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How does effective beauty protect skin in vain? How to have Bai Xi's bright skin?

A lot of people want the United States now white, the skin that the United States lets him in vain looks more Bai Xi is bright, beautiful white method has a lot of, carry food and the kind that protect skin, the rate that can make the United States white becomes faster, the United States' white effect will be more a few more distinct, so how does effective beauty protect skin in vain? How to have Bai Xi's bright skin? Everybody introduction is below.

How does effective beauty protect skin in vain? How to have Bai Xi's bright skin? (1)

1, how effective beauty protects skin in vain

(1) is skin complement energy

Can often daub some herbaceous medical makeup and pure protect skin naturally to taste, because herb recipe can keep apart the harm that the outside causes to the skin very well not only, and return can moist skin to undertake protecting for skin wet, the color that raises bright skin makes you restore the skin that Bai Xi is too busy, have pretty good beautiful white effect.

(2) is tasted in vain without quick result beauty

You should know those who hold on to hairdressing protects skin is need, did not use can solve product of all problem cutaneous, want to see effect at least wants to last 50 days to control ability travel normally, should insist to use a few moist products that protect skin inside this paragraph of time, the result is very right.

(3) beautiful Bai Jia is prevented bask in

Prevent bask in frost to be able to protect skin not to suffer outside harm, developing it the biggest effect while still can very good caress skin. Can the daub on preexistence skin a beautiful white moist product, prevent on besmear again next bask in frost, so beautiful white effect will be more good.

(4) discharge makeup the job should have been done

Avoid to use oily cosmetic as far as possible, because those cosmetic stem very easily,pore brings about blain blain cause. Because this answers to use water quality more kind the product that protect skin, and before sleeping must the face discharge makeup is clean, makeup oil still needs use discharge after the makeup look discharge that gets on the face is clean reoccupy clean face creams clear.

2, beautiful white product is recommended

1, recommend a product: Parisian Europe Lai is elegant answer bounce of Yan Guangxue tender skin strokes mark late frost RMB260.00/50ml

Recommend reason: Late frost of film of face of tender skin of elegant optics of Parisian Europe Lai used gules vitreous bottle exterior to design, nobility is elegant, white quality of a material is exquisite and silky, push very easily. The instant of daub feels suitable to slip, extend a gender pretty good, although cream put oneself in another's position is not large, but after using, skin is exquisite embellish spends degree of water to have very big promotion, and can use when cream not only, return can generous smear to be used when film of good night face.

2, recommend a product: Lan Kou is high-definition RMB780.00/30ml of tiny whole elite

Recommend reason: Small long protect, fine point improves skin, shine show beauty! Ivory, than the latex slightly light quality of a material. Extend a gender first-rate ah, tactility bright slips, fragrance is pure and fresh. There is a kind of water to be filled with the feeling that be filled with between daub, absorb a bit slow, embellish of water of the skin after been use is not stuck stick, luster feeling, massage after be being absorbed completely to the product, look in the mirror, discover pore is done not have so apparent!

3, recommend a product: Model colour miracle endows with Olay new student can RMB280.00/40ml of flesh bottom fluid

Recommend reason: Fluid of this flesh bottom is translucent color, thicker stiff quality of a material, water content is rich, embellish of very clear water does not have flesh bottom fluid any impurity. After daub leaves exceeding water embellish, be skinned very quickly absorb, and the skin after absorbing is very soft embellish. The skin after using is very relaxed, oil content of juice of this flesh bottom not much and the element is petty, can permeate skin quickly, without any remain, relaxed sex is exceedingly good.

4, recommend a product: Bao Lazhen chooses RMB378.00/30ml of fluid of bottom of flesh of the elite when youth coagulates

Recommend reason: Get effective quickly, use for a long time, skin pledges with color of skin with each passing day is improved, skin light slippery moist! . High strenth stabilizes voice to inspect Huang Chun to cooperate with powerful effect antioxidant, repair skin, stroke smooth furrow, desalt blain imprints! Protect wet around to use all but, usable still be basked in at preventing and before certain pink bottom!

5, recommend a product: Hua Shuang RMB1280.00/50g of Xiu Hujing of vivid new student of He Lianna Yue

Recommend reason: Heavy full figure is exquisite " light milk frostlike powder " quality of a material, the instant is silky skin, abiding water embellish, bring for skin repair out and away protect effect. Be worthy of be star green Aquarius really! Water embellish is tender before the skin after using is compared apparently slipped!

6, recommend a product: Youth of charming orchid hydration protects RMB620.00/30ml of wet late frost

Recommend reason: Suit all sorts of skin types. What skin at nightly activation is natural long protect a mechanism, by clean thorough flesh, complementary capabilities. The hairdressing that is just as a Shui Runxiu to protect becomes aware, for skin clothe a distinct benefit " write the film that protect water " , from inside ooze embellish, resist dry, exhaustion and An are heavy, microgroove does grain sadly desalt, put an end to of qualitative exhaustion of the skin after waking, coruscate is abundant and young vigor!

7, recommend a product: Fluid of bottom of flesh of elite of orchid cardamom seed (small black bottle) RMB780.00/30ml

Recommend reason: Quality and effect are unassailable. Egg white quality of a material, soft, exquisite, super easy absorb. The skin after absorbing is baby silky, not oily Gan Shuang moist. Used skin of a month to be improved completely, this is me in all used products, a the most satisfactory. After was being used, the skin feels soft soft, all battalion conserve skin can have been absorbed. Too marvellous, had not used, must try.

8, recommend a product: Red a gathering of things or people of establish village show is vivid Yan Guang collects RMB of tender skin frost: 660.00/50ml

Recommend reason: The cream of if ice-cream is general and full-bodied simple sense, accompanying cheerful fruit sweet, the instant of daub can melt to skin, for energy of red of infuse of tired out skin, let you be in dry winter, also can enjoy ruddy and full good color.