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Banana Facial mask can dispel spot? What effect does banana Facial mask have to the skin?

A lot of females like to use a few nutrition food beside to make Facial mask very much at ordinary times, for example milk, honey and all sorts of fresh fruits are waited a moment, and the Facial mask that uses banana make it suffers people gay fully among them namely a kind, because many people say banana Facial mask is OK dispel spot, so banana Facial mask can dispel spot? What effect does banana Facial mask have to the skin?

Banana Facial mask can dispel spot? What effect does banana Facial mask have to the skin? (1)

1, the advantage of banana Facial mask

(1) cleanness goes oily

The help skin with the face can effective film that mixes banana and lemon make it goes oily, thorough and clean moist skin is rock-bottom.

(2) filling water accuses oil

Banana + apple + Yi benevolence pink + the soya-bean milk that do not have candy + the Facial mask of honey make it can fill to skin water, effective adjustment skins the content that secretes grease, achieve the result that dominates oil.

(3) rehabilitate is protected wet

Banana adds the Facial mask of yoghurt make it, to repair the skin that bask in an injury has very good effect, ministry of moist face, improve dry skin.

(4) is moist fight knit

Banana + honey + bright grandma + the Facial mask that place of Yi benevolence pink makes, skin of can moist drying, the formation of furrow of help skin antagonism with what restrain melanin, make skin keeps exquisite and smooth.

(5) beautiful Bai Danban

Banana + milk + the Facial mask that strong tea makes, the stain that can effective desalt forms because of basking, moist beauty skins in vain.

(6) relaxed platoon is poisonous

Banana + pumpkin + amylaceous + the Facial mask of the material make it such as water can help the platoon poison with effective skin, make skin smoother and relaxed.

2, the disadvantage of banana Facial mask

(1) is excessive and clean

Banana Facial mask has clean effect, if banana Facial mask is used too often,bring about skin cleanness very easily so excessive, very easy attaint skins, let the skin become sensitive and flimsy.

(2) pore is bulky

Film of apply banana face when, Facial mask can keep apart outside air and skin, pore is met slowly outspread, so every day the word of film of apply banana face, skin pore becomes very easily bulky, such dirt and grease jam very easily pore, cause skin qualitative worse and worse.

(3) nutrition is superfluous

Banana contains rich nutrition in Facial mask, every time film of apply banana face can be the nutrition with compensatory and enough skin, use banana Facial mask to be able to improve the nutrient position of skin regularly. But if banana Facial mask is used too often, so bring about skin nutrition very easily superfluous, the problem such as occurrence blain blain.

3, banana Facial mask can dispel spot

(1) stain forms a reason

The formation of stain, because,have a plenty of genetic, some is acquired often insolate below the sun, and the effect that suffers ultraviolet ray causes. Stain most is melanin did not get in the skin well dredge and precipitation is in skin basic level, those who gather is much, form stain.

(The dispel spot effect of film of 2) banana face

Vitamin C is contained in banana, can restrain melanin effectively make the splash that has with desalt, melanin; Banana contains vitamin A, can enhance the strength of human body. Use banana Facial mask for a long time to be able to make the skin smooth and exquisite, can help bate skin cutin, can help the melanin of the very good in excreting the skin deposit when the skin is metabolic thereby, achieve the result of beautiful Bai Danban.

(3) warmth reminds

Although banana Facial mask can have certain help to dispel spot, but wanting to eradicate have difficulty however, can cooperate other dispel spot methods to use at ordinary times. Want to notice facial cleanness at ordinary times, use cosmetic less, suffer the sun less to insolate for long, eat less oily excitant food, assure rule of balanced diet, life, those who maintain the state of mind is happy etc, can prevent stain arise again.

3, contain banana Facial mask

Material: One nodular and fresh banana, a few milk

Practice: Grind banana with ladle mushy, enter milk quickly, the quantity of milk is beautiful with doing not have banana mud, with ladle agitate even, what the attention does not mix is too ropy. With make up cotton perhaps touchs Facial mask to wipe directly with the hand go up in the face can. Best edge wipes an edge to massage, press feel facial ministry is comfortable can wash.

Action: Insist to use film of banana milk powder the two appearance to 3 weeks, slowly can feel skin becomes bouncier, can have dispel blain effect. If be in Facial mask rejoin is right amount strong tea, return the effect that can have desalt splash, suit neuter skin to pledge the crowd is used.