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Does yoghurt Facial mask go blain? Is yoghurt Facial mask OK dispel blain?

The method of dispel blain has a lot of, the product of dispel blain also has have a lot of, but not be method of avery kind of and product it is effective, still a lot of people meet him to make the articles for use of blain of a few dispel in the home, make Facial mask with yoghurt for example, still can add a few other products that protect skin, does film of that yoghurt face go blain? Is yoghurt Facial mask OK dispel blain?

Does yoghurt Facial mask go blain? Is yoghurt Facial mask OK dispel blain? (1)

1, yoghurt Facial mask goes blain

Yoghurt Facial mask goes blain, but go blain effect is not apparent.

Contain in yoghurt Facial mask lactic acid and rich vitamin, mineral wait for composition, have the effect such as clean, contractive pore, because this secretes exuberant, pore to grease bulky the blain that waits for a reason, have constant tension effect, but want complete purify blain, the effect is not apparent, but the hairdressing action of yoghurt still cannot be ignored, accordingly we can feed it and other hairdressing material to match together, go blain effect will be better more apparent.

2, yoghurt + Lu Hui goes blain

Material: Half fresh Lu Hui, a yoghurt, 1 spoon flour.

Practice: flay of half fresh aloe, take pulp to extract juice, mix the aloe juice that has extracted and yoghurt, join 1 spoon flour, after mix is even, direct daub is on the face, await 15-20 minute, rinse clean with clear water.

Effect: Embedded polysaccharide mixes aloe a variety of vitamins, have nutrition, moist, beauty's white effect, not only such, aloe still can prevent minor lines, treat dermatitis disease, have very good therapy effect to blain of acne, fleck, blain and scald, and the main effect of flour, it is to make whole area film becomes ropy, but besides, flour itself also is had cause effect very good cleanness, closely.

3, yoghurt + strawberry goes blain

Material: 4 strawberry, half yoghurt, 1 spoon flour.

Practice: Will fresh strawberry is abluent extract juice, take strawberry juice and yoghurt to mix, join the agitate after one spoon flour, become till Facial mask mushy hind, can ministry of the face on apply, await 15-20 rinse with clear water after minute.

Effect: Amine of acid of ammonia of winter of E of A of the vitamin C with embedded and rich strawberry, vitamin, vitamin, vitamin PP, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, carotene, tannic acid, day, copper, strawberry, pectic, cellulose, folic acid, iron, calcic, tan spends acid and cyanine element etc, mark of among them berry much phenol, having very pretty good effect to dispel blain.

4, yoghurt + gram pink goes blain

Material: Half yoghurt, 1 spoon half gram pink.

Practice: Pour half yoghurt in clean container, toward inside join 1 spoon half gram pink, agitate is become mushy hind, direct apply is on the face can, await 15-20 after minute abluent.

Effect: Gram pink is by gram abrade make, and gram sex is cold, have a variety of vitamins and mineral, have cool blood diminish inflammation, control the function such as oily dispel blain.

5, every day apply disadvantage

Every day the harm that film of apply yoghurt face causes to the skin has:

1. corneous layer attenuates, the skin is sensitive. Ceaseless diagonal qualitative layer enters the composition such as the lactic acid that contains in yoghurt to be stimulated all right, make become thinner and thinner, cutaneous ego resists ability drops, be become sensitive more easily by outside material stimulation. And corneous layer attenuates to quicken skin moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year easily to wait;

2. grows adipose bead easily. Contain in yoghurt many should raise part, every day film of apply yoghurt face, the skin is finite to nutrient absorption, grow adipose bead easily, cause pore easily also to jam.