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What place long blain should discharge poison on the face? Long blain should discharge poison on the face

Long blain blain is a thing that puzzles a lot of people all the time, although long blain is not the illness with serious what, but long blain can cause very big effect to us however. Had grown the person should have such experience, when communicating with others, not dare face-to-face, long meeting having blain feels self-abased on the face, when getting along with other very beautiful self-confidence. Occasionally long blain of on the face a certain place also is the circumstance of reaction body interior, which place looks to grow blain to give a platoon poison below.

What place long blain should discharge poison on the face? Long blain should discharge poison on the face (1)

1, long blain should discharge poison on the face

1, complexion

Complexion is too cadaverous, folic acid is lacked in indication food, iron reachs vitaminic B12 character. Female complexion is bad and main because exsanguine sex anaemia is caused,be, menstruation not quantity of the rule, classics is common cause greatly too.

2, forehead

Spot of forehead occurrence blain, be overmuch toxin be caused by is contained in liver, must reduce edible to contain candy to divide exorbitant food to should avoid to use too much alcohol more. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks liver discharges poison to be able to eat the food of cyan more. Press theory of the five elements of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, the food of cyan is OK diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain of be proficient in, very good scanty liver, Jie Yu arrives since, alleviate mood effect, belong to the food that assists hepatic platoon poison. The orange of cyan of recommend of expert of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine or lemon, fruit juice of green tangerine of gross make it or it is green lemon squash, direct and drinkable good.

3, temporal

If our temporal all round appear the word of a few acne, with respect to the specification we ate the too much food that passes treatment, make cystic block, do to the body immediately with respect to need at that time cleared.

4, all round the eye

Eye all around surround dry, or it is to appear the crackle that resembles dry the earth's surface, show what you are necessary to strengthen vitaminic B2 and B6 to absorb.

Read the content above, friends should know those who grow to some blain blain is not for no reason at all, this is the reason of body toxin likely, if long blain is about on the face,so the body from oneself looks for friends reason.

2, go the method that blain imprints

Blain of disappear of pink of gram of Bai Zhi pink imprints law

This is the recipe of a pure Chinese traditional medicine, because this is qualitative the ground is not gentle, exciting, and great material benefit. Use method is Bai Zhi pink and gram pink press 1:1scale mixes smooth, next daub is on the face, 15-20 is washed with clear water after minute clean.

Yoghurt goes blain imprints law

This is a method exceedingly simple, but need you to insist for a long time to just can have the effect, yoghurt is low as far as possible fat or it is defatted milk, avoid nutrient to produce adipose bead too much.

(1) does not need to prepare yoghurt designedly, it is OK to use what drink remnant every time.

(2) besmear is on the face of blain having blain, wash the following day. Does try out experience: ?

Honey candy law

Prepare half teaspoon and natural salt, the albumen of an egg and sweet candy of a spoon.

Practice: Become albumen and saline agitate spumescent, it is OK to enter sweet candy again.

Apply cover magic art: This Facial mask goes up with respect to daub after cleanness is facial, but must avoid to touch eye and labial ministry all around. Apply arrives to dichotomy bell, face of warm water clean is used after waiting for albumen doing to appear, reoccupy aspic bath is much second, wipe next dry

This kind of hole can be solved through art of hairdressing skin grinding. The method that often adopts quite at present is to use laser to undertake grinding to the skin, make these hole and normal skin adjacent a plane. But have two requirements, it is your present acne develops basically no longer above all, have the acne; that rises newly rarely in addition the limits that your scar belongs to skin grinding art to be able to be achieved, too deep scar, pure grinding is insoluble. As a result of Asian cutaneous characteristic, this kind of cure is easy and local keep pigment change, especially the person with itself very not white skin. Because this should be below the doctor's guidance,undertake, avoid the happening of problem skin.