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Does watermelon belong to the summer 5 big melon? What profit does cucumber apply face have to the skin?

Basically of the melon fruit that all people feel watermelon should be the summer head one of, but small today make up the 5 big melon that can tell you the summer what to have, the cucumber to one of 5 big melon, I think a lot of females like very much, use film of watermelon apply face especially, so does watermelon belong to the summer 5 big melon? What profit does cucumber apply face have to the skin?

Does watermelon belong to the summer 5 big melon? What profit does cucumber apply face have to the skin? (1)

1, the summer first of 5 big melon

Melon of water of 1. cucumber benefit

Cucumber can promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, qing Dynasty heats up benefit water, eat raw have fall hematic fat, fall the effect of blood sugar, beautiful white skin. Recommend a day to eat. New cucumber appearance luster, umbilical ministry contains incomplete flower, feel hard fact, aculeate shape is raised. Recommend dish to taste cucumber of cold and dressed with sause to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop nutrition of flesh of beard of thirsty; wood is balanced. Special clew: Taste is cold person should have unripe cucumber less, best ripe eat.

Melon of 2. towel gourd hairdressing

Towel gourd can embellish flesh beauty is white, recuperate menstruation, the female should eat more. Colour and lustre of fresh towel gourd is fresh and green, hold with the hand very strong, put long towel gourd color to be able to pale apparently, appear even Brown grain. Recommend dish to taste lung of embellish of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood of soup of lily of towel gourd tremella, the soup of hoof of pig of person; towel gourd that suits summer to cough is beautiful issueing a grandma is tasted. Special clew: The person with cold intestines and stomach eats towel gourd less.

Melon of 3. balsam pear reducing weight

Balsam pear can be clear hot detoxify, bright eye diuresis. The acrid element in balsam pear is had fall blood sugar, fall hematic fat and the effect that prevent cancer. It still is one of optimal food of the summer reducing weight, additional, it also has profit greatly to whelk of prevention and cure. Should carry grain the balsam pear with big, secret lines. Special clew: Balsam pear is the property in common melon and fruit the coldest cool, the person with pregnant woman and taste so cold empty eats less, ban unripe feed. Everyman eats balsam pear to also want right amount, lest body of cold cool injury. Recommend dish to taste balsam pear to scramble egg balsam pear of cold and dressed with sause of bright eye; falls hematic fat, fall blood sugar. Before cooking balsam pear scrape the white flesh of wall first, can decrease apparently acrid. If cannot eat to suffer from really, usable also water immediately scald, but can lose acrid element, reduce effect.

4. wax gourd lengthens life melon

Wax gourd has fight consenescence, reduce weight fall the effect of fat, prolong life. Wax gourd still is typical tall Potassium low natrium vegetable, have profit greatly to hypertensive, nephrosis, bloated patient. Should choose those who have Bai Shuang above all melon, next, strip melon has tasted, finally, by go up hard good melon meat bears fruit character, it is fresh good melon. Recommend dish to taste benefit of soup of wax gourd dried small shrimps soup of mushroom of wax gourd of; of fat of blood of Shang Jiang of kelp of wax gourd of; of wet filling calcium enhances immune power.

5. pumpkin nourishing melon

Pumpkin is nourishing taste fills in gas, be all the year round edible is lukewarm fill kind feed capable person. It is adverse wet, can fall blood sugar, the person with constitutional cold empty can eat more in summer. When choosing, pat first, sound stifling is good melon, again bine of clutch clutch melon and cortical, if hard specification is ripe melon, hold in the palm finally, choose a bit heavier melon. If buy the pumpkin of incision, should choose flesh hard, color seed of golden, melon is full. Recommend dish to taste yam pumpkin congee to fall soup of beef of pumpkin of; of taste of blood sugar, beneficial enrages deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it to lose aptly, the person with poor function of intestines and stomach is entered fill. Special clew: Love abdominal distension person to eat pumpkin less.

2, the advantage of cucumber apply face

The advantage of cucumber apply face 1: Defend wet filling water

Skin is in Qiu Dong season more easily dry lack water, every day after clean face, if use cucumber to be cut thin thin, use apply face, the water of prediction of a person's luck in a given year of can compensatory skin is divided, let skin drink full moisture, skin is met water water is tender tender oh.

The advantage of cucumber apply face 2: Dispel splash

Cucumber also is having very distinct desalt effect to splash. Because cucumber can help our temperature that drops skin,this is, increase the capacity of skin metabolism thereby. After when skin metabolism ability rises, can keep clear of naturally the impurity in pore, help our dispel spot protect skin.

The advantage of cucumber apply face 3: Accuse oily

The MM of oily skin, the grease on the face is secreted still is very exuberant, if want,accuse oil at this moment, still can come with cucumber apply face oh, MM people with the grandma that wash a face after abluent skin, with cucumber chip apply is in 2 times on the face after minute get off, insist to use, skin gives oil to cross much question to be able to get alleviating.

The advantage of cucumber apply face 4: Beautiful white

Beautiful Bai Ye is MM people the organic key that protect skin, if want to become fair and clear and moving, MM can come with cucumber section every day apply face, after a week passes, you can see the effect.

The advantage of cucumber apply face 5: Meticulous pore

Insist to use cucumber apply face everyday, still can help our meticulous pore. This advantage, a lot of females should not be understand very much, but if you can hold to everyday apply cucumber of 20 minutes, can see the change of skin very quickly so. Because cucumber acid is contained in cucumber,this is, can convergent pore.

The advantage of cucumber apply face 6: Eliminate microgroove

Rich cucumber is contained in cucumber enzymatic, cucumber is enzymatic have first-rate biology active, have very great help to promoting the metabolism of airframe, with cucumber apply face can moist skin and extend furrow.

The advantage of cucumber apply face 7: Send closely flabby skin

Be about to enter first old female people, the ageing that begins afraid skin is flagging. Come with cucumber actually the skin that apply face also can let you is sent closely delicate oh, cut with cucumber thin thin, apply face is used before sleeping, insist to use, can discover your skin becomes younger and younger.