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Does banana skin brush a face can dispel spot? Does banana skin brush a face what to effect there is?

Skin of metropolis general banana is normally refuse when people is having banana, but many nutrient part is contained in banana skin actually, have a lot of beneficial to human body effect, many people often still can use banana skin to brush a face to protect skin, so does banana skin brush a face can dispel spot? Does banana skin brush a face what to effect there is? Does banana skin brush a face to you can rise to protect the effect of skin?

Does banana skin brush a face can dispel spot? Does banana skin brush a face what to effect there is? (1)

1, banana skin brushs a face can dispel spot

It is OK that introduction of beautiful white expert insists to brush a face with banana skin of dispel spot. Besmear everyday 4~5 second, successive a few days, not only cut can cicatrization very quickly, and can maintain cutaneous lubricant, bright and clean. Juice of commonly used banana brushs facial besmear hand, can prevent skin ageing, Sao effectively the skin problem such as urticant, desquamate.

Mature banana shows maize skin, contain kind of rich carotene, and kind xanthophyll, can protect retinal nerve cell, avoid the harm of the light or ultraviolet ray to eyesight.

2, the action that banana skin brushs a face

1, banana skin brushs a face to make the skin moist and smooth: Facial and dry friend, inside of usable banana skin is stuck on the face (the one side of inside face face of the skin) , air is controlled 10 minutes, reoccupy clear water is abluent, can make the skin becomes moist and smooth.

2, banana skin brushs a face to treat wart: With banana Pi Fu is in verrucous (common weighs wart) the surface, make its bate, and little ground falls off, till heal. The wart that can reach the head facial ministry with this method cures. Brush a face for many times with banana skin apply, hold with finger little, the or else after curing has a relapse.

3, treat skin Sao urticant disease: Element of broadleaf plant skin is contained in banana skin, it can restrain bacterium and fungus to cause. Handpick and new banana skin is in skin Sao urticant place (ringworm of the foot, tinea manuum, ringworm of the body) chafe repeatedly, or disturb slimy end, or it is decoct bath, use consecutively counts day, can treat skin Sao to itch.

3, how does banana skin brush facial dispel spot

Banana skin brushs a face to go spot

After eating banana every time, leather inside uses the banana that will take surplus to brush a face, especially place of the flecked on the face can be brushed more, after daub is even, stick banana skin on the face directly, next using take banana skin after ten minutes lukewarm bath face. The vitamin that can make banana skin medium so is absorbed by skin place directly, have the effect of beautiful Bai Quban.

Face of apply of banana skin mud goes spot

the cortical wipe up of the banana skin that takes surplus, next banana skin pound, past banana adds bit of water in leather mud, apply arrives on the face, jing Fu after 15 minutes, wash with Wen Shui, such for some time holding to that can discover the skin becomes more white tender, the stain on the face also desalt a few, hold on to be able to have continuously go the effect of spot.

Face of apply of oily pear of banana skin yoghurt goes spot

The banana skin that will take surplus is cortical and abluent, pound becomes mud, also wash oily pear clean again pound mud, mix banana skin, oily pear next a concoctive attune becomes yoghurt mushy, it is with the besmear with brush general even mixture next on the face, or the skin is other the place of coloured spot, wash clean after 15 minutes. This method is OK and moist the skin, improve the condition with dry skin, OK still the splash with facial desalt, insist to be used can rise to go the action of spot.

4, action of other fruit skin introduces

1. orange skin

Orange skin authority is very clear, use make tea taste is good, dry in the shade of fresh tangerine skin is called dried tangerine or orange peel more than one year, be blindly Chinese traditional medicine. Sex of dried tangerine or orange peel is lukewarm, laborious, bitter, can enter lienal, lung, have dry wet expectorant, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it be good at lienal wait for effect. Different tea and dried tangerine or orange peel a n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine, drinkable effect is different also, if dried tangerine or orange peel adds water of green tea bubble, can reduce internal heat, aerate and life-giving, with lotus leaf and make tea of dried tangerine or orange peel, can alleviate ministry of vomiting, dyspeptic, stomach is unwell what bring about with gastric fire is fat. In addition, with wine of bubble of dried tangerine or orange peel the congee that boil also has beauty one time.

2. pomegranate skin

The implied meaning of pomegranate is much child much happiness, often do alexipharmic, astringent to stop have diarrhoea and remedial dermatosis and scald will use. Pomegranate still contains a lot ofvitaminic C, can beautiful white, fight oxidation gentle to solve consenescence. Pomegranate benefit is very much, what have officinal value most is pomegranate skin however, have stop the effect such as bug of have diarrhoea acerbity bowel, hemostatic, drive. Pomegranate boils water to drink after leather insolation, treat have loose bowels or long-term diarrhoea, especially summertime damp is weighed and children diarrhoea can use this method. Pomegranate skin still can treat stubborn psoriasis or chilblain, scald is waited a moment, very helpful to the refreshment of skin affected part.

3. grapefruit skin

Grapefruit skin can use tea of grapefruit of the honey that make normally, can hairdressing, reduce internal heat and connect constellation. Shaddock calls grapefruit skin again on the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine skin and change tangerine, xin Gan suffers from its sex lukewarm flavour, can enter lienal, kidney, bladder 3 classics, basically disappear is fed, next gas and expectorant wait for action, advocate control the aspect such as respirator official and skin. Water of decoct of grapefruit skin insolation, can treat children pneumonic, can clear lung is expectorant, the water of place decoct was not defeating the hot compress on the chilblain that;burst;ulcerate;fester with towel, can treat chilblain and avoid chilblain to relapse. Turnip seed can connect bowel with next gas, boil water together with grapefruit skin, can treat indigestion and children edible to wait for problem of intestines and stomach too much.

4. wax gourd skin

The petty gain in wax gourd summer is easy, the use of melon skin is very big however. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks pleasant of cool flavour of sex of wax gourd skin is avirulent, can return lienal with small intestine 2 classics, the effect such as advantageous water, clear heat, detumescence, medicable micturition not bare of free, pee is yellow, thirsty or summer is lienal empty oedema. Wax gourd skin and brown sugar, ormosia is boiled together can treat damp and body empty oedema, want diuresis detumescence, use slender acanthopanax skin, ginger skin and wax gourd skin to be boiled together. Lung heats up summer cough, skin of usable wax gourd boils water and honey to be taken together, the effect that clear lung goes to heating up is very good, watermelon skin and wax gourd skin are boiled together, effect of dry to summertime mouth therapy is pretty good also.