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How is Fancl clean flour used? The use method with Fancl clean accurate flour

Washing a face is the business that everybody should do everyday, it is commonly after discharge makeup have complete clean side with respect to need, when selecting clean face product, should choose to suit oneself, fancl clean flour is very the clean face product with respect, very complete cleanness, so, how is Fancl clean flour used? What is the use method with Fancl clean accurate flour?

How is Fancl clean flour used? The use method with Fancl clean accurate flour (1)

1, how is Fancl clean flour used

Step1, clean both hands, clean flour accessary bubbly ball is soaked, teem makes an appointment with the clean flour of one teaspoon to go up at bubbly ball;

Bubble Step2, quickly in control knead ball, resemble rub stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup same, have a rich bubble;

The Step3, bubble that squeezes a bubbly ball to go up, massage bubble whole face gently with the hand, t area can be massaged a little a bit longer;

Step4, rinse the face clean with Wen Shui, build good clean flour, bubbly ball abluent put in ventilated and dry place, have the follow-up job that protect skin again.

2, note

Although bubble,the ball should be hit beforehand wet, but the moisture above cannot too much, go up otherwise the bubble that clean flour rub gives is not quite bouncy. When massaging facial ministry with bubble, had better be not to use hand bring into contact with facial skin, make bubble bring into contact with facial only however, such effect is better.

3, how is clean face black used

1, choose the clean side that suits oneself black

Before black of use clean face washs a face, the clean face soap that should choose to suit him skin to pledge carefully. The clean face soap that if be the skin of easy ageing,can choose to contain vitamin E part for instance fights consenescence, compensatory moisture; More sensitive, the skin of easy allergy can choose can alimentary skin, counteractive outside stimulates the clean face black of ability; Oily skin can choose to have the clean face black of function of blain of disappear accusing oil.

2, clean face black washs accurate method of the face

Black of use clean face washs a face, accurate method is give clean face black bubble in the knead in the hand first, next again daub undertakes hitting encircling massage cleanness on the face, final reoccupy water is rinsed clean can.

Attention: Must not get on daub of clean face black in the face directly, bigger to attrition of facial ministry cutaneous, stimulation.

3, after clean face black washs a face again cleanness

The bubble of clean face black that clean face should rinse to go up with clear water above all after black of use clean face washs a face, after be being rinsed clean thoroughly can water of reuse bright skin make up water undertakes cleanness again, can make pore thoroughly clean so, next reuse water breast undertakes the foundation protects skin can.

4, clean face black washs right time of the face

Maintain skin health, one day should wash a face 2 times at least, black of use clean face washs a face to be able to assure one day, every time time does not exceed 3 minutes, use before sleeping in the evening everyday. Although clean face black contains some black radical part is little, but its still may appear use overmuch skin to become dry the circumstance that stretchs tight closely. But secrete as cutaneous grease, general hour of half hours of ~1 can get ameliorative.

5, the right dosage that washs black to wash a face

Black of the face that use clean washs a face, we are not to use black of more clean face to wash facial effect to had been jumped over, may cause the skin instead too dry. The standard of the dosage of black of general clean face is: When control knead, have a large number of rich bubble can.

6, clean uses season correctly of face black

Clean face black has stronger clean capacity commonly, the season that we suggest black of use clean face washs a face had better be in summer, if be the word with relatively dry skin, should notice in dry Qiu Dong season reduces black of use clean face more.