same argument. After washing a face, should undertake protecting as soon as possible wet, alimentary skin.

2, premature senility cutaneous washs a face method

Feature: Your skin in advance becomes flimsy and lack is stretch, eye the microgroove all around is deeper and deeper also, pore becomes bulky, it is apparently " problem skin " .

Wash facial method: With the side of alimentary sex clean that has tall curative effect breast defies skin ageing case. When washing a face, breed clean face sufficient rub is kneaded first bubbly, with point to an abdomen gently rub is kneaded mix all round the eye nose ala two side, be sure to keep in mind to cannot exert oneself to do sth. absolutely rudely rub is washed.

Small stick person: The ageing with corneous to ageing serious accumulation skins, corneous purify is very important one link. Tie-in the chamfer simple product of two kinds of above, a week is used 1 times can.

3, sensitivity cutaneous washs a face method

Feature: Drying skin because carelessly skin conserve, bring about the skin to falling to become sensitive gradually in the circumstance that dehydrates chronically, cause slight eczema or grow an acne.

Wash facial method: Use protect wet effect high to wash facial product, prevent skin to suffer stimulation to the utmost, connect water and bubble to cannot be contacted, use so wipe will replace clean, it is a kind of law that wash a face. Preparation wipes used makeup one bottle water is very important. Because this type skin cannot exert oneself to do sth. rub is kneaded, make up water makes dosage wants many a little bit relatively.

Small stick person: The proposal is used completely can deliquescent in water and the breast washing a face that won't remain, or use sponge will produce enough foam, will wash a face with these bubble, next reoccupy warm water is cleaned.

4, mixture sex cutaneous washs a face method

Feature: This kind of lopsided skin gives oil and dry position from time to tome together, accordingly, because dry and skin is corneous,add easily on one hand thick, on one hand because give oily and long whelk easily, all round the eye also because dry lack water, small microgroove is more apparent, make a person careladen.

Wash facial method: Want to solve the clean problem with this kind of simple skin, should choose in the light of different position wash a face to taste. Notable is, you should begin from T word place first, return T word place again finally, ability is complete purify grease, those who maintain skin is relaxed.

Small stick person: Those who use shift formula clean means, it is the one old method of purify whelk. When cleaning cheek brim, should begin to move slowly from chin two buccal, arrive finally all round ear, slowly clean, clean with warm water next. Whole palm applies to wipe when cleaning kind spill water to clean, a place is cleaned 56 times can.

5, drying cutaneous washs a face method

Feature: The skin lacks moisture content, dry take off bits easily, the meeting when seasonal change because air cooling or the explicit element such as central heating, moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year is more, become more dry.

Wash facial method: When washing a face, answer with clean of the right amount serum that wash a face, reoccupy warm water is careful and abluent, what the choice won't bring skin any burdens is gentle the breast that wash a face is very important. If dry the case that lacks water does not have improvement all the time, do not use product of bubble clean face, convert product of face of clean of shape of lacteal frostlike powder.

Small stick person: Wash facial water for a long time lukewarm exorbitant it is to cause the one big reason with dry skin, washing the temperature that the face suits most is 32 ℃ , of course, unfavorable also wash a face with cold water.