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Which a few situations does the accurate method that washs a face have? How to wash a face to you can protect skin?

Washing a face basically is clean and facial skin, but a lot of people are done not have too the attention washs a face to have what effect to the skin, it is good that the likelihood just feels to be washed clean, want to wash clean face truly and be done not have actually so simple, washing a face also is the more important one step in protecting skin, want to master the accurate method that wash a face, which a few situations does the accurate method that washs a face then have? How to wash a face to you can protect skin?

Which a few situations does the accurate method that washs a face have? How to wash a face to you can protect skin? (1)

1, the first toll-gate of powdery tender skin

Want to wash a face correctly, should break the cosmetic that wash a face to allege above all the function has been jumped over more more, after washing a face male male closely just is to achieve skin deepness to wash a face often to be able to improve whelk problem or the effect that use folk prescription washs a face to want to be less than of purpose to wait confuse. The function with wash facial cosmetic the mainest actually is clean, the cosmetic that wash a face is on skin retention period is very brief, overmuch function alleges cannot enough time produces the result, can create skin burden instead.

2, over- with let skin not as good as very get hurt

In addition, what wash a face often to be able to take away skin to express a shallow-layer only is smudgy, cannot improve whelk problem; Should wash facial feeling to be tightened again male, had caused skin more possibly excessive cleanness, forgot is excessive and clean the water content that causes skin possibly is reduced, cause the loss of skin. And use folk prescription washs a face, often cannot decide practical effect, cause skin more likely exciting, red.

citing, ever a young woman wants to wash facial breast with deep-seated cleanness, solve the problem such as acne whelk, use the product washing a face with clean powerful force often, and layer of cutin of oversight protection skin, because the result is excessive clean, not only did not solve whelk, make the skin corneous instead the layer is damaged and desquamate, roseola, spot piece already arose when go to a doctor, need sufficient time ability to recover from an illness.

3, the accurate method that washs a face

The person of oil of easy to oily skin or T word part extensive, must not remove oil with washing facial means often; When if feel,T word place gives oil, with paper of oil absorption face can, lest excessive cleanness causes skin,be damaged.

1. choosing has bid: Want to notice designation of choose and buy is complete above all, fit the product with him simple skin, and according to service instruction is used correctly.

2. small cold water: The water that washs a face is warm want to notice, use lower than skin temperature water the properest.

3. treat sb without proper respect is soft: When daub washs facial things, should squeeze first in be being put in the palm, rub kneads the reuse after bubble or fluid shape to go up at facial ministry skin, hand ministry shift wants " treat sb without proper respect is soft " , do not press forcibly pressure.

4. washs quickly: Skin everywhere when affirmatory face ministry all clean already after finishing, with rinse out of bubble of clear water general, do not let wash facial cosmetic to stay on the face too long.

. Comfortable frequency: The frequency that wash a face wants timely and proper, daily time is spent 1 times each nevertheless.

4, the error that wash a face wants alert

1, [error] cleanness of face of the bath that use heat is more complete

The option with the warm water when washing a face is very important, the water of overheat can be thoroughly cleared cutaneous diaphragm, make the skin easily flabby, pore increases, cause the skin coarse, generation furrow; Additional, if oily cent is washed overmuch, also can quicken cutaneous ageing.

And the bath face of commonly used and inferior temperature, can make again skin pore lock, cannot abluent accumulation reachs the bilge such as hangover at facial leather fat, dust, not only the result that cannot achieve hairdressing, cause the skin disease of acne and so on easily instead, influence hairdressing.

Accurate method is the face of warm water clean that uses 35 ℃ , rinse with cold water next.

2, [error 2] wash a face with towel can cleaner

Towel circle cloth with soft nap is bigger than pore number is decuple, very difficult development is cleared in bilge grease, long wet not dry towel still can cause all sorts of bacteria, with the skin attrition makes the skin allergic. Wash a face to had better use downy clean face foam rubber or plastic so, and often air basks in disinfection.

3, [error 3] after washing a face natural airing, the action of filling water reachs since

Because evaporate naturally,can make skin hair cool, vasomotor can cause the skin instead dry desquamate, appear very easily furrow. After washing a face so, should use bright skin water immediately, reuse has the cream that ensures wet result.

4, [error 4] function of the grandma that wash a face is jumped over more more expensive, hairdressing effect has been jumped over

Washing a face is for clean skin, if cross much functional sex class status to be able to cause skin cleanness not complete, pore is entered below the case that passes much functional sex class status to do not have any protection in the skin at the same time, can create a burden to the skin.

So, the grandma that wash a face needs to satisfy two postulate can: Cleanness is mixed thoroughly moist skin.

5, [error 5] day heat perspires, wash a face a few times more everyday can cleaner

Normal circumstance should be early late. If you ran one day outside, perspiration, dirt makes skin very uncomfortable, deep-seated clean range can be made below such circumstance. Below the circumstance with torrid weather, can increase everyday.

6, [error 6] use the bubble grandma that wash a face easy cause the skin to stretch tight closely

After washing a face stretch tight closely as a result of,feeling is cleaner scour off what Pi Zhihe contains in cutin to retain moisture is natural keep wet agent and cause. Every time washs a face is important maintain wet link.

Exquisite bubble can be thorough pore is abluent cutaneous besmirch, if contain rich grow nurturance,the bubble of cent grandma that wash a face also can make alimentary composition enters pore smoothly.

Wash grandma completely to should be mixed without foamy union of the bubble grandma that wash a face is used, otherwise cannot complete cleanness, cause grease accumulation, cause skin problem.

7, [error 7] breast of use clean face, can wash the face very completely

To the female that often makes up, wash a face to must divide for two paces: Use fluid strip first makeup, breast of reoccupy clean face washs a face.

Clean face breeds can the corneous layer cell of fat of scour off sweat, skin, ageing and the embellish skin that kiss water are tasted, and the composition inside discharge makeup fluid contains activator of emulsifying agent of vegetable oil, grease, surface, it can relatively clean colour makeup and Qing Dynasty to remove the dirt that drops remain to be in thoroughly.

8, [error 8] the clean face product that uses powerful effect just washs clean

When choosing clean articles for use, should select the product of clean sex moderate, cause the skin like regular meeting of grease of excessive scour off dry and sensitive, when discovery facial ministry appears aglow, desquamate, taste to maintaining idiomatically usually also meet when allergy, be about him postmortem whether is the things that wash a face stimulated too too, clean force is too powerful.

If be, had better convert the relatively gentle product that wash a face, otherwise excessive cleanness not only profitless at skin health, too dry skin generates small microgroove easily still, that can the loss outweights the gain.