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How does radiation spot grow on precautionary face? How does radiation spot grow on precautionary face?

As the progress of the times, the development of science and technology, there are more and more electron products in our life. Computer is our daily and necessary electron product, the job, study, recreation can use computer. We know computer is working is meeting generation radiate, if you often use computer, spot of radiate of the wrinkle on possible face, that has what method to be able to prevent radiation spot.

How does radiation spot grow on precautionary face? How does radiation spot grow on precautionary face? (1)

1, the method that prevents radiation spot

1, notice skin cleanness

After gone computer, the first task is clean skin. The dirt all of will electrostatic adsorption is washed, after clean face is clean, skin is protected blandly to taste on besmear. Notice clean skin can reduce radiation to be harmed to cutaneous for a long time, embellish skin is raised colour.

2, when bending over to sleep, want to put out computer

Just do not put out screen. Actually, clavier is more fiercer than showing the radiate of screen, putting out screen only cannot put an end to radius, and when we are bending over to sleep, the head is direct to clavier, facial absorption radiation is bigger also, so before it is too late give up such bad habit!

3, daily insist to drink 3 cup green tea

Green tea not only can eliminate computer radiant harm, still can be protected and raise eyesight. If unaccustomed drink green tea, chrysanthemum tea also has counteractive computer likewise radiation and adjust the action of body function.

4, drink vegetable more fruit juice

Drink some of medlar juice and carrot juice not timely, very remarkable to protecting skin effect. Drink some of carbonic acid beverage less at ordinary times, change carrot juice or other fresh fruit juice, to skinning the United States is mixed in vain filling water has very good effect.

Insist to use these hairdressing strategies, can prevent spot of radiate of facial minister computer to happen. Expert clew, after you use computer, must remember doing complete cleanness to facial skin, spot of radiate of computer of minister of face of this pair of precaution is very effective. Had nursed seriously your skin, skin qualitative talent is younger and younger.

2, dietotherapy method of Chloasma

Lemon puts juice of agitate of syrup general lemon on the ice, add rock candy right amount and drinkable. Rich vitamin C is contained in lemon, 100 grams contain vitamin C to be able to be as high as 50 milligram in lemon juice. In addition still contain calcic, phosphor, iron and B a group of things with common features the vitamin. Constant drink lemon juice, not only can white tender skin, prevent skin blood-vessel ageing, eliminate facial pigment speck, and the effect that still has arteriosclerosis of prevention and cure. Soup of black agaric red jujube takes black agaric 30 grams, red jujube 20. Will black agaric is abluent, red jujube goes nucleus, add water right amount, boil half hour left and right sides. Daily after early, dinner each. Classics mufti is fed, can be stationed in flesh of colour dispel spot, strong and handsome abundant. " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in account black agaric can go face shading.

Carrot juice squeezes fresh carrot bruise juice, take 10-30 milliliter, after daily time washs a face, pat a face with fresh juice, wait for the not use too much force that there is vegetable oil with besmear after working to pat facial. In addition, daily drink 1 cup of carrot juice to also have dispel spot effect. The vitamin A that because carrot is contained,abounds former. Vitamin A is formerly inside body but A of translate into vitamin. Vitamin A has effect of smooth, able-bodied cutaneous, can prevent and cure the skin is coarse reach fleck.

Additional, the melon vine that use a winter boils water to be used brush a face, bathe, can make the skin moist, eliminate fleck. Juice of pot marigold leaf also has the effect that protects skin to eliminate speck. pound of pot marigold leaf, take juice to brush besmear face ministry, can eliminate fleck already, can relaxed with white skin. Dandelion spends water to also can be used at eliminating speck, take a dandelion, enter one teacup boiled water, refrigeration hind filters, spend water morning and evening to wash a face with dandelion next, can make facial cleanness, suffer from dermatitis less.

Chloasma is a kind of acquired melanin skin disease of ad cool-headed and excessive sex, insolation is the hurried hair element that Chloasma comes on and accentuates. So, common when we go out, if weather sunlight still should remind friends amply,must notice to prevent bask in. Method of a few kinds of dietotherapy can help above allow you desalt scar and precautionary yellow speckle appear. Dietotherapy method is expensive holding to, love the United States you must hold to.