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How to contain hairdressing Facial mask? What should apply Facial mask notice?

Apply Facial mask is the way protecting skin that every female friend knows, want to maintain the skin white tender luster must have done the work that protect skin, filling water is an important segment in the job that protect skin, so friend of a lot of females can choose apply Facial mask to fill water, but the film that buy a range can bring due economic responsibility to female friends, so somebody meets him start work the film that make a range. So how to contain hairdressing Facial mask? What should apply Facial mask notice?

How to contain hairdressing Facial mask? What should apply Facial mask notice? (1)


One, how to contain hairdressing Facial mask


 1, Albumen lemon juice Facial mask

All the time since, lemon is be regarded as by the female " hairdressing emperor is tasted " . The citric acid inside it not only can prevent and eliminate pigment inside the skin ad cool-headed, and can layer of bate cutaneous cutin, your skin becomes fair and clear luster.

Material: Albumen, lemon juice

Effect: Go to black head, beauty be being sent in vain, closely

Practice: 1. Infiltrate albumen inside the bowl (do not want yoke) 2. Agitate comes a white bubble 3. Add the 6 lemon juice to 8 4. Even besmear is on the face 5. Wait for 15-20 clean after minute.

Thin body: Everyday in the morning a boiled eggs and a cup of lemonade, help defecate decreases a pound.

2, Film of aloe honey face

Believe to Lu Hui female friend is not new, it not only can beautiful white skin, OK still the protective skin of deep administrative levels.

Material: Lu Hui, honey one teaspoon

Effect: After basking in, slow, diminish inflammation goes imprint, protect wet

Practice: 1. Mix aloe flesh and honey together 2. Direct apply is on the face 3. Wait for 15-20 clean after minute.

Thin body: Extract Lu Hui into juice with fruit juice machine, after filtering drinkable, accelerate thing of the abolish inside body effectively eliminate, make skin more healthy, the figure is slimmer. Everyday in the morning water of a cup of honey also is beautiful colour platoon is old edge tool.

3, Oaten Facial mask

Should mention oaten when, what most person thinks of above all is to be able to be used when breakfast. But, do you know oaten OK also hairdressing? Will oaten use on the face to be able to be helped absorb overmuch grease, it also is natural receive pore nostrum, fade can be helped when allergy red, can cleanness sends pore closely, sticky walk along the bilge; inside pore to put it on the face to grind can keep clear of easily corneous. The meeting after using discovers the skin becomes very icy immediately, regular meeting makes you addiction!

Material: Oaten spoon

Effect: Chamfer is qualitative, close send, slow

Practice: 1. oaten park hand in, with warm water its bate 2. Put on the face to grind directly 3. Those who drop is oaten repeat use 2-3 second 4. The water that use Qing Dynasty is abluent the skin

Thin body: Oaten edible is very simple, had better be to add water to boil, can provide the biggest full abdomen move so, in the meantime, there is any accretion in the oatmeal that these need boil composition, wait like essence of saccharic, grandma, malt dextrin, essence.

4, Film of milk honey face

Milk contains rich protein, have how old effect in vain to the United States. And honey upper part also has alluded to be able to bring moist, beauty for skin white. If you already were suntanned now, the sister that wants to bleach quickly people, write down closely diligent apply it!

Material: Milk, honey flour is one teaspoon, right amount

Effect: Beautiful white, protect wet, moist

Practice: 1. mixture agitate of milk and honey 2. Join right amount flour, agitate is become mushy 3. mash direct apply is on the face 4. Wait for 15-20 clean after minute.

Thin body: Drink milk day very crucial, cannot drink water, if circulate a few times, weight can come down for certain. And reduce put oneself in another's position can more cogently inside adipose. The proposal can put this method on the weekend to execute, decrease heavy good method as clear bowel.

Hold to you for some time to be able to discover, become beautiful not just, the flat bread face of round circle also turned awl into the face for an instant. The mainest they are pure still natural, do not have any accretion, do not have any harm to the skin, it is you hairdressing nurses not 2 choices.


2, what should apply Facial mask notice


1, those who hold apply Facial mask is optimal time

Is the optimal time of film of face of the apply in a day when? Late 12 Shi Zhiling morning 3 when it is skin proper motion when repairing damage cell, because this is before this paragraph of time or the apply before sleeping is optimal, conduce to recuperate cent sending skin ground floor along with metabolism.

Tips: Face film is the big eat in protecting skin to taste, although the effect is very good, but unless have special demand, in principle cannot be used every day. Some film has the cycle of explicit designation, for instance 5 days of one period of treatment, or be 10 days 3. If want to achieve optimal result, it is good to should abide by ability strictly.

2, apply ensures the skin is clean before Facial mask

The cutin of ageing of smeary, Pi Zhihe that has a skin surface layer only is thoroughly cleared, skin just is true cleanness, the segmentation of base layer just can become active, skin just can draw more nutrient part. So before apply film, should first discharge makeup, wash a face, also can go first when necessary corneous.

Tips: Chamfer shoulds not be too frequent character, lest harm skin natural protective screen, basically with a month 2 optimal, the MM of sensitive skin need not go often more corneous.

3, apply ensures the skin is wet before Facial mask

Wet skin more can imbibe and nutrition, it is so before apply film, must maintain skin wet, drying skin can besmear the dot makes up first water, but if use department of face of hot towel wet apply 3 minutes again apply Facial mask, pore can be stretched, skin can draw the essence in Facial mask more, can promote apply facial effect more.

4, Facial mask not too " feeble "

High grade Facial mask, can closely adsorptive, chain the battalion nurturance of the largest dose is divided. Face film is deeper assure nutrient composition already won't " feeble " , but when apply face, let skin temperature can rise effectively, stimulative blood circulates, make the nutrient of infiltration diffuses to come better between the organization. Tepid effect still can make the skin corneous bate, pore dilate, the bilge that lets accumulation be inside better eduction.

5, the Facial mask that differring skin type can choose distinct effect

Lack water muscle: To disease filling water, the Facial mask of the Morpheus Facial mask of Li quality of a material and frivolous weaving type is OK, pore is opened with tepid water vapour before apply, this more conduce to bate cutin, imbibe.

Light ripe flesh: Recommend long protect model Facial mask, it is skin filling water not only, the provision that considers collagen albumen morely and to stretch fibrous rehabilitate. Before using can first daub is carried taut send flower, after Facial mask is enclothed, be in facial form airtight space, more the osmosis that conduces to elite.

Problem flesh: If your skin is occurrence microgroove, dry,mix coarse wait for obvious question, the nutrient that should choose elite fluid to quicken skin to disease and water distribute supply.

6, notice to clear after Facial mask hangover

After eliminate Facial mask, application is clean the hangover on face of Wen Shui general is abluent, again with moment of face of cold towel apply, OK and contractive pore, cosmetic of skin of the embellish on final blot out. Ten million notes convergent move, film of face of qualitative sex of a little clean sex or chamfer, if later period processing is inadvertent, probable meeting causes skin harm.

7, either when all Facial mask suit to bathe, use

If use, is daub type keeps wet noodle film, can bathing while undertake, special be helpful for filling water and absorb. Film of daub type face is very easy and dry, if be used when bathe, can avoid intense skin to feel smartly, also can avoid to skin moisture bedcover film is sucked instead. And film of weaving type face is washing a hot bath, pore receives the spread when sufficient dilate, be helpful for be being absorbed adequately of nutrition.