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How does blain imprint dispel? How does dispel blain imprint?

? ? ? Blain blain is to grow to go up in the crowd face that counteracting oily skin in adolescence commonly, because other and certain factor grows blain,also meet occasionally, stay up late for instance, eat hot food, still have a few a future life the girl of manage period also wrinkle gives blain of a few blain to come, the beautiful eyebrow that loves long blain more very much people affirmative meeting is very vexed those whelk, still can leave blain scar and blain to imprint, the beautiful eyebrow with serious blain of a few long blain people, blain blain gentleman is go round and round simply. And blain imprints and blain scar cannot resemble going up personally again other position, can use dress cover in, so how does blain imprint dispel? How does dispel blain imprint?

How does blain imprint dispel? How does dispel blain imprint? (1)

One, blain imprints dispel method

1, beauty of chrysanthemum brambling egg goes in vain blain imprints

Chrysanthemum has fall igneous action, and the egg has the United States' white effect, add up to two and be, the chrysanthemum pound and egg white mix are even, get on mixture apply in the face, after waiting for egg white to work, clean face, product of Tu Shangrun skin. Insist to use, gradually can let blain imprint disappear slowly.

2, pearl powder + pearl powder of film of egg distinct range

Well-known this is the data that we often use the beauty's white use, and go in the method that blain imprints, pearl powder also is one goes blain imprints very effective method, mix one case with egg Qing Dynasty, the beauty of pearl powder is white, add the effect of tender slippery skin of egg Qing Dynasty, achieve to go blain imprints can beautiful white effect stuff: The egg white of an egg, one small spoon is officinal pearl powder, both agitate divide evenly besmear is on the face, wash after 15 minutes, it is OK to hold to for a long time desalt blain imprints. The effect: Pearl powder not only can beautiful white, after adding egg Qing Dynasty, still can imprint to blain the effect of antiphlogistic and composed beautiful white skin, be united in wedlock to be used together so, be special go the method that blain imprints. This film suits the Mm that drying skins to use not quite, because pearl powder and egg white are insufficient moist, although can get going certainly,blain imprints the effect, but ministry of face of the feeling after using is very dry.

3, aloe + honey goes blain imprints

Actually besides afore-mentioned besides, aloe also is one goes blain imprints very good method. Because there is rife moisture content in Lu Hui, no matter be,is very good effect on filling water, to going blain blain is mixed go blain imprints first-rate. Add the collocation of red wine, already can beautiful Bai Youneng goes blain imprints. Material: Glue of one spoon aloe, right amount honey. Method: Have aloe glue and honey mix together, mix is even can, must sufficient mix is even, syncretic of ability be in harmony rises. The effect: Honey not only the United States is mixed in vain the effect that reduce weight, and the effect that Lu Hui has filling water again, imprinting to dispel blain and blain is first-rate help, both close 2 for one hind, united States Bai Hequ blain, double protection, it is dispel blain is mixed go blain imprints best help.

4, pearl powder goes with yoghurt blain imprints

With the yoghurt that drinks remnant a few, decomposite a few divide evenly of pearl powder agitate, next put on the skin is in the place that blain imprints, OK and direct pass the night, wash the following day. This just can be used every day. Yoghurt chooses low fat as far as possible or defatted, lest nutrient produces adipose bead too much.

5, potato chips goes blain imprints

Convenient and quick, cheap and fine. potato abluent, cut thin a few thin, the attention must be cut very thinly, stick very hard on the face otherwise, and absorb the effect bad also. Stick 15 minutes about can, get off potato chips is rinsed clean. This method suits blain to imprint only send first period, or body of blain printed books is lesser.

6, the apple goes blain imprints

If there is blain on your skin blain or it is blain blain imprints, so this kind of processing technique did not pass again simply. It is good that a week is used twice. Pour boiling water on an apple first, till,wait a few minutes malic molten. Again the apple piece take out from inside water, wait for its refrigeration to come tepid when apply imprints at blain blain on, maintain 20 minutes. After getting off, the bath that use Qing Dynasty is clean. When applying to blain Yin Ganggang to form.

7, Facial mask goes to gram the root of Dahurian angelica blain imprints

pink of 3 teaspoon gram and 2 teaspoon Bai Zhi pink mixes, again interfuse cheese mixes divide evenly or honey are right amount, apply at facial clear water is used after about 15 minutes abluent can. OK and weekly 2~3 second, film of this kind of face has diminish inflammation to fight bacterium and clean function, suit grease to secrete overmuch skin to go most blain imprints use. Pearl powder and yoghurt: With the yoghurt that drinks remnant a few, decomposite a few divide evenly of pearl powder agitate, next put on the skin is in the place that blain imprints, OK and direct pass the night, wash the following day. This just can be used every day. Yoghurt chooses low fat as far as possible or defatted, lest nutrient produces adipose bead too much.

8, aspirin tablet goes blain imprints

Prepare 5~6 piece aspirin tablet, grind its powder with rolling pole, add one spoon clear water to mediate next, reoccupy cotton piece dip in deliquescent put on the skin is in aspirin on the face, even put on the skin is full, the rinse out after awaiting 25 minutes can. A week uses 1~2 second. For the MM with qualitative to a few skin aspirin may allergic, had better shift to an earlier date local try out.

9, Facial mask goes to red wine honey blain imprints

Join in one cannikin red wine 2 or 3 spoon honey is moved to thick after stiff condition, protect skin to taste even ground apply to be on the face, after working 8 minutes, rinse clean with Wenshui. Use frequency is to lie between a day, the bishop in red wine is acerbity, can promote corneous metabolism, desalt pigment, let the skin more Bai Xi, smooth. Honey has the function that maintains Shi Hezi to raise. Be opposite easily the person of alcohol allergy, more in order to notice.

10, ginger goes blain imprints folk prescription

Wash a face with Wen Shui, after be being washed clean, cut two fresh ginger piece, stick in the place that blain imprints. Next lie low is on the bed, press with the hand, let ginger piece clingy skin. 15, take after 20 minutes (at that time the meeting on the face feels burning hot and appear local and red phenomenon, usually this is normal phenomenon, because give birth to Jiang Xingre, it is certain to have excitant. ) the place that apply wipes to pass gently with paper towel after apply is over, need not wash a face, sleep directly. Hold to a week to be able to see apparent effect, if have allergic appearance,answer instantly disuse.

11, white sugar goes blain imprints folk prescription

The white sugar of two earthnut size follows almost again after washing a face with the grandma that wash a face first, drop a few tepid water, white sugar spent an in part very quickly, bead also is done not have so thick. Wash pieces of whole face like washing a face again, the water apply of white sugar feels those who slip slippery to the face, white sugar bead also is not very grind, and wash at the same time melt very quickly at the same time, a minute or so, wash clean with clear water, after washing a face, can feel the skin is lubricant and lubricant, very bouncy. Attention, after blain blain is cured, just be to use white sugar to wash a face to go at this moment the inning that blain imprints. If be afraid that the grain of candy of common Bai Sha is too big, have exciting word to the skin, can buy a package to the supermarket fine saccharic will replace, the result is same.

12, lavender goes blain imprints folk prescription

Lavender goes blain imprints simpler, need to use a lavender to drip to be signed in cotton every time only, next gently daub blain imprints place. Use everyday two arrive 3 times, according to cutaneous response adjusts use frequency. Period of time can get effective. Blain Yin Yue just appeared, the effect is better, the blain with long time imprints the rate of purify is slower. Oil of essence of life enters cutaneous efficiency very tall, so besmear hind does not need to massage, also do not need besmear latex to wait for any protecting skin is tasted. Attention, going blain and go when blain imprints, do not use oily very tall cosmetic, go against the skin to discharge oil in that way.

13, vitamin E goes blain imprints folk prescription

The needle is used after washing a face (had better be disappear crosses poison to perhaps use igneous roast) the capsule thorn vitamin E is broken, let the medical current inside come out, daub imprints in blain on, knead hind of 15 minutes of left and right sides gently to be washed. Attention, this must want to be washed, and cannot pass the night, because vitamin E is too oily, jam easily pore.

Do not forget an attention at the same time food, avoid food of acrimony, deepfry, imprint to blain so restore more effective.

2, fall food of igneous dispel blain

1, gram Job's tears benevolence soup

Gram, Job's tears benevolence each 25 grams, hawkthorn 10 grams, abluent, add clear water 500 grams, bubble is boiled after 30 minutes, boil in a few minutes namely cease-fire, do not lift a lid, stew 15 minutes can, when tea drink. Everyday 3-5 second, apply to oily skin.

2, fruit dish gram drink

With a variety of Chinese cabbage, celery, balsam pear, sweetbell redpepper, citric, apple, gram each are right amount. Boil gram 30 minutes first, filter its juice; Part a variety of Chinese cabbage, celery, balsam pear, sweetbell redpepper, apple abluent cut paragraph or stripping and slicing, agitate juice, transfer into gram juice, drip lemon juice, add honey to flavor drinkable. Daily 1-2 second, have clear hot detoxify, antiseptic effect.

3, kelp gram soup

Kelp, gram is each 15 grams, sweet almond 9 grams, rose 6 grams, brown sugar is right amount. Had wrapped the rose with cloth, after be being boiled together with each medicine, go rose, add brown sugar edible. Daily 1 agent, use consecutively 30 days.

4, Job's tears Ren Hai takes Shuang Ren congee

Use Job's tears benevolence, medlar, walnut meat each 15 grams, kelp, sweet almond Ren Hai of Job's tears of 20 grams, rice takes each 10 grams, gram Shuang Ren congee. 80 grams. Peach kernel, will sweet almond has wrapped up with gauze, water simmer in water takes juice, join end of Job's tears benevolence, kelp, medlar, rice to boil congee together. Daily 2, have diminish inflammation of clear hot detoxify, clear fire, invigorate the circulation of blood to change the Yu, effect that raises Yin Runfu.

5, congee of medlar diminish inflammation

Medlar flesh of 30 grams, pigeon, rice each 100 grams, fine salt, gourmet powder, balm each are right amount. Abluent pigeon flesh, chop becomes fleshy mashed vegetable or fruit; Abluent medlar and rice, put into arenaceous boiler, add columbine meat mashed vegetable or fruit and right amount water, congee of slow fire cook over a slow fire, fine salt, gourmet powder, sesame oil is added when congee is become, mix divide evenly. Daily 1 agent, divide edible 2 times, 5-8 agent is a period of treatment, have poison to discharge the unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, function that raises Yin Runfu.